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Appartementen Sand Beach in Spanje boek je voordelig bij Sunweb! Aan het schitterende strand, Luieren op het terras, Zwembad voor frisse duik The sandy beach in Nin near Zadar is a 3km of long fine sand. It has a particular shape that looks like the beaches of the Caribbean islands, which is rare in Croatia. There is a lagoon that is particularly suitable for young children since the water is shallow On the small neighbouring island Bisevo the beach Porat can be found, one of the most stunning sandy beaches in Croatia. Vela Przina beach on Korcula island is located near the town of Lumbarda. The beach lies in a beautiful big bay which protects it from the northern winds and there is a lovely view on the open sea and the island of Lastovo

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  1. Six kilometers from the town of Korcula lay one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Croatia - Vela Przina. Located in a bay and surrounded by vineyards, it is very popular among young people who come to have fun or hang out in one of the bars and restaurants that surround this beautiful beach. Lubenice on the Island Cre
  2. Lopar, on the island of Rab, is known as a sand heaven in Croatia. It boasts more than 20 sandy beaches, but also small and hidden coves. There you will experience a truly peaceful and wild beauty of nature. The sea will not disappoint you, because there is crystal clear, warm and shallow water
  3. Our journey of the sandy beaches in Croatia continues in Omis on the mainland south of Split. The city beach in Omis, called Velika Plaza (eng. Large beach) is a large beach that, thanks to its size, offers many leisure activities for the whole family
  4. Vela Przina Beach, Korcula Considered one of the most popular sandy beaches in Croatia, this beach is located in the town of Lumbarda on Korcula Island. It's very frequently visited, and even though it's a very large beach, it may be hard to find a spot at times. This family-friendly beach is perfect for kids to play on the warm, soft sands
  5. So how do sandy beaches look in Croatia? The sand on Croatian beaches is usually rough, dark (brownish rather than golden) and mixed with pebbles. The coastline is very protected due to the lots of islands, so waves are not strong enough which can make the water look murky in sandy bays

Many of Croatia's sandy beaches are so painfully shallow that you need to wade far for a decent swim, but that's not the case at Prapratno. It occupies a sheltered bay at the start of the Pelješac Peninsula, near where the ferries leave for the island of Korčula. Amazingly, it's not overly developed One of the best sand beaches in Croatia, Lovercina Beach is a hidden corner of paradise located in a beautiful bay on Brac Island. There's not much to do on this beach apart from relaxing and swimming. The water is pretty shallow, perfect for swimming and for kids Beautifzl and egzotic beach, they have beach bar near,it s beautiful to relax and enjoy with family and very vwry lit... 6 Lopar Beach, Island Of Rab Situated on the beautiful island of Rab, just off the north coast of the mainland, you will find Lopar Beach. This is a popular sand beach in Croatia, especially during the peak summer months in July and August, when you will find crowds in abundance Other landmarks include the Odyssey's Cave, and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, the Saplunara beach. Saplunara beach is located on the south shores of Mljet. Almost two kilometer of soft sand stretches along pretty, half-moon bay, and borders a thick pine forest. This is one of the must-visit sandy beaches in Croatia

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  1. Sandy beaches in Croatia are rather scarce, but Sunj on the southern coast of the island of Lopud comes out as a top pick. Unlike the many hidden beaches and secluded bays in Cyprus, this beach stretches for about 1 km and its offshore waters remain shallow for at least 100 meters out
  2. Discover Croatia; TOP 10 sandy beaches; Top 10 sandy beaches in Croatia Rajska plaza beach in Lopar on the island of Rab The 1.5 kilometre beach Rajska plaza is situated in Lopar, 14 kilometres from the town of Rab. Due to its high quality and the crystal clear sea, it has been awarded the Blue Flag label
  3. The Sakarun Beach, often spelled Saharun, is certainly the most famous beach on Dugi Otok and one of the best sandy beaches in Croatia. The 800-meter-wide bay enchants with bright white sand and also the Caribbean blue sea colors are an absolute eye catcher
  4. 10+ campsites with sandy beaches in Croatia Find your own patch of the coast, beaches made of the finest sand, bathed in deep-blue sea, ideal for long barefoot walks. Although the Adriatic coast is not abundant in sandy beaches, there are a few of them which leave you breathless by their beauty
  5. Even though Istria does not have many sandy beaches the few of them due to their beauty and cleanliness will leave everyone breathless. The wonderful sand is suitable for beach volleyball or other beach activities and it is also perfect for children to play in the shallow and clear water as well as perfect for relaxing while playing picigin

