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November 07, 1861. On November 7, 1861, the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation to locate the University of Colorado in Boulder. On September 20, 1875, the first cornerstone was laid for the first building (Old Main) on the CU campus The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Boulder, Colorado, USA. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources Boulder History Facts and Timeline (Boulder, Colorado - CO, USA) Originally inhabited by native indigenous tribes, including the Southern Arapaho people, the Boulder Valley region wasn't considered to be a fit settlement site until the mid-1800s and it was therefore largely left untouched until the 1850s Timeline 1876 The beginning of CU Boulder We opened our doors on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1876

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  1. Main article: History of Colorado. See also: Prehistory of Colorado. This timeline is a chronology of significant events in the history of the U.S. State of Colorado and the historical area now occupied by the state. 2000s 1900s 1800s Statehood Territory 1700s 1600s 1500s Before 1492
  2. guez seeking route from Santa Fe to California missions, traverse what is now western Colorado as far north as the White River in Rio Blanco County
  3. 1874 - Colorado College is founded at Colorado Springs; territorial legislature appropriates $15,00 for University of Colorado at Boulder, on condition that equal sum is raised by that city. W.H. Jackson, famous photographer of the Hayden Geological Survey, notes ruins of ancient cliff dwellings along the canyon on Mancos River

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  1. Here is a timeline of Colorado history from 1876 thru 1970, in chronological order: August 1, 1876 - President Ulysses S. Grant formally admits the State of Colorado to the Union Seal of Colorado. What Colorado was before it officially became a state in 1876 is complicated
  2. 2018 Coalition of Mobile Home Owners in Boulder (C-MOB) Meetings held on 2/22/18, 4/12/18, 5/23/18, 7/25/18, 9/27/18 and 12/6/18. 1/2018 - Second VV HOA Newsletter mailed to all Vista Village residents eligible for HOA membership. 1/27/18 - Annual HOA Membership Meeting Elections held for 2018 board of directors
  3. Boulder County, Colorado Timeline developed by Phil Nugent.Thanks to Robin Eckulund for the original timeline and The Naropa Institute and its publication, The Many Voices of the Boulder Creek Watershed, © 1996
  4. 13,000 B.C. Big game hunters may have occupied area later known as Colorado. Evidence shows that they were here by at least 9200 B.C. D. 1 to 1299 A.D. Advent of great Prehistoric Cliff Dwelling Civilization in the Mesa Verde region
  5. Healthy Lifestyle Timeline Boulder's Healthy Lifestyle History. 1862: Boulder County forms. 1871: Boulder City incorporates. July 4, 1898: Boulder sets aside its first land for Open Space at Chautauqua. 1967: Boulder voters are first in the nation to tax themselves to preserve open space within the community. 1969: Celestial Seasonings forms, blending wild herbs growing in Boulder into herbal tea
  6. ent ranchers and farmers, the first fair in the Colorado Territory was held on October 12, 1869

Boulder's roots in education began in 1860, when the first schoolhouse in Colorado was erected at the southwest corner of Walnut and 15th Street. Also in 1860, Boulder's prominent citizens lobbied strongly with the State Legislature to have the State University located here. They succeeded, and on November 7, 1861, legislation was signed to. Colorado State Archives. S1383H. Boulder District Court Judgement Book: Water Decrees. Vol 2, District 5-6, 1869-1896. p. 400-405 1863 Oct 6 - Certificates were presented by the Left Hand Ditch Company for consideration but no action was taken. Boulder Commissioners Journal 1, p. 91. 1863 Oct 9 - Boulder County Commissioners selected Grand Jurors 1950: Grading work and ballast on 10.7 miles of the Denver-Boulder Turnpike began. 1952: The entire Denver-Boulder Turnpike opened to through traffic. The toll for the entire route was 25 cents. 1953: The state legislature passed a new law reorganizing the Highway Department and renaming it the Colorado Department of Highways

