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In fact, the July 2021 full moon will affect these zodiac signs the least — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — and for them, it might be a more gentle, yet informative experience Read on to find out how the July 2021 full moon will affect each zodiac sign. If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aries (March 21-April 19) If Your Zodiac Sign Is Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The February full moon in Virgo is lighting up the midnight skies on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 12:17am PT, and it'll help us cleanse away all the unnecessary clutter that's standing between us and our dreams On February 27, 2021, the Full Snow Moon in Virgo is happening. This full moon will inspire you to get organized and balanced in all areas of your life. The moon affects all zodiac signs, but Virgo.. According to Vogue, if you're a Virgo (born between August 24 and September 22), the full moon on June 24 could pull some big romance your way. However, for some, the event may help to expose any problems or issues in a relationship, and you may find yourself realizing it's time to cut ties in relationships that don't seem to be working The upcoming full moon is the second full moon in 2021. It's often called the Hunger Moon, Snow Moon, or Storm Moon. It's the final full Moon of the astronomical season of winter, which ends on the date of the Spring equinox - March 21, 2021. The last winter full moon of 2021 will occur in the sign of Virgo, which represents justice and. Read on to learn how the July 2021 new moon will affect each zodiac sign. If Your Zodiac Sign Is Virgo and your cravings for close connections will be heightened during July's full moon

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There's a full moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn on June 24, 2021 at 2:39 p.m. ET — emphasizing productivity, work, and success — and it will affect every zodiac sign May 2021's total lunar eclipse full blood moon will affect every zodiac sign, according to your horoscope. Every zodiac sign will feel the effects of this eclipse. Virgo. Your personal.

Full moon. The Virgo Full Moon Delivers a Fated Message. Are You Listening? By Rachel Hansen. February 25, 2021. On February 27, 2021 (12:17 AM Pacific Time), there will be a full moon at 8°57' of Virgo. Full moons often bring attention to what we've been overlooking. But this is especially true when they're in detail-oriented Virgo Read on for your February 2021 full moon horoscopes so you know how to make the most of it. This full moon is rising in the mutable earth sign of Virgo, which is known as a sign of health and healing And in the midst of the sun igniting your heart-centered fifth house of love, authenticity, creativity, and self expression, the full moon in Virgo will highlight your socially conscious eleventh house of associations, community, friendship, and sense of belonging in the world. And since the full moon phase is a call for balance, this is an. Full Moon in Virgo - February 27, 2021 12:17am PST Theme: Cleansing Mind And Body When we hear Virgo, we often think of people who are super organized and clean freaks. It's partly true Virgoian people tend to like things organized, but Virgo is so much deeper than that! Virgo is a deeply spiritual and devotional [

In 2020 Full Moon in Virgo takes place on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Moon when placed in Virgo makes a person practical, sharp and good at decision-making skills. Moon also makes the Virgo native attracted towards the opposite sex and other comforts of life. Traveling becomes a part of his or her life and they. Home Zodiac Sign How The April 2021 Pink Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign 93015926 - supermoon with many stars. beautiful night landscape of sky with full moon behind coconut tree, outdoor in gloaming time. serenity nature background. vintage tone. the moon taken with my camera February's Full Moon In Virgo — aka the Snow Moon — Could Lead to Radical Change. This month's full moon will feel like fertile ground for creating a sunny new landscape. By Maressa Brown. February 24, 2021. With February coming to a close, spring — at least, technically — is just several weeks out of reach The Full Snow Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021 coincides with the arrival of Venus in Aquarius which intensifies the desire for emotional independence. Find out what this full moon will be like and how it will affect you according to your zodiac sign. Snow Moon in Virgo: How does it affect you

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  1. June's Full Moon rolls around on the evening of June 24, technically at its fullest point at 4:39am on the morning of June 25. It has been reported by some to be a Super Moon, although according to timeanddate.com it is not a Super Moon as the classification systems vary.. That said, since the last two Full Moons were Super Moons (meaning the Moon was close to the Earth), this Full Moon is a.
  2. Read what your sign's 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Virgo personality profile. Welcome to August, Virgo! Your season approaches. At the end of July, when horny.
  3. Draw your hands to your heart. Massage this area. Feel that you have become the goddess, capable of balancing the earth and harmonizing its opposing forces.In particular you are tuned to the energies of Virgo and Pisces, signs devoted to magic, service and healing, although they approach their spiritual work from opposite directions.Virgo is that aspect of the goddess who knows the right herb.