Duće Beach, Duće (near Omiš) Omiš and the Omiš Riviera is among those few places in Croatia that offer plenty of sandy beaches. Our favorite was Duće Beach, located in a lovely holiday village right next to Omiš Anyone who has ever heard for Croatia, knows that it offers stunning beaches and crystal clear sea. Zadar region has plenty of sandy beaches, high number of sunny hours and beautiful islands so it represents paradise destination for all those who want relaxed vacation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea

Sunj Beach is on the island of Lopud, a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik Old Town. This chilled out and car-free island offers the chance to disconnect and switch off at the beach - one of the only sandy beaches in the area - or explore the island at your own pace. Rent kayaks to circle around it, or explore the interior on a bike Sakarun Beach. Dugi Otok Island. Located on the island of Dugi Otok, the beach of Sakarun has managed to join the select club of the most beautiful beaches of Europe thanks to the beauty of its crystalline waters and its fine white sand, rather rare in Croatia. This beautiful beach is surrounded by wild nature and scented pines Over the last 30 days, luxury beach hotels in Croatia have been available starting from $71, though prices have typically been closer to $123. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. See the latest prices

Croatia offers unspoiled bays and shingly stretches along the length of its island-dotted coastline, from Rijeka in the north down to Dubrovnik. When it comes to beaches, the best advice is to head south: you'll find the most seductive sandy shores, pebbly coves and sun-baked rocks on the Dalmatian coast Boek het Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort, Al Aqah. U krijgt direct een bevestiging The Best Sandy Beaches in Croatia. Sakarun beach, Dugi Otok. 1. Sakarun, Dugi Otok (Island) This stunning white sandy beach is located at the top of the island Dugi Otok and it's a must see. You might mistake Sakarun for a beach in the tropics somewhere, as the colors of the sea, mixed with the white sand is a magical combination Croatia is an extremely popular destination when it comes to holiday trips. No wonder, as the coastline is almost 6,000 kilometers long, so beaches are a plenty. What's more, Croatia's beaches have various types of surface, from gravel and rocks to sand. Adriatic coast has everything a seaside holiday needs - hot and sunny weather,.

Rab, Croatia 51281. Easily one of the best beaches in Croatia, Paradise Beach is a mesmerizing extensive shore with an equally alluring view. Why We Recommend This Beach. This beach boasts a level of quality when it comes to the cleanliness of its waters, as indicated by its designated blue flag Bačvice beach are a real gem among natural sandy Croatia beaches that offers is located just 1 km away from the heart of the city of Split. Because of the fact that Bačvice is so close to the center of the town (just a 10-minute walk from the bus station), it can get quite crowded. Bačvice sandy beach in Split Croatia The town of Lopud istelf features a few sandy beaches as well, but a 20 minute walk away, on the southern side of the island lies Sunj beach, one of Dubrovnik's most popular beaches. It's a sandy and (very) shallow beach (you'll need to walk up to a 100 meters in order to get deep enough to swim) so it is also a good choice for families on.

