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My coworkers and I discussed salaries once, and I discovered that after four years on the job I was making the same amount of pay as a fresh from college newly hired coworker. While my bosses were giving me more work and responsibility, I'd watch as my coworker would watch movies at his desk. Four months later I was turned in my notice Discussing pay with co-workers is a federally protected action. You cannot face consequences for discussing pay with coworkers- it can't even be threatened. Discussing pay with coworkers is the only thing that prevents discrimination in pay. Managers will often discourage it- They may even say it is against the rules but it never is Context: My sister (F27) and I (18F) lost our dad a year ago. He was my only parent, mom was never in mine or my sister's life. Dad left money (inheritance) for me and sister and she used her inhertance to get new cars and renovate her house I live with my aunt right now cause my brother inlaw didn't let me stay with my sister

A coworker asked me today, How much do you make? It was totally out of the blue, and I feel like it was really inappropriate, and simply not his business. I was caught off guard 3 Answers3. Do not dodge. The thing about dodging is that while it may keep you from having to answer the question this time, it does nothing to stop the question being asked again. You can distract, change the subject, make a face, say something vague, but they'll just ask again anyway the next time the thought pops into their head update: my interviewer asked about my personal finances; my coworker treats me like a child; my coworker told HR I was interviewing and now they're posting my job; my boyfriend left me for an intern, we under-estimated how long a nursing employee would need to pump, and more; weekend open thread - July 17-18, 2021; it's your Friday good new This is because of your prior experience; you know what's going to happen next, and you can feel your day slipping away. 3. It's happening regularly. Coworkers ask each other for help on occasion 1. If you hate your job, keep it to yourself. Look for a new job on the side, but don't tell your coworkers how unhappy you are. It can't help them to know. 2. If you are not a fan of your manager.

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  1. How to deal with a rude coworker. Here are 10 steps you can take to address rudeness in the workplace: 1. Discuss with the team member in private and make your feelings known. The most direct way to handle a rude coworker is to try to have a private, polite conversation about the incident in question. Calmly express your concerns about the.
  2. However, in recent years this discussion has primarily focused on hiring and whether prospective employees can be asked about their salary history. And many states have passed pay transparency laws for employees. In October 2019, for example, Maryland passed a host of new employment laws, with a salary history ban part of the sweeping amendments
  3. As Cynthia Estlund, a law professor at New York University, told NPR, this means that you and your coworkers get to talk together about things that matter to you at work, including pay. Additionally, in 2014, President Obama signed an executive order into law that prohibited federal contractors from retaliating against workers who.
  4. Discussing Salary with Coworkers Under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA), all workers have the right to talk about wages. It protects private sector employees' right to engage in concerted activity for mutual aid or protection and organize a union to negotiate with [their] employer concerning [their] wages, hours, and.
  5. On the day I received my first paycheck, I had a question related to tax exemptions, so I asked a coworker, showing her my pay stub. Seeing this, my manager told me to put it away and that it was company policy not to share pay information. I knew this was illegal, but I didn't make a fuss
  6. For 40 hours each week I go to work, play League of Legends in my office, browse Reddit, and do whatever I feel like. In the past six years I have maybe done 50 hours of real work
  7. A reader writes: I work at a retail job with mostly hourly positions and low wages. This is more or less my first real job. On the day I received my first paycheck, I had a question related to tax exemptions, so I asked a coworker, showing her my pay stub

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  1. e logged onto our Office Manager's computer and logged on (she has access to the code) to our program that manages employee's salaries. She then proceeded to tell other employees my salary
  2. Reddit users are known for strong, and smart, opinions. Find out what advice Reddit users have to share about when and how to negotiate your salary. did some research in my field and asked.
  3. Your right to discuss your salary information with your coworkers is protected by the federal government. According to The New York Times, the National Labor Relations Act states that employers can't ban the discussion of salary and working conditions among employees.This would prevent employees from organizing themselves effectively and give employers an unfair bargaining edge
  4. This is a very legit question, Liz. For me, I recommend sharing your salary information with individuals you trust in your workplace. Definitely make sure they're safe people first; i.e, you haven't heard your secrets shared with them come out of other people's mouths, they don't trash people behind their backs in your hearing, and you don't get a weird feeling in your stomach when.
  5. But, you should ask for a raise — calmly. Plan out a meeting with your boss in which you show why you deserve to make more. As we've previously reported, any good salary negotiation presents a.

