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In a whimsical sense, the reason the Dementors only attacked Harry was because Harry was the only person in the train that the Dementors felt the most despair and tragedy due to the death of his parents and his abusive childhood with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Why do dementors attack Harry during the Quidditch match? Well, dementors feed on the happiness of other people, and leave them with sad memories after they suck out all the happiness. Since everybody was cheering at that time and dementors thought for getting food, they left to attack during Quidditch match The attack in Little Whinging occurred on 2 August, 1995 after the Ministry of Magic insisted that the Return of the Dark Lord never occurred, during the summer of 1995. Wanting to discredit Harry Potter, Madam Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge ordered two Azkaban Dementors to Little Whinging in order to silence him Why Dementors Hurt Harry Potter So Badly A theory posted on Reddit suggests Dementors were drawn to Harry because they could sense the piece of Voldemort's soul living in him. Harry is an accidental horcrux, created when the killing curse casted by Voldemort backfired, fragmented his soul, and sent a piece of it to Harry's body Dudley Dursley was one of the few people who were physically attacked by Dementors in the Harry Potter series, but it was never fully explained what the Muggle witnessed during the encounter. The character, played by Harry Melling in the movie adaptations based on J.K. Rowling's novels, served as the spoiled cousin that the lead character Harry had the displeasure of growing up with

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Evidence. In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry, Hermione, and Sirius are saved from the Dementor's Kiss by a Patronus, which some readers affirm wasn't cast by Harry as the book would have you believe, but instead by Harry's son, Albus Severus.. There are three main pieces of evidence that prove Albus Severus was the one who cast the first Patronus that saved Harry and Sirius from the Dementors. It has nothing to do with weakness, said Professor Lupin sharply, as though he had read Harry's mind. The dementors affect you worse than the others because there are horrors in your past that the others don't have. A ray of wintery sunlight fell across the classroom, illuminating Lupin's gray hairs and the lines on his young face.. Dementors attack on the Quidditch match Harry endured a second encounter with a group of Dementors during a Quidditch match, causing him to lose consciousness and suffer a fall from his broom. He was that time rescued by Dumbledore, who slowed Harry's fall and then drove the Dementors away with a Patronus

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  1. Lupin makes it so easy for Harry to be honest, there's no talk of being brave, or keeping his chin up or being a man. Instead, he says how wise it is to be fearful, which 20 years ago, was quite radical advice for a thirteen-year-old boy. He teaches Harry to recognise the Dementors for what they are - greedy, soulless, evil creatures - while.
  2. Tumblr user swan2swan was the first to help shape the theory, by explaining why the dementors were so bizarrely fascinated by Harry in the first place — it wasn't because he was the one they were..
  3. Dementors feed on the darkness and unhappiness in people. They bring forth the worst memories people have from deep within them and gorge themselves upon them. As Harry has a particularly painful past, they are attracted and are able to feed more from him. 3
  4. Dementors attack Dudley and Harry, who drives them off with a Patronus Charm. Two Dementors attack Harry and Dudley in an alley in Little Whinging. The Dementors show up just as Harry is frightening Dudley by pretending to perform magic. The Dementors, we find out later, had been sent by Dolores Umbridge ( OP32 )
  5. Because dementors seek to suck out the souls of their prisoners, it's plausible that they are especially drawn to Harry because — as it is revealed in the last book — he actually possesses a..
  6. Why do dementors attack Harry? Harry is targeted, not because he is Harry, but because he is, to Dementors, a better source of the energy they require than Sirius. And the only reason the Dementors choose to follow Voldemort is because he frees them from their duty to Azkaban, allowing them access to the richer pickings on the mainland

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The Dementors pose a threat for Harry, who has a store of unconscious memories that are loosened when the Dementors come near. J.K. Rowling said in an interview that she made Dementors representative of depression, with its all consuming darkness and cold, its isolation and regeneration of old fears Dementors attack Harry and Dudley in Little Whinging . Petunia Dursley had heard that awful boy - meaning Severus Snape - tell her sister Lily about Dementors at Azkaban (OP2, DH33). Mrs. Figg could both see and feel the coldness of the Dementors even though she was a Squib . Dolores Umbridge sent the Dementors to attack Harry Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie clips: https://bit.ly/2UP4co3BUY THE MOVIE: https://amzn.to/2PG3qGbFILM DESCRIPTION:Back at Hogwarts for his. Get 20% Off LootCrate :: https://Lootcrate.com/SuperCarlinBrothersPromo Code: CARLINFull Azkaban Article :: https://www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/.. An hour later Harry was thinking about what Dumbledore said when he heard something.Harry? Are you feeling alright in there? Ron asked.Yeah. Harry answered.How's your head? Ron asked kindly.Still a little sore, but better. Why, did you need something? Harry asked.No, Hermione told me to check on you while she did something. Ron said.What i..