Full Moon in Virgo: February 27, 2021. Full Moon in Virgo is about routine, order and emotions. Virgos love their routines and do not respond well when their routines are disrupted. Moon in Virgo people are detail-oriented and need order in their life and from order comes emotional stability. This Full Moon is an excellent time to regorganize. Your zodiac sign may feel the effects of the February Full Moon in your horoscope which takes place at 19 degrees Virgo, especially if you have any planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces). The Full Moon in Virgo will take place on February 27-28, 2021, and its energy is mutable, soft-natured, and feminine February 26, 2021. This gentle, soothing full moon peaks on 26-27 February - in South Africa it lights up our skies fully on Saturday 27 February at 10h17. Whereas full moons usually are a time of increased emotional intensity, this full moon has a gentle and calming effect. Its essence is liberation - the sign of Virgo symbolises inner. On 27 February 2021, the Full Moon rises at 8º of Virgo. There is something deeply comforting about the presence of this ancient Earth Mistress here, holding la Luna in her embrace amidst all the change and mysterious transformation that's still taking place on planet Earth. This is a side of Virgo that's not always remembered or revered

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  1. Full Moons are a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. It can play out as either a conflict, an integration, or some sort of dynamic between the energies of both signs. The Moon reflects the expression of feeling and emotion while the Sun reflects the.
  2. Coping with a full moon in Virgo. The full moon will officially arrive at around 3:17 a.m. ET tomorrow, February 27. Those who will be up late tonight will feel the full moon's initial effects most powerfully. Considering it's a Friday, if you plan to party, be prepared for potential drama
  3. On Saturday February 27th, the full cold moon occurs in Virgo at 3:17 a.m., ET, when the moon is exactly opposite in the sky from the Pisces sun. In astrology, Virgo is a grounded earth sign, represe

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The Full Moon of June 2021 is bringing springtime to our lives. 12th June will certainly witness height lunation with social discoveries given that moons always wrap up with extreme orgasms. 2021 June is expected to be taking place with amazing holy incidents. This includes the begin of the brand-new year of astrology as well as the kick-starting of the Aries period. This lunation will be. Full Moon in the Houses. The Full Moon. Look to the position of the transiting Full Moon by house in any given month for areas of your life that will be illuminated abruptly. While the New Moon is introspective, the Full Moon is public. It fairly bursts forth with energy Impact of Lunar Eclipses on Zodiac Signs in 2021. The eclipses generate many emotions, but they can also bring to light the truth in relationships. The Moon symbolizes inner issues, and the Moon Eclipse tends to have more of a personal effect, thus eliminating life situations that impede the soul's happiness. The fire zodiac signs (Aries, Leo.

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Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Full Moon February 2021. After all the intensity and the rare cosmic alignments that have taken place during the month of February, the Full Moon brings a soothing tonic. Falling in the earthy sign of the virgin-goddess Virgo, the Full Moon peaks on February 27, and it seems to be a beautiful way to wrap up the month. The Double Full Moon in Aquarius 2021, will take place on August 22, when the Sun transits through the 29th degree (29 °) of Leo, opposing the Moon in the 29th degree (29 °) of Aquarius.. For modern astrologers, a Double Full Moon aims to alert for some situations, which were identified in the first Full Moon, but for some reason the individual decided to hide them, or not to accept them Hi I am Amberly, My zodiac signs are:Sun- VirgoRising - Capricorn Moon - LeoVenus - Libra N. Node - AriesPersonal Reads can be Purchased thru the link belowh..