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Railroads played a significant role in the overall development of Colorado. The document was created as a result of a Colorado State Historical Fund grant awarded to Colorado State Parks for the purpose of preparing a historic context that would assist in evaluation and planning efforts related to railroad abandonments and potential rails-to-trails conversions The early settlers mostly came for the Colorado gold rush in 1858. The County was named after Boulder City and Boulder Creek, so named because of the abundance of boulders in the area. The County is located in the southeast area of the state Timeline of events. Compiled by Denver7 through Boulder Police's Twitter page, the arrest affidavit and witness accounts. Tuesday, March 16 Shooting suspect purchases an AR-556 pistol. Monday. 1 City of Boulder and the University of Colorado at Boulder Significant Alcohol Events April 1909: By 2:1 margin, the City of Boulder voted to go dry - 7 years before state and 9 years before the country. September 1933: Nation, state, and County repealed prohibition while the City of Boulder voted to remain dry except for 3.2 Beer.. Racism and the Ku Klux Klan, 1910-1940. This resource describes racism and discrimination against Latinos in Boulder County in the early twentieth century, especially the activities of the Ku Klux Klan. Full Text PDF: Chapter 4: Conflict, Racism, and Violence, 1910-1940

Project Mission & Goals. Established by Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano in January 2020, the CU Boulder History Project seeks to communicate to the university community CU Boulder's rich and complicated history through multiple frames using an intersectional perspectives that demonstrate our commitment to inclusive excellence and to the deepening of our institutional memory You can donate online by visiting coloradohealingfund.org and donating through Colorado Gives. Checks and in-person donations are also accepted at Colorado-based First Bank locations. Make the check payable to Colorado Healing Fund. The fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2018 by a group of victim advocates and community leaders Boulder Restaurant History—A bit of insight on Boulder's restaurant history from the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn's website, by Jim Harrington. And a bunch of photos on their Restaurants of Boulder Past Pintrest page. 'It wasn't foodie heaven yet' Daring chefs, hippies and farmers changed the way Boulderate in the mid-'90s— By John Lehndorff, Boulder Weekly, January 31, 201 Colorado History Timeline [vc_row] Prospectors spread through mountains and establish camps at Boulder, Colorado City, Gold Hill, Hamilton, Tarryall, and Pueblo. 1860 - Rich placer discoveries cause stampede of miners to California Gulch on present site of Leadville. First schoolhouse is built at Boulder Here is a timeline of Colorado history from 1876 thru 1970, in chronological order: August 1, 1876 - President Ulysses S. Grant formally admits the State of Colorado to the Union Seal of Colorado. What Colorado was before it officially became a state in 1876 is complicated

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  1. Boulder shooting timeline: What happened in the tragic hour in and around the King Soopers Thus it began, another deadly rampage and sorrowful chapter in Colorado's history of mass shootings
  2. Boulder voters approved the Blue Line, a wandering north-south boundary that roughly follows the 5,750-foot contour line. The citizens' vote forbade the city from pumping water uphill of the line, essentially stunting development in the foothills above t
  3. g division and show how it's subdivided
  4. Much more than a transportation network, Colorado's burgeoning railroad networks were critical in connecting the young nation of the United States in the late 19th century. In a relatively short period, railroads brought a flood of new ideas, people, and goods to pre-territory Colorado, and that newfound connectedness was crucial for allowing it to become an official territory and later a state
  5. The Boulder Historical Society was founded in 1944 by A.A. 'Gov' Paddock, then publisher of the Boulder Daily Camera, to collect, document, preserve and interpret the history of the Boulder area. Over the years, we have accumulated a significant collection of artifacts, documents and photographs that chronicle the history of the area
  6. ent ranchers and farmers, the first Fair in the Colorado Territory was held on October 12, 1869. The vision of these early pioneers was to create a community event to celebrate the rich diversity of the area, and.

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History and Timelines Chapter. Overview; Other Profiles; Additional Document Info; Overview ©2021 Regents of the University of Colorado Powered by VIVO Data updated last Sun Jul 11 01:34 MDT 2021 University of Colorado Boulder / CU Boulder Fundamental data on national and international awards provided by Academic Analytics Tucked into a picturesque valley below the iconic Flatirons, Boulder is an incredible place to live, work and play. The City of Boulder municipal government has served the Boulder community since 1871 The history of the University of Colorado dates back to the earliest days of Colorado and precedes the creation of the state. At its first session in 1861, the Colorado territorial legislature passed an act providing for the creation of a university in Boulder. To establish the university, the legislature appropriated $15,000, which was matched. Colorado. Colorado gained statehood in August 1876. After voting primarily Republican from 1920-2004, the state has voted with the Democrats in the last four presidential elections, including Joe Biden's 13.5% margin in 2020. That marked the first double-digit Democratic margin here since Lyndon Johnson won by 23% over Barry Goldwater in 1964 Timeline of EventsDateYearEventFebruary 211836Robert Bowne Minturn born in New York 1849Ute and Arapahoe conflict on Battle Mountain 1879Town of Clinton, now called Gilman, forms 1881Talamage family builds first house in Minturn 1882George G