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The dementor found the baby's name on a blanket and the name was: Harry James Potter. The dementor added a name to it and the baby's new name is: Harry James Snowy Holly Potter. The dementor picked up the baby and held the baby close to his body as the baby fall asleep in his hold. He heard a sound and found a man was coming to the house In an atmospheric cut-scene, the Dementors attack Harry as he rides aboard the Hogwart's Express and as his best friend Ron you must drag Potter's body safely away from the Dementors before they. Dementor attacks aren't usually good for people, but this one was. The last book shows us that Dudley and Harry leave off on some good terms, and I think it's wonderful that Harry ends up with a family member who actually cares for and loves him—but Dudley, like Harry, is going to have to come to terms with the abuse his own parents.

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Before Mrs. Figg said this, Harry had fought off a couple of dementors. Mrs. Figg was very angry because Mundungus was supposed to be keeping an eye on Harry, which he failed to do After the dementor came to his compartment, Harry couldn't understand why he had been able to understand the dementors words. Asked by James H #989076 Answered by jill d #170087 on 6/11/2021 1:46 PM View All Answer The two Dementors who attack Harry and Dudley near Privet Drive in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are apparently under orders from Dolores Umbridge, or at least so she claims near the end of that book. There is some question at the time of the attack as to whether Umbridge was actually being controlled by Voldemort, as Harry's scar. Harry next encountered Dementors in the Order of the Phoenix, before he returned to Hogwarts. He and his cousin, Dudley , were attacked by Dementors, which Harry drove away using his Patronus. The Ministry of Magic threatened to expel Harry for using magic in front of a muggle, but he was released of all charges after his hearing

Harry knocked Snape out because he refused to listen to Black's testimony. We also learn Lupin is a werewolf. With a bound Pettigrew and an unconscious Snape, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Lupin, and Black head back to the castle. Unfortunately, the dementors come to arrest Black, as that was the entire reason they were there. (2/4 While he had first met Harry as a baby, Harry's first experience with the professor was on the Hogwarts Express. He saved the teenager from an attack by some Dementors. Later, it was revealed that he would be Harry's professor for Defence Against the Dark Arts. Potter instantly liked Lupin, and they formed a strong bond Dementor. Dementors are dark wraith looking creatures covered in dark cloaks. Most of them are created by the essence known as Demontoderism. They are known for sucking positive emotions from people and have the ability (if having enough power) perform a Dementor Kiss which means they suck the soul of an human being Dudley has thought on this idea before and has wondered if he is really like that, or 2. The Dementors themselves literally bring out the worst fear in a person, even if they don't even realize what the fear is (or both). Regardless of what this demonstrates, Dudley matures rapidly following this Dementor attack The book addresses this puzzle differently: it is revealed that Professor Umbridge sent the Dementors to attack Harry in order to silence him, as he kept insisting that Lord Voldemort had returned. Umbridge hints at this in the film (it sounds that you are suggesting that the ministry ordered the attack) as an attempt to shift the blame

The dementors committed an unauthorized attack on Harry and his muggle cousin, Dudley. The abrupt attack nearly killed them. In order to survive the assault he had to produce a charm. This resulted in him being expelled from Hogwarts due to performing magic in the presence of a muggle. Aug 6, 1995 Dumbldore: That would be disturbing indeed, madame Under-Secretary, which is why I'm sure the Ministry will be mounting a full-scale inquiry into why the two Dementors were so far away from Azkaban and why they mounted an attack without authorization. Of course, there is someone who might be behind the attack But Pettigrew uses the chaos to attack Ron and Crookshanks and escape. The Dementors find Sirius. Harry and Hermione try their best to save him. Sirius loses it, Hermione loses it, and Harry is about to be kissed by a Dementor when a mysterious Patronus saves them. At this point, we are just very happy that Harry's first kiss was not a. Magical creatures are an aspect of the fictional wizarding world contained in the Harry Potter series and connected media, all created by British author J. K. Rowling.Throughout the seven main books of the series, Harry and his friends encounter many of these creatures on their adventures in Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, or other locations throughout the Wizarding World