Sakarun Beach | Dugi Otok. The Sakarun Beach, often spelled Saharun, is certainly the most famous beach on Dugi Otok and one of the best sandy beaches in Croatia. The 800-meter-wide bay enchants with bright white sand and also the Caribbean blue sea colors are an absolute eye catcher. With its extraordinary beauty, the Sakarun beach often advertises for Croatia in magazines and commercials Beaches on the Island are recognized as being some of the best in Croatia. One of the advantages of being surrounded by water is that wherever you go the beach is never too far away. With more than 150 miles of varied coastline, the Island offers wide-ranging types of beaches, rocky, sandy, and pebble, hidden coves with clear waters

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  1. Peljesac Peninsula Beaches | Trstenica Beach. Trstenica is the most popular beach in Orebic, if not on all Peljesac peninsula. This long pebble beach has a slow descent in the sea, with a shallow sandy seabed at the sea entrance. In the back of the beach, tall pine trees provide enough shadow from the strong summer sun
  2. 15 of the most beautiful sandy beaches in CroatiaList of all beaches: http://www.rezerviraj.hr/plazeApartments in Croatia directly from owners at https://www..
  3. Sandy beaches in Croatia aren't common along the country's rocky coastline, and those that stretch for miles are even more rare, which explains the enormous popularity of Queen's Beach. Another feature that's made this beach a favorite is the peloid mud found in the shallow areas of Nin's lagoon
  4. After getting to know the beaches on this corner of the Adriatic pretty damn well, we thought we'd put together a guide to the best beaches in Hvar for you guys. So if you're planning to visit this Adriatic paradise, here is our guide to the best beaches on Hvar, Croatia. Top 5 Hvar Beaches. 1. Malo Zarace
  5. Croatia - a country famous for its beautiful rocky landscapes, waterfalls, green nature and eco-friendly, comfortable beaches with small pebbles, concrete or sand coverings. The Adriatic coast of Croatia attracts lovers of a relaxing holiday by the sea, who value European comfort, cleanliness, the opportunity to practice diving, visiting.
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  1. The sandy beach Pudarica is a much smaller beach than Rajska plaža but it has a lot of charm. It is a short drive from Mišnjak where the ferry will leave you. There is a bar on the beach. There are many other sandy beaches on the island including Sahara beach in the northern part of the island, Lopar beach, Mel beach in Kampor, or Suha Punta beach also in Kampor
  2. 2. 1 Bijeca - the most famous sandy beach of Medulin. 3. 2 Natural bay with sandy and pebble beaches: Vela plaža in Baška on Krk. 4. 3 The queen beach Kraljičina Plaža - the sand oasis of Nin. 5. 4 Popular with divers and surfers: Zlatni Rat near Bol on the island of Brač
  3. Originally named Rajska beach, this 1.5 kilometers long beach is a prime pick for families and couples alike. This blue-flag sandy beach is perfect for sports lovers, as it creates perfect conditions for kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, and wind-surfing. Keep in Mind When Visiting The Best Croatia Beaches
  4. Show all beaches on the map. The red marker shows accommodation in Lopar (Apartments and Rooms) with direction to all the beaches. Lopar with its 22 sandy beaches deserves the title Sandy Heaven. These benefits were noticed by tourists 120 years ago. Today, Lopar has some of the best sandy beaches in Croatia, which are also well known.
  5. The beaches are perfect for families with small children. St. John beach. Most of the local population consider this beach to be the most beautiful on the island and beyond. The St. John Beach is located below Lubenice, a place located on a steep cliff. The view from the cliff over the sandy beach leaves the visitors breathless

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There are more beaches in the area, but the best one is by far the Kava sandy beach, on t he far east corner of the Ciovo island. It is a bit further away from the Trogir center - some 12km away - but it's worth spending the time and resources to get there. this is one of the real natural beauties, located in pristine nature Sand beaches in Croatia Although the Croatian is one of the most beautiful in the world, with a multitude of islands, islets, beautiful beaches and hidden coves, sandy beaches are a real rarity. This is why there are only a few sandy oases from the north of Istria to the south of Dalmatia The most popular destinations in Croatia may be large cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split, but if you're looking to discover the country's authentic beauty and charm, head to the hidden gems along its Mediterranean coast.Here we have selected several beach resorts of Croatia, Along the way, you'll find enchanting coastal towns and divine beaches, excellent local cuisine and.