COVID-19 in Colorado Timeline: The First Six Months. benchmarks in a crisis that will define this period of Colorado history no matter house associated with CU Boulder tested positive, to Colorado Earthquake History USGSF.A. Hadsell, writing in the Colorado School of Mines Quarterly (vol. 63, No. 1, Jan. 1968), reports the first known reference to an earthquake in Colorado occurred on December 7, 1870.The Colorado Transcript states, `'A careful observer at Fort Reynolds, 20 miles east of Pueblo, noted that bottles standing 1 inch apart were knocked together violently.' RELATED: Boulder shooting timeline: A chronology of the mass killing at King Soopers Dill, Plentywolf, Romero-Chavez and a Japanese couple who work at the sushi bar ran and hid together in a. Colorado has many perks, from its beautiful scenery and top-notch ski resorts to the relatively low cost of living. But apart from offering a host of benefits to its residents, Colorado also plays an important national role: it's one of the top gold-producing states in America. Colorado's rich history of gold and silver mining goes [ Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reports that it topped $100 billion in annual sales for the first time in Google's 20-year history. The milestone is a testament to the strength of Google's.

Suspect in Boulder mass shooting had a history of angry outbursts and an assault conviction Alissa, who was born in Syria but grew up in Colorado and wrestled for Arvada West High School. Colorado officials expressed anger and sadness Monday as details emerged about a shooting at a Boulder supermarket that left 10 people dead, including a police officer killed in the line of duty History. 1967 - 1977. Downing-Leach founded in Boulder, Colorado by Bruce Downing and Jim Leach. Initial focus on custom homes. Pioneering PUDs with two of Colorado's first, Wonderland Hill and Appleridge Park, garnering Best New Subdivsion in Boulder County and Sensible Growth & Planning awards. Trail blazing in solar design in partnership. Amrion was founded in Boulder, Colorado on August 18, 1987 by father and son team Henry and Mark Crossen, originally under the name of Bioenergy Nutrients, Inc. In 1989, the company went public and in 1993, the name was changed to Amrion, Inc Colorado Flood 2013 Storm Page - Historic Floods. H ISTORIC F LOODS. Choose an Event... April 1999 Fort Collins 1997 Big Thompson 1976 September 1970 May 1969 June 1965 May 1955 September 1938 September 1902. Want to know about other historic rain and flood events in Colorado? Interested to find out how this storm compares to others? Choose an.

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Colorado's troubled history of gun violence People are tended to after being evacuated from a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colo., after a gunman opened fire, killing 10. (Chet Strange. The City of Boulder follows State of Colorado guidelines for conducting contemporaneous reviews to support electrical and plumbing licensure and apprenticeship requirements. Contractor information may be requested at any time depending on your permit type and scope of work. Please review this information prior to your inspection to prevent delays Weather history for places in Colorado. Sign up for our email newsletter by entering your email address

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  1. The timeline:How the Boulder shootings unfolded That strategy did not always work. In April 1999, two students at Columbine High School in Colorado went on a rampage with firearms and pipe bombs
  2. University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO. 199,930 likes · 1,758 talking about this · 361,497 were here. CU Boulder is the flagship university of the state of Colorado
  3. Use this guide to see it all! Find the best things to do and see in Boulder with lists of fun attractions and events, real estate, employment, restaurants, community information, weather forecasts and more in the city of Boulder Colorado and Boulder Country
  4. Boulder is no stranger to floods. In fact, it is one of Colorado's most flood-vulnerable communities. The city is situated at the mouth of a canyon, and the Boulder Creek flows through the middle of town. According to weather historian Christopher C. Burt, floods pummeled Boulder in 1894, 1896, 1906, 1909, 1916, 1921, 1938, and 1969
  5. Our History. The University of Colorado Denver became an independent institution in 1973, after more than 60 years as an extension of CU Boulder. The road to independence was a long one, and in many ways it stretched far beyond 1973. Those were times of rapid, tumultuous change in higher education—in Denver, Colorado, and the nation