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The July Full Moon falls in your emotional bonds' eighth house. As a result, you will have to face and find the resolve to work your way through wounds with very deep roots. It might be time to open your heart to the significant other or any other loved ones. Leo: The July Full Moon is taking place only a day after Leo Season 2021 starts February 27 2021 Full Moon in Virgo! It's time to strap on snowshoes in the back country, the Snow Moon rises at 3:17 a.m. Eastern time. This month's Full Moon is also called the Storm Moon and the Hunger Moon. February 27 2021 Full Moon - The Snow Moon

Lunar Eclipse 26th May 2021 Impact on Virgo (Kanya Rashi) Transit of Moon occurs in your 3 rd house, thus forming a Lunar Eclipse in your 3 rd house of efforts & communication. As 3 rd house is your way of learning things, making certain perception about certain things, overall your experience and close friends, thus, you will see changes in. Read full article here. New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto. Jul 9, 2021, 9:16 PM ET. The Sun and the Moon join in the lunar domicile, and we begin a new cycle of growth. This is the first New Moon after the Eclipse season: Cancer invites us to tune inwards, connect with our past, protect what is valuable for us, and honor those whom we consider. Jul 20, 2021 @ 9:00 am. July's Full Moon Is Going to Get Under Your Skin. Credit: Heng Yu/Stocksy. It's possible this month has had you nursing a nearly month-long hangover from June's jam-packed.

Cancer! Happy Full Moon! Amazing messages for you from The Moon, The Archangels and The Faeries. It's time to release fears, turn over concerns to your Angel.. The first was July 23rd, 2021. Full Moons in astrology are typically a time of completion and reflection - a time when we reap the consequences of what we started six or so months ago. When the Full Moon shines from Aquarius, those consequences are likely to reach beyond our individual lives, into our communities as well as the wider world FULL MOON in AQUARIUS. Ottawa, Canada and Washington DC, USA: Jul. 23, 2021, 10:36 PM EDT. Jul. 24, 2021, 12:06 AM NDT. London, UK: Jul. 24, 2021, 3:36 AM BS Simply hours after the complete moon, the solar will formally go away its house signal of Leo and ingress into the realm of mutable earth signal Virgo, formally kicking off Virgo season 2021. Virgo's organized and tidy vibe will assist us clear up our acts as we spherical out the ultimate month of summer time

At this Virgo Full Moon, pledge yourself to a renewed spirit of practical magic - of reorganizing your daily routine so that it is supports your spiritual objectives, and resetting your mental routine so that it instinctively seeks spiritual opportunity in chores and details. Clean out your drawers, your filing cabinet, your heart; sew. This Is How The Pisces New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign. New beginnings will definitely follow the 2021 March New Moon, scheduled on 13th March. This New Moon will usher in a fresh start, bring closure, and end the ongoing cycle. The lunar resetting will happen in the Pisces realm and will mark the peak energy of the 2021 Pisces season

The first eclipse of the year—happening on May 26 at 7:14 a.m. EST at exactly five degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius—something you've been manifesting and/or contemplating within the last six months could finally come to fruition. As you may recall, eclipses are powerful lunations, and though a full moon lunar eclipse is equivalent to an extra potent full moon, the effects of a lunar. Energies felt at any full moon can linger for days before and after, but with a Lunar eclipse, the energy sparked here can last for even three months or longer, Sloan explains. Ahead of the astrological event, Sloan shares how the Super Flower Blood Moon will affect all the zodiac signs

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Every single full moon will affect all the signs differently depending on the sign the full moon is in alongside the mixture of planets in the sky. The only difference is in which astrological house each month's full moon will land in each individual's birth chart, and whether there's a connection with personal placements, such as your. The year 2021 comprises of 4 eclipses in total - 2 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses. 26 th May, 2021 is the day for a Total Lunar Eclipse [Blood Moon] - Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia, parts of the western US, western South America, or in South-East Asia. Today we will discuss the innate events of lunar eclipse The Full Moon of April 2021 is bringing spring to our lives. 28th March will witness peak lunation with interpersonal revelations considering that moons always end with intense orgasms. 2021 April is anticipated to be taking place with amazing celestial occurrences. This consists of the start of the new year of astrology and also the kick-starting of the Aries season. This lunation will be.