Later that same evening, Sirius Black was captured following a near-fatal Dementor attack near the Hogwarts lake, one that almost saw Harry Potter killed as well. Fudge was delighted at having finally caught Sirius, and immediately sanctioned his execution via the Dementors kiss, whilst promising to award Severus Snape, the supposed hero of the. Gryffindor lose the match when Dementors go onto the field and attack Harry, causing him to pass out. Making things even worse, Harry's broomstick is destroyed by the Whomping Willow. Chapter Ten: The Marauder's Map. Harry recovers from his accident, but doesn't tell anyone about having seen the Grim in the sky. Lupin returns to class and. In the book, Hermione is present and affected during the Dementor attack on Harry and Sirius. In the film Hermione stays with Ron after he is badly injured. The Dementors try to perform the Kiss on Harry as well. In the hospital wing, no one except Dumbledore believes Harry's story since Snape claims that Black had used a Confundus charm on him.

After thanking Tonks for helping you, she'll explain some things about Dementors to you. You'll then share your theory with her. All the clues point out that R is responsible for the Dementor's attacks. She'll be curious to know why would R do such a thing. You have three options to respond with The dementors attack. of silver vapor shot out the tip of my wand i managed to get rid of one dementor and sent another patronus charm at the Dementor attacking harry and dudley only to be attacked from behind by another throwing me to the floor and contining to feed off me, i begin fall into darkness as i hear a voice call ot the patronus. Harry Protects Himself From Dementors Thanks To Hermione's Time-Turner. When Harry is able to save an injured Sirius Black (played by Gary Oldman in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the. The climactic scene where Sirius and Harry are at the lake under attack, there are swarms of them. The book makes it scary enough, but actually seeing it in the film, the part where one attacks Harry and you can see part of his soul getting sucked out, like some sort of double-consciousness, is horrifying, along with the screams of agony Scary images for a PG-rated film. Children are in peril, often at the hands of magical creatures: Dementors (black-robed floating beings that suck the happiness out of people) attack Harry and others, making Harry hear the sound of his mother dying as he passes out; they almost administer the kiss of death, extracting a character's soul through his mouth

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  1. Dementors. What Creatures attack Dudley and Harry at the beginning? She is there because Cornelius Fudge put her there to spy on Hogwarts. Why is Dolores Umbridge at Hogwarts? Use of Underage Magic. What crime does Harry get called for ar the beginning of the book
  2. Mrs. Figg testifies that the Dementors attacked Harry and his cousin. Fudge dismisses Mrs. Figg's testimony, but Madam Bones speaks up, She certainly described the effects of a Dementor attack very accurately. And I can't imagine why she would say they were there if they weren't (8.102)
  3. Harry was surprised that Dumbledore wanted to have this conversation now, in front of everyone, but who was he to deny him? Ah, that. It just disappeared after the dementor attack. I have no idea what happened. He said this all while staring at the rim of Dumbledore's gold eyeglasses since he did not fully trust his very rudimentary.
  4. The most recent addition to all things Harry Potter is the theme park at Universal Orlando in Florida, which opened in the summer of 2010. At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, fans can soar over Harry's school, escape a dragon attack and stock up on chocolate frogs
  5. Dementors seem to be immune to any kind of physical injury. The Harry Potter universe is full of magic swords and regular swords and other potent magical weapons, and as I recall it is explicitly stated the one and only thing that can stop a Dementor is the patronus charm. There is nothing that leads me to believe a Nazgul could hurt a Dementor
  6. Harry asks why they don't just run in there and kill Peter in his rat form after they found him in Hagrid's milk jar. Writing that was probably the weirdest thing we've ever done. Hermione says no way and explains that messing around with time is a bad, bad idea and that if he burst in there and his past self saw him, he's probably attack.
  7. Later, when Harry and Voldemort have a duel and Voldy's wand is hit by Harry's attack it starts being affected by this spell, making all the previous spells used by Voldemort show, including creating Wormtail's new hand and, of course, the last few murders he did, between them Harry's parents. All of this is later explained to Harry by Dumbledore

Number Eleven Grimmauld Place by The_Dementors_Kiss. Nico get fed up with being hated and feared because of his Dad and leaves camp, ending up in England. He decides to spend the night in Number Eleven Grimmauld Place and sets off Moody's wards. You can guess what happens from there Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a 2004 fantasy film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, based on J. K. Rowling's 1999 novel of the same name.Produced by Chris Columbus, David Heyman, and Mark Radcliffe and written by Steve Kloves, it is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) and the third instalment in the Harry Potter film.