Denver History. In the summer of 1858, a small group of prospectors from Georgia crossed the great plains of the Colorado Territory and made a region-changing discovery at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Gold COVID-19: Timeline of Events in Colorado and Denver. Here is a rundown of the events of COVID-19 in Colorado, Denver and the Auraria Campus. March 5: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announces the state's first cases of COVID-19 — a man in his 30s and an elderly woman from Douglas County. The man was visiting Summit. The rest is historyhere are some highlights from the story of OZ. 1964. On Valentine's Day, Art Everett and Alan Zeigel (the Z in OZ) open Everett Zeigel in Boulder, Colorado. The Bank of Boulder is designed by Everett Zeigel, with a design vocabulary 25 years ahead of its time. Tom Obermeier (the O in OZ), John McMorren and Eliot Goss.

Wyoming History Timeline Important Dates, Events, and Milestones in Wyoming History Offers a chronological timeline of important dates, events, and milestones in Wyoming history. Around 11,000 BCE, evidence suggest Native American inhabit the area now known as Wyoming, principally the Clovis, Folsom and Plano cultures Governor Jared Polis (D-CO), along with state and federal officials, held a news conference on the mass shooting that killed ten people at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Not only did we lose. Learn more about the history and timeline of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. In the tradition of French culinary schools, we prepare our students for exciting, satisfying careers in professional programs based on the methods, principles and systems of Chef Auguste Escoffier Fracking in Boulder County: A timeline In 2012, Longmont residents passed a ban on hydraulic fracturing within the city limits. In 2013, Lafayette residents passed a community bill of rights recognizing peoples' rights to clean air, pure water, and a renewable energy future and banning oil and gas drilling as a violation of those rights

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  1. Carl Abbot, Stephen Leonard, and David McComb, Colorado: A History of the Centennial State, 3rd ed. (Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 1994). Anticipated Costs for Unincorporated Boulder County, Boulder County, September 2014. Eugene H. Berwanger, The Rise of the Centennial State: Colorado Territory, 1861-76 (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2007)
  2. 1980: The finish line is moved to the track at Boulder High School to accommodate a doubling of runners with more than 5,200 entrants. 1981: At the suggestion of University of Colorado athletic.
  3. 2013-09-17 Hundreds missing in Colorado floods Boulder, Colorado 3. 2013-09-14 Colorado flooding rescue operation continues Boulder, Colorado 4. 2013-09-13 Evacuation call over Colorado floods Boulder, Colorado 5. 2013-09-12 Colorado flash floods kill two Boulder, Colorado G. 2013-06-13 Colorado wildfire claims two live
  4. - How the Klan Took Over Colorado, Part 4 — Shrewd Planning, Crafted Messaging - Colorado Women of the Ku Klux Klan, Part 5 - The Klan in Colorado Part 6 — Bringing Religion into It - The Klan in Northern Colorado, Part 7 — We Weren't Immune - Timeline of the KKK in (mostly northern) Colorado in the 1920s — An Appendi
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Below is a timeline of the death penalty in the state, compiled largely from the research of University of Colorado at Boulder professor Michael Radelet, who has written the definitive history of capital punishment in Colorado. 1859: John Stoefel is executed and buried in a cemetery located in what is now Cheesman Park Boulder Beer Co. timeline. 1979: Two University of Colorado professors start Boulder Brewing Co. in a goat shed near Hygiene. 1983: Boulder Brewing goes public by selling $1.7 million in stock. Boulder police got the call at 2:40PM with reports of a shooting in the parking lot, the shooter then went inside the store. Investigators are still piecing together the exact timeline of events Boulder, Colorado December 1991 Eldora Mountain Resort Nederland, Colorado: Ramsey Christmas 1991 We spent the first Christmas at 755 Fifteenth Street with all five of our children. Beth, Melinda, and John Andrew flew out to be with us, and we went up to Eldora, the local ski area, because the kids loved to ski