Jun 10, 2021 6:52 AM New Moon Annular SOLAR Eclipse 19 Gemini 47. Jun 17, 2021 11:54 PM First Quarter Moon. Jun 24, 2021 2:40 PM Full Moon 3 Capricorn 28. Jul 1, 2021 5:10 PM Last Quarter Moon. Jul 9, 2021 9:16 PM New Moon 18 Cancer 02. Jul 17, 2021 6:10 AM First Quarter Moon It's officially a Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021 at 3:13 am ET. When we have a Full Moon in Virgo, it is always when the Sun is in Pisces. Do you remember what was happening when we had the Full Moon in Virgo last year in March? That's when health concerns started to get a lot more attention. Now this Full Moon in Virgo is in. Calling all visionaries, disrupters, and change agents. As the Aquarius full moon beams overhead on July 23, 2021 (at 10:36 p.m. EDT), it showers the world with futuristic, idealistic vibes. Rainbows and unicorns? Yes, please! And make that a double dose because on August 22, 2021, there will be a sequel full moon in this very same sign

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The Moon is already illuminating the night sky as she waxes toward full. If she seems larger and more luminous than usual, she is--tomorrow's Full Moon is also a Super Moon, the first of three we will experience over the next month.The Moon is closer to Earth now, tugging at us with more power The aspects to the Nodes of the Moon from Mercury and Mars tie all of this to unfolding fate. We could call it karma just as easily. The choices we make will absolutely affect how things unfold. So we come back to the Full Moon and look again at the Virgo-Pisces connection and the presence of Uranus in Taurus. Full Moons bring illumination The first Full Moon of 2021 occurs in Leo on January 28th. This is a time to bring in the energy we love and are passionate about. Anything less than stellar and magical will fall by the wayside. January 28th also brings the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Known as the Day of Miracles, it's the luckiest day of 2021 29 July 2021. Aquarius, which is also the zodiac sign of astrology, points to extraordinary people, situations, events. Having two full moons in Aquarius this year can be seen as a rare and rather unusual event. We experience the first full moon on July 24. While the Sun has just moved into Leo, it is facing the Moon Moon enters Virgo Aug 11, 2021 8:07 PM : Moon enters Libra Aug 14, 2021 12:01 AM : Moon enters Scorpio Aug 16, 2021 3:11 AM : Moon enters Sagittarius Aug 18, 2021 5:58 AM : Moon enters Capricorn Aug 20, 2021 8:48 AM : Moon enters Aquarius Aug 22, 2021 12:42 PM : Moon enters Pisces Aug 24, 2021 6:57 PM : Moon enters Aries Aug 27, 2021 4:26 AM.

After the full moon, the Moon continues to move through Aquarius. Daily horoscope for July 24, 2021: The full moon takes place in Aquarius. Daily horoscope for July 23, 2021: The Moon is in Capricorn. Daily horoscope for July 22, 2021: The Sun is in Leo. Daily horoscope for July 21, 2021: Venus moves into Virgo. Daily horoscope for July 20. Full Moon in Virgo- Aug 01, 2021. The Full Moon in earth sign Virgo is a time of self-reflection and acceptance. Full Moon in Virgo Full Moon in Virgo, February 27, 2021 Lunar calendar, Moon Phase; Moon Information For February 27 2021

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  1. Posted: June 23, 2021. Get ready for the last supermoon of the year on June 24. Plus, it's a Strawberry Supermoon, which, according to certified astrologer Donna Page, could cause a major impact on your life. After all, this full moon is about big goals and dreams. It's really about making the impossible possible, Page says
  2. Aries March 21-April 20. What to expect from the full moon effect: this month's full moon hints at a situation that's come to a peak within an important work or personal partnership
  3. The Moon will leave Capricorn in the evening, and a Full Moon in Aquarius arrives around 10:37 p.m., EST.. If your birthday is on July 23, 2021: You are a Leo ruled by the Sun. You are bold and.
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  5. This Is How The Scorpio Supermoon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign. The Full Moon in Scorpio is scheduled on 26th April, Monday. This will also be the first Supermoon of the year. This Scorpio lunation taking place in the mid-season of Taurus is bound to be intense. Scorpio represents intensity, inflexibility, and a requirement for intimacy
  6. Full Moon in Virgo 2021 Dates. This year, the Full Moon in Virgo is taking place on February 27th, 2021. It's important to remember that the Full Moon's energies can be felt for about 48 hours before to 48 hours after the transit actually takes place, which gives you nearly 5 days to soak in this healing energy