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Dementors attack in the streets of Little Whinging, Surrey when Harry and his cousin, Dudley Dursley, are running home. Harry is pinned to the wall by one Dementor, while Dudley slips over and is amazed because he thinks Harry is flying;muggles can't see Dementors. Finally, Harry pulls out his wand and pokes the Dementor off him This was partly why he chose to simulate a Dementor attack in Harry's presence to help the boy perfect the use of the Patronus Charm. User Info: WizardofHoth. WizardofHoth 7 years ago #7. I just go with the movies. Its easier. Boggarts are harmless shapeshifters that might scare the person that thinks of whatever they fear the most Only children are safe from attack. Not Humanoid, Not Creature-like, Not Dementors. (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was published two years after The Subtle Knife.

The Ending Of Harry Potter Finally Explained. For millions across the globe, the Harry Potter book and film series was the closest thing they'd ever come to experiencing actual magic. The journey. A summary of Part X (Section5) in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans He knew they were going to be attacked and his fear of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named kept him from saving them. He convinced them to make Remus Lupin their Secret-Keeper. He convinced them to make Peter Pettigrew their Secret-Keeper. Correct! Wrong! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz. Just as we thought The dementors attacked Harry in #3 on the train to Hogwarts because Dementors feed on unhappiness and sorrow- Harry has a lot of just that [for one thing, his parents are gone. This was especially true after Harry survived Voldemort's attack on Harry's family. (like the time in book 5 he has to save his cousin from the dementors). Lastly, I strongly agree with the.

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In the Order of the Phoenix book, it is revealed that Umbridge was the one who sent the Dementors after Harry in order to silence his claims of the Dark Lord returning. This isn't, however, mentioned in the film. While Harry couldn't cast a Patronus charm while wearing the locket, Umbridge manages to conjure a Patronus which takes form of a cat Dementors are, after all, under the control of the Ministry of Magic. And it's so silly of me, but it sounded for a moment as though... you were suggesting that the Ministry had ordered the attack on this boy Pettigrew is the one who betrayed the Potters and framed Black before going into hiding as a rat. Harry refuses to let Sirius kill Pettigrew, as he doesn't believe James would've wanted his friend to become a killer. This plan is foiled when Pettigrew escapes, but Harry and Hermione's trip back in time saves Sirius from the Dementor's Kiss

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  1. What sort of power do Dementors have? They're able to drain people of their happiness. What does Prof. Lupin offer Harry to make him feel better when the Dementors try to attack him? Chocolate. What does the Mirror of Erised do? It shows a person their deepest desires. What does Harry smell when he sniffs Amortentia? Treacle Tart
  2. 4 Privet Drive, four days after the Dementor attack. It was Harry's fifteenth birthday and Dumbledore had sent members of his Order of the Phoenix to collect Harry from his home as was usual. Remus Lupin picked up the note from Harry's bed and as he read the short note his shoulders sagged
  3. utes into the attack, the attack had turned from a fiasco for the defenders into a rout, and it was fast beco

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  1. Harry Potter I think Harry gained peace. He got what he always wanted, which was a happy family. In the early days, everything was up for grabs, she says
  2. The Half-Blood Prince (2009) kicks off with Muggles inside City Hall noticing a darkening sky, shortly before an attack by Death Eaters causes the Millennium Bridge to collapse into the Thames. In the first Deathly Hallows (2010), Harry, Ron, and Hermione nearly get hit by a bus while rushing through bustling Piccadilly Circus
  3. ister the kiss of death, extracting someone's soul.
  4. No, Sirius is livid that Dudley led Harry into the Dementors. Yes, Sirius would have welcomed the attack to escape boredom. No, Sirius grabs Harry in an embrace, glad Harry is still alive
  5. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup. At this point in the books, this was the largest attack the Wizard community had seen since the downfall of Voldemort. Yet, we never hear of any investigation of it. It's almost as if someone in the government was actively suppressing an investigation
  6. Why does the Fat Lady flee? Sirius tries to kill her. Filch attacks her with paint thinner. Her portrait is slashed. Peeves tries to hit her with a water balloon. What does Aunt Marge raise? geraniums. Siamese cats. her voice. bulldogs. Where did the Weasley's vacation the summer before Harry's third year? Egypt. Switzerland. Romania. Brazi

