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  1. This page is an overview of the 2022 Texas elections, including the offices on the ballot covered by Ballotpedia, election dates, and frequently asked questions. << Texas elections, 2021 | Texas elections, 2023 >>
  2. Elections for Statewide offices and Congress. Primary: Tuesday 1 March 2022. Runoff: Tuesday 24 May 2022. General Election: Tuesday 8 November 2022. Monday 13 December 2021 - Filing Deadline - Primary, Minor Party, Independent intent. Tuesday 1 March 2022 - Primary. Polling hours reportedly 7:00a-7:00p CST (1300-0100 UTC) / 7:00a-7:00p MST.
  3. Texas State Senate elections, 2022. Elections for the Texas State Senate will take place in 2022. The general election is on November 8, 2022. The Texas State Senate is one of 88 state legislative chambers holding elections in 2022. There are 99 chambers throughout the country

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  1. Texas 2022 Elections Texans will decide several statewide, legislative and congressional races in 2022. The offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general are among those that will.
  2. For other politicos, thoughts have drifted to the next election, and to dreams of higher office. The biggest offices in Texas are on the 2022 ballot, along with the attorney general: governor.
  3. The next General Election will be held on November 8, 2022. Due to delays in the 2020 decennial census, it is likely that the state's redistricting will not be finished in time for the March 2022 Primary. If the Primary is delayed, all dates related to candidate filing are subject to change. The following offices will be elected in 2022
  4. The state's top statewide elected offices are up for reelection in 2022 — a ticket led by Gov. Greg Abbott — and speculation is already simmering about whether a Texan will run for president.
  5. Offices Up For Election in 2022 Prepared by Tarrant County Elections Department Office Term Term Expires UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 6 2 Years 2022 JUSTICE, TEXAS SUPREME COURT PLACE 3 6 Years 2022 JUSTICE, TEXAS SUPREME COURT PLACE 5 6 Years 2022 JUSTICE, TEXAS SUPREME COURT PLACE 9 6 Years 2022 JUDGE, COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS.
  6. Texas' state senators are elected to two or four-year terms and state representatives are elected to two-year terms. Legislators assume office at the beginning of the legislative session, which starts at noon on the second Tuesday in January in the year after the election. Texas State Senate elections, 2022

Election Officials and Officeholders County Officials. Early Voting Clerks for State and County Elections; Election Officials; Voter Registration Official The General Election, for 2022 is scheduled for May 07, Offices up for Election in 2022: Alderman - (2) year term Alderman - (2) year term Election Official for the City of Winnsboro and is responsible for conducting all City elections as prescribed by the Election Code of the State of Texas

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Elections are coming up again in 2022, with many of Texas' top statewide offices up for grabs. To prepare, Democrats are launching various strategies to try and gain power in the Lone Star State Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, this week announced that he raised more than $18 million at the end of June, bringing his war chest for the 2022 election up to $55 million in total, the Texas Tribune reports.. According to the Abbott campaign, the governor has more cash-on-hand than any other statewide candidate in Texas history, after bringing in $18.7 million in the last 10 days of. Offices up for Election in 2022. The Election of Officers will be held November 8, 2022 in Jefferson County. FEDERAL OFFICES: 1. United State Representative District 14. STATE OFFICES: 1. Governor 2. Lieutenant Governor 3. Attorney General 4. Comptroller of Public Accounts 5. Commissioner of the General Land Office 6. Commissioner of Agriculture 7 The 2022 Texas gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2022, to elect the governor of Texas.Incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott is running for re-election to a third term. He faces competition from within his own party as well as from the opposition party.. On June 4, 2021, Texas GOP Chairman Allen West announced his resignation as party chair, a possible prelude for a. The 2022 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. Thirty-nine state and territorial gubernatorial and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested

The 2022 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 8, 2022. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states, as well as five non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and four of the five inhabited U.S. territories.Numerous other federal, state, and local elections, including the. 2021 CAMPAIGN LINEUP FOR . ATTORNEY GENERAL RACE IN 2022 . GOP PRIMARY: Incumbent Ken Paxton, Challengers: Eva Guzman (former Texas Supreme Court justice), and George P. Bush (current Texas Land Commissioner) ; DEM PRIMARY: Joe Jaworski (former mayor of Galveston) and Lee Merritt (Civil Rights litigator); RUNNING ASSESSMENT AS OF JULY 19, 2021 . Both parties feature primary contests in this race Analysis: A 2020 holiday fantasy for Texas officeholders looking to 2022. Big election campaigns take years to mount. So some politicians aren't thinking about the 2020 elections. They're dreaming. The 2022 United States Senate elections will be held on November 8, 2022, with 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections, the winners of which will serve six-year terms in the United States Congress from January 3, 2023, to January 3, 2029. Senators are divided into three groups, or classes, whose terms are staggered so that a different class is elected every two. Procedures for Candidates, 2017-2020. New: 2020 Candidate's Guide - Running for Federal, State, District or County offices. Running for Federal, State, District or County Offices - 2018 Candidate's Guide. Running for Local Offices