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Pros: A very family-friendly beach, the water is knee-deep for about 500 metres. This is a sandy beach- no pebbles at all (very typical in Croatia!). There is a nearby waterslide and outdoor restaurant if the kids get hungry. There is a family-friendly camp ground right on the beach with different accommodation options The most sandy Hvar island beaches can be found at the eastern part of the island, close to small village, Sucuraj, a ferry port that connects island with the mainland. Sucuraj Perna sandy beach. Mlaska sandy beach and campsite - Sucuraj. Grebisce sand beach - Jelsa. Mina sand beach - Jelsa Icici beach of Opatija is one of the most comfortable and modern beaches of the riviera of Opatija. The beach is located in the centre of Icici — on of the parts of Opatija - and stretches for 441 m along the sea. Icici beach is mostly covered with concrete slabs with a small sandy area in the easter part for rest with children Spiaggia Sv. Marak / Sv. Marak Beach. Sv. Marak Beach is one of the few sandy beaches on the island of Krk. The beach is located close to the town of Risika. There is a bar close to the beach and there is easy access to a parking lot. The beach can be quite crowded in the summer months (July and August) The island has a few sandy beaches, most the coast consists of mostly rocky-pebbly spots that offer ideal conditions for underwater activities. Losinj is known as one of the best diving places in Croatia, but snorkelers will have fun too while exploring various marine species in the Adriatic Sea's clear waters

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An ideal beach for families, including by Forbes magazine in the top ten best beaches in the world. It is pebbled, like most Croatian beaches, but the entrance to the sea is sandy, which makes it ideal for children. It is surrounded by pine trees that provide a pleasant shade. It has bars and restaurants nearby and you can rent water sports. Since you haven't specified what makes a beach particularly good and better than other beaches, I'll take the liberty and list my personal favorites among those I've actually been to. I do have some personal preferences which I'll tell you right o.. Dubovica Beach, Hvar. Best Beaches in Croatia. Credit: Getty Images. Located in a tranquil, secluded coveonly accessible through an unmarked trail—Dubovica beach, or Dubovica bay, is the perfect. Sandy beaches in Croatia are rather scarce, but Sunj on the southern coast of the island of Lopud comes out as a top pick. Unlike the many hidden beaches and secluded bays in Cyprus, this beach stretches for about 1 km and its offshore waters remain shallow for at least 100 metres out

In order to make the search and selection of beaches in Croatia easier and more interesting, we created up to 9 categories that cover over 400 beaches in Croatia, so you can look at family beaches, secluded beaches, beaches that bear the title of blue flag for quality and purity of the sea, the most popular sandy beaches, beaches for young people and beaches suitable for sea sports 10. Sunj Beach, Lopud. Lopud is just west of Dubrovnik and Sunj Beach is one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia. Cars are not allowed and the only motorized transport to transit between the beach and the town is golf carts. You can walk or cycle but the slopes are challenging in hot weather unless you are fit The best sandy beaches in Croatia - Lapad, OmisRiviera, Trstenica, Nin chain, Kostanj, Jelenica, Sabusa, Crvena Luka, the Golden Horn. The coastline is made up of coastal rocks and cliffs that reach almost to the water, so it is often encountered gravel underfoot. Many of the coast surrounded by pine trees, in the shade where you can relax There are many beaches in Split Croatia, ranging from sandy to pebble ones. Passionate swimmers will definitely enjoy many beaches in Split, and fortunately there's plenty to choose from. Most beaches near Split are especially popular for families with young children because of their easy approach Bačvice Beach is one of the most well known in Croatia and is conveniently located close to the center of the city of Split. This a top choice for a family vacation at the beach. The shore is long and sandy and the water starts off shallow. It's a beach where children of all ages can have a relaxing day at the sea without worrying about big.