The Dementor's Kiss is a fictional term from the Harry Potter Universe. The Dementor's Kiss is a punishment given only to those who have committed the worst kinds of wizarding atrocities. The Dementor is known for draining the happiness out of every one it has a close proximity with, but if it kisses a person, it sucks away their very soul. 2. Why does the Minister of Magic take a personal interest in Harry's welfare when he arrives at the Leaky Cauldron, and why does this surprise Harry? 3. Why do the Dementors affect Harry so strongly? Discuss their method of controlling the prisoners in Azkaban. Why is Dumbledore opposed to the Ministry's use of Harry Potte Dolores Umbridge did everything in her power to make Harry Potter's life as miserable as possible. In the summer of 1995, Umbridge sent two Dementors after Harry and his cousin Dudley. This was an attempt to silence him from contradicting the Ministry's official opinion that Lord Voldemort had not returned Dementors are, after all, under the Ministry of Magic and goes on to degrade him for suggesting that the Ministry sent Dementors to attack Harry. Her final line also takes place during a hearing

Neville nodded and attacked and Harry tossed him a communicator. Then Harry took off, he ran to see more students in trouble from dementors. It was the Weasley twins, Harry went in to attack the dementors taking them out. You two okay? He asked. Yeah, said Fred. What in the hell's. Started George. Going on, finished Fred Once you are done, Merula will ask why are you suddenly interested in learning the Patronus Charm. You'll decide to tell the truth at least the part of it. She'll find this quite shocking since Dementors are not supposed to be at Hogwarts. Still, she'll be curious to know how did a Dementor show up at the school grounds Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is the third in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. It tells the story of the young wizard, Harry Potter as he attends his third year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Potter is expected to spend seven years at Hogwarts, each year the subject of a single book The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling was a billion-dollar sensation. Fans of the movies remember thrilling adventures and a coming-of-age storyline that rivaled every other series before it. Fans of the books remember intense storylines and a brand new world created with dozens of essential characters Dark times have come to Hogwarts. After the Dementors' attack on his cousin Dudley, Harry Potter knows that Voldemort will stop at nothing to find him. There are many who deny the Dark Lord's return, but Harry is not alone: a secret order gathers at Grimmauld Place to fight against the dark forces

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Great! You ended up in a detention with Draco and you get sent to the Forbidden Forest as punishment. After a heated argument, he loses his temper and throws a vicious curse your way. He leaves you on the ground, blood spilling from every cut on your body. You belong to the spiders now. RIP. Snape, on the Astronomy Tower, with the Killing Curse Dementors, William! Those fiends would literally suck away every bit of happiness you have inside!. Well, I know what they are, but they were not sent here to attack students, but to catch a Dark Wizard in the run.. William said with a frown. No, this time I have to give it to Roger, as much as I hate it

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Harry had a split second to see Percy's look of absolute horror before Peeves dove into Percy's chest, leaving a wide, wet stain on Percy's robes that looked like some kind of green slime. Peeves dove out the other side of Percy's chest immediately and grabbed the robes of the former head boy and drug him backwards toward the stairs to the. Harry Potter 5. Characters. Its in the Details. Mudbloods, Muggles, & Memories. Dumbledore's Army. Umbridge-itis. 100. Who abandons their post when they are supposed to be watching Harry, which allows the Dementors to show up. Mundungus Fletcher Chapter 21 Note: Thanks to Darth Payne and Hawklan for making this fic more readable. Chapter 21 Harry was looked around with tears dripping, as he saw Voldemort and his gang attack Azkaban. Aurors were killed and tortured for fun and the Dementors were released But Pettigrew uses the chaos to attack Ron and Crookshanks and escape. The Dementors find Sirius. Harry and Hermione try their best to save him. Sirius loses it, Hermione loses it, and Harry is about to be kissed by a Dementor when a mysterious Patronus saves them. At this point, we are just very happy that Harry's first kiss was not a Dementor Moreover after the Dementor attack, he is locked all the time in his room at the Dursley house. When the Dursleys are out, Harry is busted out of the house by Lupin, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, Kingsley Harry Potter is attacked by a couple of Dementors with his cousin Dudley

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Harry learns that his parents did not die in a car crash but were killed by Voldemort, the Lord of Darkness, and that he's famous in the world of wizardry. So Harry leaves the home of his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and their hateful son Dudley, who are mere muggles (humans without one drop of magic in them), and embarks on a new life Tonks had her arms crossed over her chest. Wide-eyed, she cleared her throat and shakily said, In addition to my plate, you tried to summon my shirt and my, uh, bra. Harry blinked once before turning beet red. The three men in the room laughed. Calming himself, Godric looked at Harry with gleaming eyes Harry Potter isn't safe, not even within the walls of his magical school, surrounded by his friends. Because on top of it all, there may well be a traitor in their midst.For twelve long years, the dread fortress of Azkaban held an infamous prisoner named Sirius Black. ISBN13: 9780439136358. Publisher: Scholastic

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