Oct. 24-25, 1997. Car buried in the 1997 blizzard. 21.9 inches. This storm dumped nearly two feet of snow on the Denver metro area and closed I-25 all the way from New Mexico to Wyoming. Coal. Colorado River Timeline. 600 Ancestral Pueblo and Hohokam Indians develop water distribution systems. 1500 Spanish explorers introduce livestock and ditch systems called acequias. 1847 Mormons arrive in the Salt Lake Valley; begin cultivating farmland. 1859 Oliver Wozencraft promotes idea of irrigating the Imperial Valley This 25-minute movie illustrates the geologic evolution of Colorado through time, and premiered at the Opening Ceremony of the AAPG Convention in Denver on 3..

Fort Collins Time Line. 1920 - Fort Collins' population - 8,755. 1921 - Iola Pennock came to Fort Collins. 1925 - Site plan for Fort Collins High School. 1930 - Fort Collin's population is 11,489. 1933 - Dr. Aylesworth died unexpectedly. 1935 - College's name officially changed History. A hunting people lived in eastern Colorado at least 20,000 years ago, but little is known about them. The Basket Makers, who came to southwestern Colorado after 100 BC, grew corn and squash and lived in pit houses. By AD 800 there were Pueblo tribes who practiced advanced forms of agriculture and pottery making JonBenet Ramsey Case Timeline: 1996-2012. DEC. 26, 1996: JonBenet Ramsey, 6, is found dead in the basement of the family's Boulder home, 755 15th St., several hours after her mother, Patsy Ramsey, called 911 to say the girl was missing and there was a ransom note in the home. JAN. 1, 1997: Patsy and her husband, John Ramsey, go on CNN for.

The history of Longmont, Colorado, from the earliest human habitation approximately 14,000 years ago, through the founding of Longmont by a group from Chicago, and the 20th and 21st century history Boundary Changes of Colorado Counties from 1850 to 1988. This Interactive Map of Colorado Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from 1850-1988

1859: - Coal discovered in the Marshall area southeast of Boulder; first record of modern settlement in BOCO. 1860: - Boulder's first schoolhouse and post office built - Lobbying for University of Colorado begins. 1861: - Territory of Colorado created; Boulder one of 17 counties. 1862: - Homestead Act grants 160 acres of free land. History & Culture. Crime & Scandal. Video in 1996 in a spare room in the basement of the family's 7,000-square-foot home in the Chautauqua neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado, shocked the. The Ward Mining District was established in one year before the Colorado Territory was carved out of the Kansas and Nebraska Territories. A Post Office, named Ward District, was established on January 13, 1863. The Ward School District No. 12 was established in 1863. It was re-organized into the Boulder Valley School District in 1961 Current local time in USA - Colorado - Boulder. Get Boulder's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Boulder's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset Rutledge received his law degree from the University of Colorado in 1922. Rutledge practiced law for two years with a firm in Boulder, Colorado, before deciding on an academic career. For the next fifteen years, he was a professor of law and dean at a succession of law schools

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1800s - Area used by Arapaho and Ute as camping, hunting and burial site. 1858-1859 - Pioneers arrive in Boulder Valley, a party of miners make a base camp in the area. 1860 - Valmont Butte is site of final communal antelope hunt by about 400 Arapaho. First building, the Tommy Jones Stage Stop, is constructed Rand, McNally & Co.'s new geological map of Colorado. 1 : 760320 Rand McNally and Compan The Boulder Metropolitan Statistical Area has 294,567 people living in it. Boulder is famous for its history and its Western traditions. In the late 1960s, lots of hippies moved to Boulder. The main campus of the University of Colorado, the University of Colorado at Boulder, is also here. CU Boulder is the biggest university in Colorado 1966 - SSEC publishes Concepts and Structure in the New Social Science Curricula, which becomes a significant publication in the field.. 1967 - SSEC moves its offices to Boulder, Colorado, when Irving Morrissett becomes a Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado. Lawrence Senesh soon joins the faculty in the economics department at the University of Colorado at Boulder A list of major mass shootings in the United States in recent history. Healthcare workers walk out of a King Sooper's Grocery store after a gunman opened fire, in Boulder, Colorado. [Chet Strange.