Offices Up for Election and Retention in 2022; Offices Up for Election and Retention in 2022 Federal Offices. U.S. Senate (one of two seats) Representative in Congress (all districts) Multi-County and District Offices. NOTE: Incumbent office holders appear where listed. This is not a list of current candidates or those who have filed a candidate application for the office. NOTE: For many years, article XVI, Section 65 of the Texas Constitution set out which county offices would be up for election. This language (setting up the staggering scheme) was omitted.

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  1. 2022 Offices Up for Election (P - Primary Ballot, G - General Ballot) List of County Candidates (Select 2022 Election from the drop-down) Federal Offices. U.S. Senator (P) Representative in Congress (Districts 4 & 5) (P) Multi-County and District Offices
  2. Texas Democrats cannot give up on the 2022 elections. Columns appearing on the service and this webpage represent the views of the authors, not of The University of Texas at Austin. If you were surprised by recently completed legislative session's focus was on far-right social issues - permit less gun carry, fetal heartbeat abortion.
  3. The calendar may say June, but what promises to be a bruising 2022 election cycle is unofficially underway in Texas, with candidates and potential candidates already crisscrossing the state.

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Every cycle that Democrats offer unknown candidates for statewide office kicks the prospects of any political change further down the road. Texas Democrats cannot give up on 2022 elections. AUSTIN (KXAN) — Don Huffines - a Dallas real estate developer and former state senator - was the first Republican to announce a primary election challenge to Gov. Greg Abbott in 2022, a. Instructions. Form. Registration of Political Parties Making Nominations Under Chapter 181 of the Texas Election Code. Instructions. Form. Appointment of Poll Watcher by Candidate on the Ballot or Declared Write-In Candidate. Instructions. Form. Appointment of Poll Watcher by Political Party 2022 Political Cycle Already Underway in Texas posted on 6.07.2021. With the close of the regular legislative session, the jockeying for position in 2022 state and congressional elections has begun in earnest, with potential statewide GOP primary races garnering the most high-profile activity By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square. T he initial day scheduled for primary elections in Texas - March 1, 2022 - likely will be pushed back because of delays stemming from the state receiving census data and not meeting until the fall to address redistricting.. As a result, primary elections in Texas could be held in July 2022, some speculate. No U.S. Senate seat is on the 2022 ballot.

It was a small reminder that, as all-consuming the 2020 election was for Texas Republicans, many eyes had already begun to shift beyond it. Every statewide elected official is up for reelection in. Numerous statewide offices will be up for grabs in Texas in 2022, starting with governor and lieutenant governor but also including, in no particular order, agriculture commissioner, comptroller.

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  1. g Republican primary election in 2022. Current State Sen. Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway) is reportedly looking at running for TX land commissioner, potentially joining Republican activist Weston Martinez, who is already a declared candidate in the race and promoted.
  2. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives retiring or seeking another office ahead of the 2022 election, as of 5 p.m. Eastern on May 19, 2021 South Texas hurtled to the the 2022 midterm.
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  4. 2022 Elections. The latest coverage of the 2022 House and Senate elections. He's a longtime Texas resident. fundraise and donate to GOP office-seekers. The vehicle, dubbed the Champion.

It's springtime, and Texas politicians are getting all flirty, dreaming and scheming about what offices they'll seek in 2022. Most Texans are still trying to shake off the 2020 elections, with their battles over voting and election law, over the results in tight states — not including Texas — and over the mob that stormed the U.S. UNOFFICIAL Election Night Results. Daily Voter Turnout Report. First day to Apply for Ballot by Mail: Saturday, January 1, 2022 Last day to Register to Vote: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 First day of Early Voting: Monday, October 24, 2022 Last day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (Received, Not Postmarked): Friday, October 28, 2022 Last day of Early Voting: Friday, November 4, 2022