Dubrovnik Beaches Map. Here is our map of all the best beaches in Dubrovnik and the areas they are located. Best Beaches In Dubrovnik Old Town. Banje Beach. Banje Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik, and for good reason. It's walking distance from Dubrovnik Old Town, just outside of Ploče Gate The tiny, isolated island of Susak is home to one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia: Spiaza Bay. Its long, sandy strip and safe, shallow waters make Spiaza Bay ideal for families with small children, while the plentiful amenities (beach umbrellas and chairs, pedal rental, nearby restaurants) guarantee a comfortable day in the sun. #9: Stiniva, Vi BONUS: Pržine is a beautiful sandy beach and a small paradise for all lovers of the sea and swimming. Here you can enjoy sandy sea bottoms, shallow waters and fine hot sand. The beach is a 30 minute walk from the center of Ilovik. Learn more about Lošinj on our TC page. For more about travel in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page Zaton beach. Known as one of the best beaches in Croatia, Zaton beach was awarded the blue flag status which testifies to its water quality, safety, environmental management and quality service. This sandy and pebbly beach with its pine trees providing cool shade in the hot summer months caters to many different needs and is the epitome of an. A great choice of Croatia's sandy beaches can be found in Orebic, the most visited sunny resort on the Peljesac Peninsula. The most famous one is Trstenica, a 1 km long family beach within a walking distance of the town centre. It is well-equipped with catering and entertainment facilities, especially for the children who can play in the.

Vela Beach is located in Baška on the south of the island of Krk. The beach is sandy - pebble, 1800 meters long and is among the most beautiful and famous beaches in Croatia. Around the main beach there are several hotels and a large number of apartments, restaurants, bars and other.. Sandy beaches in Croatia Meet the Croatian sandy beaches. Croatia as a country of beautiful coastline contains but a few real sandy beaches who stand out for its beauty and uniqueness. Whether You are just interested in relaxing or engaging in activities such as water or beach volleyball, building castles in the sand with the youngest our. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Istria and Croatia are located on the Medulin Riviera.It is not just the beauty of Medulin beaches that enchants but also their diversity. Featuring on Istria's 80 kilometres of coastline, are sandy, pebble and rocky beaches, bare rocks with no shelter from the summer heat or the shade of ancient trees whose branches bend over the sea, as well as. It is not only that there are beautiful sandy beaches that are rare in Croatia. It is also about the appearance of the island and its genesis. Susak is a small island located in the Kvarner Bay, about 7,4 km southwest from the island of Lošinj. It's geologically different from the other Adriatic islands in that it is mostly made of sand. Crikvenica, Kvarner. Crikvenica hosts 2km-long, sandy and pebbly beaches. Location: Kvarner region Highlights: The flat, sandy banks are a safe haven for swimming and popular for beach sports.This makes them some of the most popular beaches with families enjoying a sailing holiday around Croatia.; Other top beaches in Kvarner: City beach, Crni molo and Kacjak beach

Sandy beaches are not so numerous, but those that are available are often referred to as the best beaches in Croatia. Lovely stretches of sand are found in Kvarner and Dalmatia, but are a particular rarity in Istria. Rocky and pebble beaches dominate the coast from Istria to South Dalmatia. There are many beautiful bays perfect for naturism as. One of the best sandy beaches in Croatia, the Spiaza is tucked on the isolated Susak Island. Only accessible by catamaran and ferries from Rijeka and Losinj, Spiaza Beach boasts of sparkling golden sandy shores, best sunset views, and lush green palm groves. Known for its range of beach activities, like beach volleyball, pedal boats, and.

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There are a few sandy stunners but the majority of beaches in Croatia are pebbly (which makes for exceptionally clear water for swimming and snorkelling). Here are 10 of the most beautiful beaches to get you started, from the iconic sand of Zlatni Rat to the spectacular rocky cove of Stiniva Bay, the otherworldly Rucica on Pag island to. Ten minutes' drive from Supetar ferry port on Brac island, after a 40-minute crossing from Split, the white-stone Bracka Perla boutique hotel is tucked away on a tiny bay with a sandy beach Although Croatia is not known for miles long sand beaches, there are small patches almost everywhere you go. The biggest sandy areas are on islands of Rab and Susak (that is an island made of sand), Saharun beach on Dugi otok, Nin area near Zadar , Slanica on Murter , Saplunara on Mljet.