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This is especially true for the zodiac signs who will have the worst May 2021 blood moon, so if you were born with your sun, moon, or rising sign in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. The realistic energy of the Virgo Full Moon. When the full Moon is present in the Virgo zodiac sign astrological space, people get a huge amount of energy from it, which helps them to be a lot more organized and to watch systematically the world around them, a thing which makes them more efficient and productive at the same time The following short interpretations of Moon signs refer to general conditions that affect the population in general. When the Moon is in Virgo. 08aug9:50 am New Moon on August 8, 2021 in Leo 9:50 am EDT Event Type :Lunations . 11aug5:56 pm Mercury enters Virgo.

The Full Moon is a fascinating event that occurs on a monthly basis, yet little is known about this particular lunar cycle's impact on our personalities. Well, the good news is that Susan Taylor has studied the influences and prepared a complete report on how the energies of this cycle affect you.Legend has it that mysterious things occur on these evenings, and we want to understand why The FULL MOON occurs on Friday, July 23rd, 2021, at 10:37 PM EDT. A Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Leo forms an opposition to the Moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time - a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships The full moon blooms in verdant Virgo. Give in to some early spring fever with our Virgo full moon ritual ideas. by The AstroTwins. As a grounded earth sign, tender Virgo is known for both innocence and purity—much like the tiny shoots of early spring that pop up from the ground: mama Gaia's reminder that life goes on. Channel the cleansing energy of the zodiac's purist with this earth. Thursday, May 13: Jupiter enters Pisces. Thursday, May 20: Sun enters Gemini. Wednesday, May 26: Full Moon in Sagittarius / Total Lunar Eclipse. Saturday, May 29: Mercury Retrograde. Welcome to. The Moon is in the earthy sign of Virgo, looking back to earthy Taurus, flowing with, aiding, helping, supporting those New Moon intentions we set back then. Under this Waxing Gibbous Moon, taking a breath before the deep dive of this watery Scorpio Full Moon, imbued with this Virgo Priestess energy, we pause and count all these small changes

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A full moon arrives once every 29.5 days to give us the chance to reflect, release and recalibrate our soul's path. This Full Moon in Virgo is no different. Virgo rules organization, details. As soon as the Moon entered Virgo, they trined Uranus. Not reassuring to Virgo. This afternoon, Venus entered Pisces and while this is lovely in many ways, it is not reassuring to a Virgo Moon. Just before reaching square-and-a-half that marks the opening into the Disseminating phase, the Moon squares Mars. Also unsettling Full Moon's can also ignite sleep walking/early labour. So, I suppose people should watch out for mood swings, accidents etc. There is no conclusive scientific study that shows the Moon does affect people on earth, and in that way, it's also about what you personally believe and the experiences you've had yourself with your sleeping rhythm and. Help. The astrology calendar shows the current constellations on the desired date. All entries are available from 1.1.1900 to 31.12.2099. If you select one or more planets, then the moon aspects are left out

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  1. ated its stars during the Sun's transit of Pisces. For the Mesopotamians this occurred in early spring, just as the first signs of corn appeared above the ground. Thus the Babylonian reference for the constellation was Ab Sin, 'the Furrow', depicting the virgin.
  2. Moon is the significator of intellects, emotions, temperament, sex attitude, mother, family life, beauty and many more. In 2020 Full Moon in Leo takes place on Monday, March 9, 2020. Sun is the ruler of Leo Moon sign and moon feels pretty comfortable when it is in the respective moon sign. It tends to make the native a little extra confidence.
  3. ate the sky on June 24. For Virgos, this could prove to be a summer of love. How The Full Moon On June 24 Will Affect You If You're A Virgo - Flipboar
  4. d, body, and soul is craving is on offer to us under the energies of February's sweet Full Moon. Virgo is the natural medicine woman, and all of us, regardless of our sign, can tap into the healing power of nature.
  5. Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021. A Full Moon denotes a time where we reap the benefits, and we harvest the rewards of our hard work and our ability to take action in our lives. Now that we have received everything we need, it is time to make time for ourselves. On this day, tend to your garden, clean your house, and do some pampering to.
  6. Full Moon January 2021 Astrology. The January 28 full moon at 09°05′ Leo makes only testing red planetary aspects as shown in the chart below. So as well as being a challenging and tense full moon, the lack of harmonious blue aspects means it will be extremely difficult to relax. Red aspects resemble Mars in their influence