From The Texas Tribune:. It's springtime, and Texas politicians are getting all flirty, dreaming and scheming about what offices they'll seek in 2022. Most Texans are still trying to shake off the 2020 elections, with their battles over voting and election law, over the results in tight states — not including Texas — and over the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 The 2022 United States Attorney General elections will be held on November 8, 2022 to elect the attorneys general in thirty states, three territories, and one federal district. The previous elections for this group of states took place in 2018.The attorney general of Vermont serves two-year terms and was last elected in 2020.. These elections will take place concurrently with several other. State primary election dates and candidate filing deadlines are listed below. The primaries are used by political parties to determine the candidates who will run for all partisan offices in their states on the general election ballot on Nov. 8, 2022 June 2, 2021, 9:22 PM PDT. By The Associated Press. AUSTIN, Texas — George P. Bush on Wednesday launched his next political move: a run for Texas attorney general in 2022 that puts the scion of.

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Paul Stekler: Texas Democrats cannot give up on the 2022 elections. Reagan Van Coutren takes a selfie with former congressman Beto O'Rourke at Stevenson Park in Abilene on June 5. If you were. Municipal Elections The Addison City Council election is held on the first Saturday in May of each year. The next City Council election will be Saturday, May 7, 2022. MAY 2022 GENERAL ELECTION - Texas Election Code Section 141.040 requires that the Town post a Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot Some 11 percent of Texas voters cast their ballots by mail in 2020, so if that percentage held up in future elections, 209,000 of the 1.9 million voters with only one ID number on file with the. Texas Democrats have been shut out of statewide offices since 1994. O'Rourke soon captured the attention of the national party and the money poured into the race. Hollywood celebs were breathlessly begging Texans to register to vote and then show up to vote for Beto. It was wild, to say the least. He came within 3 points of winning against Cruz Texas Democrats' best election in the last decade was 2018, when the party picked up two new members of Congress, twelve members of the state House, and two state senators. In 2022, the top.

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Dozens of Texas Republicans have signed onto a bill mandating a forensic audit of the 2020 election results, but only in the state's biggest counties, which mostly went for President Biden Texas Democrats Push To Energize Voters For 2022, But Will It Be Enough? 2 likes • 3 shares. Share. Flip. Like. tpr.org - By Jill Ament, Texas Standard • 54m. Elections are coming up again in 2022, with many of Texas' top statewide offices up for grabs. To prepare, Democrats are launching various strategies . Read more on tpr.org Republican Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez, running in the next general election for the 15th House congressional district, talks in her office in Alamo, Texas, Thursday, July 8, 2021. In Republicans' bid to retake control of Congress, this traditionally Democratic stretch of south Texas has quietly become a top battleground Candidates seeking an office that will be filled at the November 8, 2022, general election may accept political contributions during a time period that begins on May 17, 2021. (A write-in candidate may begin accepting contributions only after filing a declaration of write-in candidacy with the secretary of state or county judge, as applicable. Tuesday's runoff election in Texas was an early test of former President Donald Trump's influence over the Republican Party. Trump prepares to speak at the Rally To Protect Our Elections.

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Welcome! The Bexar County Elections Department is responsible for voter registration activities and election operations throughout Bexar County. This includes 712 voting precincts, 53 political subdivisions, 20 Independent School Districts, 29 Cities, 3 Military Installations (including Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and Randolph Air Force Base), and over 1,181,842 registered voters The Texas Voter Confidence Act is a product of those meetings and a direct request from the voters who sent me to Austin. Texans want to know more about the claims of voter fraud and deserve to have confidence in their elections. The Office of the Attorney General has prosecuted over 500 election fraud cases and is investigating 400 more Tuesday 8 November 2022 - General Election. Polling hours 7:00a-7:00p MST (1400-0200 UTC). Colorado votes mostly by mail. Unaffiliated voters can participate in the primary without choosing to be a member of a particular party. If a person votes both the Republican and Democratic ballot, neither one will count

Texas' Republican statewide primaries are heating up as challengers emerged in recent weeks for both Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton. But for all the Republican maneuvering, Democrats are remaining quiet about primary plans. Texas Democrats are in a holding pattern as they plan for the 2022 cycle for two main reasons Look what Russia is doing already about the 2022 elections and misinformation, Biden said during a speech at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), referencing. In the immediate future, though, whoever wins will only have a few months in office before having to start his or her next campaign since the seat is up for reelection again in 2022 SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who sought the office to right the state's financial ledger but who spent the last 18 months leading it through one of the more treacherous health. Cruz won the seat in a runoff election. Texas doesn't have a U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in 2022, but the positions for governor, attorney general, and other statewide executive offices will be up for election. Multiple pieces of legislation contemplating such a delay were filed this session