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The major problem with what you want is the sand beach part of it. Take a look at Croatia-beaches.com to see if any sand beaches look appealing to you and then maybe someone can suggest a resort.Don't give up on Croatia because of lack of sand beaches though Sandy beaches in Croatia are rather scarce, but Sunj on the southern coast of the island of Lopud comes out as a top pick. Unlike the many hidden beaches and secluded bays in Cyprus, this beach stretches for about 1 km and its offshore waters remain shallow for at least 100 metres out Šunj beach is located to the South-east of Lopud Island and is one of the nicest sandy beaches in Croatia. With knee deep, clear blue water, it is perfect for children to bathe in. This beach offers deckchairs, umbrellas and plenty of beach bars. There is also a nudist area down at the end of the beach Sandy Beaches of Kvarner The biggest value of the Kvarner are the beaches, preserved environment and clean waters. The most beautiful beaches are marked by Blue Flags, symbols of a preserved, safe and pleasant environment designed for fun, relaxation and recreation, high-quality service, clean sea, beaches and marinas Moving up the coast to northern Dalmatia, you will find the quaint town of Nin and a bit of a rare find in Croatia, Queen's Beach - one of the few sandy beaches in the country.Finding any sandy beach along the expansive rocky coastline, and with a sandy beach as long as Queen's Beach, it's not hard to see why it has grown so much in popularity

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Vela Przina Beach is one of the few sandy beaches you will find along the coast of Croatia, which makes it very popular especially for families. The beach is located 15 minutes by bus from Korcula Town on the southern side of Korcula Island, where it is a very popular gathering place for locals during the summer months Altogether there are around 30 sandy beaches, and the rest are pebbles and rocks. The northern part of the island around Lopar is perfect for families with kids. The largest and most famous beach is Rajska plaža (Paradise Beach), a 2-kilometre stretch of fun in the sand. It hit the CNN's list of top 100 world's best beaches Sunj Beach is one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia, which means you can comfortably sunbathe. Clothing is optional on the nudist or naturist section which covers one half of the beach. People have lived on Lopud since at least the 7th century, so after you're through swimming or sunbathing, you can explore the various forts, monasteries. Home page; Discover Croatia; TOP 5 party beaches; TOP 5 party beaches in Croatia Zrce in Novalja on the island of Pag In Novalja on the island of Pag lies 'Croatian Ibiza', as people like to call the beautiful pebble beach Zrce.Besides for being the Blue Flag holder, it is also known for the 24-hour parties Paradise Beach: As the name suggests, Paradise Beach on the island of Rab is idyllic. With its Blue Flag, professional lifeguards and shallow, crystal clear waters, it makes for the perfect family beach. Rare in Croatia, Paradise is both sandy and home to children's playgrounds, bars and restaurants and a wide choice of water sports

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Its gently sloping sandy bottom makes it one of the safest beaches in Rovinj, in fact, the beach is so shallow that you have to walk out about 50 meters before you get to deeper waters. Being part of the Veštar campsite, the beach offers a wide range of facilities and services, including a small marina for boat owners Beaches on the Adriatic coast are mostly pebbly and rocky, but there are some sandy beaches that beautify competing exotic tropical coves. It is not easy to find everything in one place, but luckily Croatia has a huge number of beaches and we are sure you will find the beach you wish. 76 camera online The island itself offers several beautiful sandy beaches and rocky ocean pools. You can take your time swimming, search the water for crabs and other small marine life, or just lounge and soak up the sun. These beaches are smaller than the ones in Dubrovnik and usually have fewer tourists and visitors With Croatia set to go on to the green list, we pick quiet islands and beaches for a post-lockdown escape Last modified on Sat 17 Jul 2021 08.32 EDT Last summer, visitors who managed to make it to.