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Full Moon in Sagitarius (May 26, 2021) In terms of its astrological influence on the zodiac signs, the Full Moon in Sagittarius taking place on May 26th of 2021 represents the moment of concluding a stage, reaping the fruits, and opening a new chapter in life. So, the Full Moon occurring on May 26 th of 2021, which will reach maximum brightness. There are 12 Full Moons in 2021, each with its own unique name - all of these dates are for Full Moons in the UK, so if you're based elsewhere the dates may be slightly out. Full Moon in Leo 2021. January 28th . Wolf Moon. Full Moon in Virgo 2021. February 27th. Snow Moon. Full Moon in Libra 2021. March 28th. Worm Moon. Full Moon in Scorpio.

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  1. d any major lunar events.
  2. Virgo horoscope 2021 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan. Virgo Decan 1 born Aug 23 to Sept 2 Virgo Decan 2 born September 3 to 12 Virgo Decan 3 born September 13 to 22. Decan 1 Virgo Horoscope 2021. Until April 30 - Uranus trine your decan allows you to make very important changes in your life without the usual disruption.
  3. The year 2021 also kicks off a series of eclipses upon the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which will last for nearly two years starting with a partial lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19, 2021, in 27.
  4. Full Moon February 2021 Key Factors. Full moon is at 8º Virgo Decan 1 ~ Guardian Angels, Persephones & Seers. Full Moon falls in 13th Lunar Mansion ~ Wings Of Virgo. Full moon will be on fixed star Alioth at the root of the tail of the Great Bear constellation Ursa major. Full Moon trine Uranus
  5. Today is Thursday, June 24th, 2021. Sun and Venus appear in water sign Cancer, opposite the Moon and Pluto in earthy Capricorn, creating a see-saw and polarity - sweet sensitivity vs an ambitious mood that runs deep. Neptune & Jupiter meld the gap at this Full Moon, bridging these opposing ideas, urging us to look at the bigger picture
All the Full Moon Dates in 2021 for your calendar | TheNew Moon in Capricorn on 13 January 2021: Effects on 12Moon in sagittarius 15_3_2020 | The Moon WomanVirgo Solar Eclipse New Moon - December 14, 2020Libra - Mercury in Aquarius Horoscope - Horoscope Of Today

This Leo Full Moon will affect us all, but each zodiac will feel this energy differently. Here is how this Full Moon will affect you: Aries (March 21-April 19) With Venus in Aries during this Full Moon, you are likely to see new relationships starting in your life, be they romantic or otherwise The build-up to the Full Moon in Virgo (February 27, 2021 EST), begins at the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, and is part of the bigger picture of the first Saturn-Uranus square. How can we use the astrological events of February and March 2021 in a meaningful way to understand what's going on in our own lives Full moons happen when the Moon is situated on the opposite side of Earth to the Sun, which means its face can be fully illuminated. This lunar spectacle is also referred to as the Moon After Yule and the Old Moon. Last year, it was spotted in the sky on January 10 and it was also a penumbral lunar eclipse A supermoon arises when the new or full moon is perigee, which means that it's closer to Earth than usual. The next supermoon will occur at the full moon on April 26, when the Taurus sun and Scorpio moon oppose each other in the sky, lighting up Earth's atmosphere. It's known as the 'pink moon'—but of course, it isn't actually pink. . Instead, its name comes from the wild ground. The Moon appears in fire sign Sagittarius with a Total Lunar Eclipse - a Full Moon - in the early degrees of this zodiac sign (5º25′). Venus and Mercury are hand in hand in expressive Gemini, both square to Neptune in Pisces - today's lunation and eclipse is also square Jupiter. Sagittarius (and the Full Moon) touches on education. On May 26, 2021, will take place the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius.It's going to be at its peak at 7:14 A.M. (EDT). The «miracle moon» is in a very special astral conjunction characterised by the arrival of Jupiter in Pisces, the Saturn and Uranus square and the transit of lunar nodes by the axis Gemini-Sagittarius