The uniform November election date is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The November 2022 Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The following offices will be on the 2022 Ballot: The 2022 Candidate Packet will be released May 2, 2022. The first day candidates can begin collecting contributions is November 8, 2021 Election Date Election Location Contact Information May 7, 2022: Lucas Community Center 665 Country Club Road. Lucas, Texas 75002. Collin County Elections Office 2010 Redbud Blvd., Suite 102 McKinney, Texas. Stacy Henderson, City Secretary 972.912.1211 [email protected

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ELECTION CALENDAR: Filing Deadline: December 13, 2021 Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates): August 2022 Filing Deadline (Independents): August 2022 Primary: March 2022 Run-Off: July 2022: CANDIDATE DIRECTORY LEGEND: Bold = Active Candidate Italics = Potential Candidate * = Incumbent = Winne AUSTIN, Texas — After Texas Democratic legislators made national headlines with last week's heroic walkout to block Senate Bill 7, Texas Democrats are once again gaining statewide and national attention — this time, with the launch of our 2022 voter registration strategy. The following is a roundup of coverage on the unveiling of Project Texas, Texas Democrats' comprehensive plan.

(Headline USA) Republican Allen West, the former Florida congressman and firebrand who rode into office on the tea party wave a decade ago, said Sunday that he will run for governor of Texas.. His odds are far longer this time around: Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is up for a third term and may also be eyeing a 2024 presidential bid, has already locked up the endorsement of Donald Trump. GOP looks to flip historically Democratic South Texas in 2022. House Republicans are targeting the Rio Grande Valley in 2022, identifying South Texas as a fertile electoral crescent after then. Tags: News, Campaigns, 2022 Elections, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Texas Original Author: David M. Drucker Original Location: GOP looks to flip historically Democratic South Texas in 2022 The next Texas gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2021. Abbott is running for re-election to a third term. So far, the internet personality Chad Prather, the military veteran Kurt Schwab, the Libertarian candidate Dan Behrman, and the Reform Party's Patrick Wynne have also declared their candidacies The General Election set for May 7, 2022 - Early Voting to be Held at City Hall, 300 W. Cotton St, Longview, Texas The first day to file an Application for Place on Ballot, for City Council Districts 5 and 6, in the May 7, 2022 General Election will be January 19, 2022

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The Fayette County Elections Office will be moving to the Meadows Building, 275 E. Ellinger, La Grange, Texas. The projected move date is September 1, 2021. Please continue to monitor this site for updated information. Fayette County Offices up for Election in 2022 Respondents were asked, How much have you thought about who you will be supporting for each of the following offices in the 2022 Texas elections? Measurement of Party ID for this figure is based on two questions. First, respondents were asked whether they consider themselves to be a Democrats, Republicans, independents, other, or not sure

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Texas Democrats are in a holding pattern as they plan for the 2022 cycle for two main reasons. First, the party establishment is waiting on former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke to announce whether he. The nation's governorships are nearly evenly split between the two parties, with 27 Republicans and 23 Democrats holding office. Two states - New Jersey and Virginia - will hold gubernatorial elections in 2021. Another 36 states follow in 2022. The table below the map lists the current governors of all 50 states, tabbed by the next election year

  1. A top aide to the former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said O'Rouke, 48, has not ruled out challenging Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in 2022 but has taken no formal steps toward a.
  2. FLOWER MOUND, Texas - Long-time State Senator Jane Nelson, of Flower Mound, will not run for re-election in 2022.. Nelson has served in the Texas Senate for 28 years, longer than any other Republican
  3. RealClearPolitics - Election 2022 - Texas Governor - Abbott vs. Huffine
  4. Both members have districts along the U.S.-Mexico border in states where Republicans are looking to pick up seats in the 2022 midterm elections. Their retirements come as President Joe Biden is.
  5. Texas Republicans eye 2022 — and beyond — after romping in November election. The day before the Nov. 3 election, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was in Corpus Christi about to begin a stump.