The vision is for a permanent history project at Boulder High School includes walls that include pictures, artifacts and interactive elements. There is a plan is to break the project into three. Officials released more information from the investigation of the deadly Boulder, Colorado, market shooting including a timeline of events, details on the alleged shooter and his criminal history. ~Larimer Street, Denver Colorado~1888. Saved by Mary Krenzer. 5. Denver Colorado State Of Colorado Colorado Homes Lakewood Colorado Central Pacific Railroad Denver Neighborhoods Oregon Trail History Photos Historical Pictures. More information... More like thi History Timeline 1864 1928 - Congress Passes the Boulder Canyon Project Act. The AWBA stores Arizona's unused Colorado's River water underground in central and southern Arizona to protect certain cities, towns, and Tribes against future shortages in Colorado River supplies. The AWBA is also authorized to enter into interstate water. Betty Woodman, groundbreaking ceramics artist with history in Boulder, dies at 87 Woodman was the first living female artist to have a retrospective at the Met in New Yor

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Colorado, a state where open carry is legal, has suffered through some of the most deadly mass shootings in American history, including the 1999 Columbine shooting and the Aurora theater attack in. History of Longmont. CONTACT: Erik Mason. 303 651-8374. erik.mason@longmontcolorado.gov. American Indians have traveled through the area where Longmont is today for thousands of years. Some of the earliest residents of North America, the Clovis people, lived in northern Colorado 14,000 years ago. A succession of other peoples moved through. Timeline of Colorado River Compact & Key Events. The Colorado River is often described as the most regulated river in the world with a complex and extensive history surrounding its development. Balancing river resources among states and other interests is an ever-evolving process Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was identified by authorities Tuesday as the gunman who opened fire at a King Soopers grocery store in Colorado, killing 10 people, including a Boulder police officer

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I had seen the Boulder Experience before, and this time I went deeper on the interactive electronic experiences. Particularly interesting were working out the rescue scenarios on the Rocky Mtn Search and Rescue display, and changing the decisions that were made years ago on the Boulder electronic timeline to see how it might be different now The man charged with killing 10 people in a Boulder grocery store passed a background check and purchased the weapon used in the slaughter, a Colorado gun shop owner said Friday

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Historic rains and flooding affected 6 major rivers/tributaries, 14 counties, and over a dozen cities/towns in Colorado. Go to Timeline and Impacts page for more information on counties and cities affected by the storm. Recovery efforts are already underway and CDOT announced it will have roads fixed or temporary roads in place by December 1st Explore all the tunnels and learn why prospectors came looking for fortune. Go deep inside historic mines, see artifacts and learn how gold and silver mining shaped the Colorado of today. Another Colorado sightseeing attraction is the factory tour, including behind-the-scene peeks of breweries, tea factories and more. Visit Boulder CU at the Libraries Ep. 5 - Open Access at CU Boulder What a year 2018 was: a newly renovated Music Library, a semester-long celebration of our Archives' 100th anniversary, welcoming our new dean, our first Open Educator Award recipient—and our first Data Visualization contest, even more teaching, more outreach and engagement, more academic.

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He and his team are always accessible to discuss questions, expectations and timeline progression, making the homebuilding journey an enjoyable one. 4854 4th Street Boulder, Colorado, 80304 (303) 641-4140 info@murphyhomesboulder.co Beer History. Modern U.S. craft beer history began in the 1960s. You may know part of the story—the increasing popularity of homebrewing beer in the 1970s and the rise of microbreweries in the 1990s. We dug into the Brewers Association's archives looking for interviews, images and milestone moments that tell the story of U.S. craft beer.

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4760 Table Mesa DriveBoulder, CO 80305. Nina Lopez - Principal. (303) 494-7508. Facebook page. Principal email. Website. See this school's attendance zone Nick Kendell on Twitter: Rodgers' finance Shailene Woodley lives in Boulder Colorado. . Verified account. Key factors: Rodgers prefers West Coast. Packers will want him out of conference. Packers prefer handing baton to Jordan Love, so they don't need a QB in return. Top candidates would seem to be Raiders and Broncos, if they're.