Finally, to the east of Cres, Rab Island is revered for the 20 or so sandy beaches on the Lopar Peninsula, in the northeast, that regularly feature amongst the best in Croatia. Rajska Plaza (Paradise Beach) is the longest and probably most popular, but at 1.5km there's plenty of sand to go around Sandy Šunj beach - Dubrovnik Beaches. The walk itself is a treat onto itself as you get to commune with Mother Nature herself amidst the lush, pine tree-laced Mediterranean countryside. Šunj Beach is arguably the only beach you'll find in Dubrovnik that features a lot of fine sand and is the most popular of the Elaphiti Islands The most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Cavtat All the beaches are rated and ranked by the beauty so that at the top we always print the most beautiful beaches in your town or place. Apart from the beaches we sort by the type (most beautiful, sandy, for children, for dogs, fkk nudists and hidden) Beside the beach sun and fun, visitors will hardly miss the chance to visit and experience the attractions of the old town. This is one of the advantages of choosing Rab island in Croatia for holidays. Rarely will you find even on the Adriatic, such a large number of quiet sandy beaches surrounded by thick forest Although indented and abundant in numerous bays, the Adriatic coast hides just a few real sandy beaches. Whether you wish to relax in the sun or play some games in shallow water, the Adriatic sand beaches will delight you with their uniqueness. ZLATNI RAT, ISLAND OF BRAČ. SAPLUNARA, ISLAND OF MLJET. SAKARUN, ISLAND OF DUGI OTOK

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Croatia's extraordinary island-speckled coastline is indisputably its main attraction.When set against a dazzling white pebbly beach, the water sparkles with a jewel-like intensity in shades of emerald and sapphire. But shift your gaze from the glittering waters and chances are an almighty mountain will loom into view Beaches and swimming spots on Mljet are mostly pebbly and rocky with the exception of two sandy beaches situated on the southeastern tip of the island. Situated just 13.5 nautical miles west of Dubrovnik , Mljet is the island that contains one of the Croatian national parks - Mljet National Park ( info ) The first thing the foreign visitor should know about beaches in Croatia is that very few of them are sandy. Fine shingle is the closest you're going to get - and, in most cases, the beach is. 1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Brač, central Dalmatia. Zlatni Rat on the island of Brač can get crowded, but suck it up: this is one of Croatia's most fabulous pebble beaches for good reason

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Top beaches on Rab Island. The interesting fact about Rab is that this is an island in Croatia with the largest number of sandy beaches, 30 of them to be precise. This may be the reason why ancient Romans had named the island Felix Arba - or the island of happiness. The majority of sandy beaches can be found around Lopar municipality Are there sandy beaches in Split, Croatia? One of the main questions people ask is: does Split have a sandy beach? And the answer is: Yes, it does! It is called Bačvice beach and you can read more about it below. The entire Croatian coast is blessed with a combination of sandy beaches, pebbles and rocky ones. There is a type of beach for everyone Please watch: LUXURIOUS LIVING | REAL ESTATE CROATIA | ISTRIA | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sql9Wb3nXfU --~--Croatia, Natural beaches in Istria, fro..

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Bačvice Beach. Bačvice Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Split. Located just around the corner from the Ferry Port it is the closest beach to the Old Town, making it a number one choice for all travelers staying in and around the area. It is particularly famous for its sandy shore and shallow water, an otherwise unusual sight in the. Croatia is a European nation that's known for its spot close to the stunning Adriatic Sea. That's why it's not shocking that it's the location of some of the planet's most mesmerizing and picturesque beaches. Golden Horn (Zlatni rat) beach on the Adriatic coast is one big example Istria is a peninsula and the most popular tourist region in Croatia. Pula is a city on the far south of Istria and the biggest one. Like other cities and towns in our region, it abounds in many great beaches.. Whether you come with your family to some of our camps, stay in one of the many hotels Pula has, or you come to attend a music festival, it's always good to know which beaches are. Apr 24, 2013 - In Croatia you can find all kinds of beaches, so regardless if you prefer sandy beaches, pebble beaches or rocky beaches, you will have plenty of beaches to choose between, here we have collected some of the nicest beaches in Croatia, click on the links if you wish to see all beaches in one specific area of Croatia. See more ideas about croatia, pebble beach, sandy beaches