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Texas Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, announced July 5 that she will not be running for re-election in 2022, according to a news release. First elected in 1992, Nelson has served in the Texas. The Primary Election is held 11 weeks before the General Election for purposes of nominating party nominees to be voted for in the General Election to fill a national, state, county, or district office. A General Election is held in November of every even-numbered year. The election dates for 2022 are: Primary Election: August 23, 2022 Election Day: Saturday, May 01, 2021 - 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at: Annex Building, 200 W. Bermuda, Quitman, Texas 75783. Between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm beginning on April 19, 2021 and ending on April 20, 2021

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The Supreme Court declined to review the case, stating that Paxton had not justified Texas's interest in the conduct of other states' elections. Paxton, who is up for reelection in 2022, is already under investigation by the FBI for allegedly using the power of the Attorney General's office to help a wealthy donor and faces separate. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has colossal $55 million war chest for 2022 reelection bid. Gov. Greg Abbott signs Senate Bill 2 and Senate Bill 3 at the Texas Capitol on June 8, 2021. The omnibus power. In short, this means the legislature likely isn't up for grabs in 2022 — some Republicans are already banking on Texas playing a part in the GOP taking back control of the U.S. House next year UP NEXT. NOW PLAYING: Elections Texas State Sen. Jane Nelson Will Not Seek Re-Election In 2022 CBS Dallas. UP NEXT

During a March webinar, Bill Ely pulled up a map of Harris County while presenting the local Republican Party's ambitious plan for the 2022 midterms: building an army of 10,000. Analysis: After the blackouts, a whiff of the 2022 elections in Texas ROSS RAMSEY, The Texas Tribune 3/8/2021 US Coronavirus: There are two key things America now needs to tackle in its Covid-19. Beto or Castro? Our way-too-early list of 2022 candidates. Ed Espinoza. Thursday, January 28, 2021. Chip in $10. Saatvik Ahluwalia. Without a Senate race, the governor's race will drive turnout. After what feels like the longest presidential campaign in history, the 2020 election is (finally) in our rearview mirror Candidate filing for the 2022 Elections runs from March 1, 2022 through June 7, 2022. For complete information, please refer to HRS §§11-117, 11-118, and Chapter 12. Questions relating to candidate filing? Contact the Ballot Operations Section at (808) 453-8683 or email elections@hawaii.gov, Attn: Ballot Operations

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Texas Democrats were also already ramping up to build on the gains of this election in 2022, when statewide offices—the seats of governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general—are again. Texas Republicans eye 2022 — and beyond — after romping in November election. The rotunda at the state Capitol. Credit: Miguel Gutierrez Jr./. The Texas Tribune. The day before the Nov. 3. • Seat up for regular election: Tuesday 8 November 2022 : Lieutenant Governor Lynn Rogers (Democratic), who was first elected in 2018, was appointed on 10 December 2020 by Governor Laura Kelly (Democratic) to the State Treasurer's seat on 2 January 2021. The appointment is effective when Congressman-elect Jake LaTurner vacates the office in. 2022. County Primary - 5.3.2022. County General, State and Federal Primary, and Memphis Special Election - 8.4.2022. State and Federal General - 11.8.2022. Photo by Fred Griffith, courtesy of the Commercial Appeal. August, 1970, Election Officer Paul Willingham surrounded by lever voting machines

Former President Donald Trump is doling out endorsements for the 2022 Republican primaries. His choices for GOP candidates in the U.S. House, Senate, gubernatorial positions, secretary of state. Tuesday 8 November 2022 - General Election. Polling hours reportedly 7:00a-7:00p CST (1300-0100 UTC). If no candidate receives at least 50% of the vote in the primary, a runoff will be held between the top two vote-getters. Alabama Election Cycle Calendar from the Alabama Secretary of State

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Incumbent - 117th Congress CD 15 Vacant: Republican: Member of Congress Steve E. Stivers • First elected: 2010 • Seat up for regular election: Tuesday 8 November 2022 • Vacant Office - 19 April 2021: Effective May 16, I will be leaving Congress in order to accept the position of President and CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Candidate list (3) - 118th Congres Challengers lining up for Sisolak, Cortez Masto in 2022 Republican candidates are already making decisions about the two top races for 2022, governor and U.S. Senate, as the Democratic incumbents. Republican Party of Bexar County, 12000 Starcrest Dr #101, San Antonio, TX 78247, USA. See more details. Communications Committee Meeting. Tuesday, July 13 2021 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. RPBC HQ, 10300 Heritage Blvd, Suite 240, San Antonio, Texas 78216

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Steve Schmidt Issues Dire Warning: US Just One Election Away From Permanent Trumpian Autocratic Rule. One of the gravest threats the country has ever faced Lincoln Project co-founder and GOP strategist turned Democrat Steve Schmidt, ahead of Donald Trump's speech this... News 1 month ago Defending fragile House and Senate majorities in the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats are scrambling to pass high-impact elements of President Biden's agenda as quickly as possible. Vulnerable incumbents are building their campaign war chests and heading home to claim credit for economic and health benefits flowing from Washington

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