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6. Just keep moving forward in your life and work. When there is a set-back, remind yourself of what you're trying to achieve. Continue to keep your focus on work at work. When you start to feel stressful or kind of sick at how your problem coworkers are acting, ask yourself if there is someone else around you who could use some support or a. 3. Ask your coworker about your relationship. After watching for other signals, you might just need to plain out ask your coworker if they have a crush on you. While this might not be the easiest or the most comfortable thing to do, it may get the results you want

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Mention your higher-earning coworker by name during your salary review. Focus on the value you bring to the company. Stay in a job if your employer refuses to pay you market value for your rol Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid. Apr 4, 2017 / David Burkus PhD. iStock. The thought of asking your colleague how much she earns makes you cringe inside, and the same goes for telling her your salary. But pay transparency could benefit employees, organizations and society, says management researcher David Burkus 1. Tell her that you want to leave the office door open. Say this: Jane, I'd like to stop closing our office door except in rare situations where there's a specific need to. It's making. Try this three-step approach to dealing with difficult people at the office : Identify the person that irks you. Amidst a daily pattern of low-grade irritation at a co-worker's annoying habits and. Reddit has worked out well for me, at least where my finances are concerned. It taught me the opaque math that car dealerships use during lease negotiations, ultimately saving me $1,000 on my.

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  1. by Alison Green on November 5, 2013. A reader writes: When my husband first began his employment, one of the forms he had to complete was a tax withholding form that asked for our household income. I make a good salary - not exorbitant, but one that puts us in the mid-range of the 2013 tax brackets for married couples filing jointly
  2. Talking about pay rates with a trusted coworker can set you up for success in future salary negotiations. According to Fast Company, the more comfortable you are talking about money in a casual conversation, the better you'll perform in more formal settings, such as negotiating your compensation package
  3. my coworker wants me to give him a false reference and lie about his salary. by Alison Green on February 26, 2014. A reader writes: There is at least one coworker with whom you hit it off with since day one and you trust and help each other. I have a coworker like this. Last week, this coworker took me out to lunch and told me he was planning.
  4. Discover: 45 Jobs That Can Make You a Millionaire Before Retirement. Never ask about salary figures for the sake of knowing, she said. Approach the conversation through courteous information gathering. You may begin by sharing your concern and personal situation and ask for guidance. Open the discussion by giving the coworker a clear.
  5. I recently overheard my coworker talking on the phone (pretty loudly) with his financial planner and he mentioned his salary -it's $10,000 more than I make
  6. Don't ask for a raise. If you make $30,000 and a co-worker in the same job makes $60,000, then a 10 percent raise — even a 20 percent raise — won't correct the disparity. Instead, ask for a salary correction that will bring you in line with what the position should pay. Be reasonable
  7. When the Boss Says, 'Don't Tell Your Coworkers How Much You Get Paid'. Whether I was working as a barista or a paralegal, the story was the same: My employers wanted me to keep my mouth shut about.

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Kate * November 26, 2012 at 10:05 am. I have to disagree. If A is overhearing B saying all of this on the phone, she should not be spending so much time on personal calls. My co-worker spends pretty much all day on personal phone calls and I know so much more about her life than I have ever wished to know (as in, I know the last time she and her estranged husband had sex) Specialk9 * August 13, 2018 at 12:08 pm. I don't think that's actually what they're saying. They said they already HAVE done a ton of training of co-workers. They're saying they have worked hard to become a rockstar, but haven't seen the benefit in raise and promotion, and now have to interrupt their day to teach everyone who didn't take initiative (but got the same raise)

Or, if you didn't like what they said, tell them their comment made you uncomfortable. Try to fix it three times, Panall says, and if that doesn't work, go to HR. If someone touches you. Here are the most important questions to ask if you want to have a substantive discussion about a salary boost: 1. Can I negotiate this offer?. Sponsored. Make sure to start off by asking if the offer is negotiable in the first place. If only certain parts of the offer are negotiable, you know where to target your energy During a meeting, our boss asked her why one of her tasks didn't get done. My easygoing friend flat-out blamed it on me. It was my first experience with a manipulative coworker and it was not fun Ask if you can discuss increasing your salary to the industry average. Use the knowledge obtained from your coworkers to determine if your new salary offer is in line with your peers (that's.

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Reddit users are known for strong, and smart, opinions. Find out what advice Reddit users have to share about when and how to negotiate your salary. did some research in my field and asked. Ask yourself what you really hope to get out of this. If you're trying to unmask your co-worker in order to embarrass or undermine him or her, reconsider. Don't be passive aggressive. Pointing the finger at someone and calling the person out for insignificant fibs, like signing the boss' birthday card without actually putting any money. Your friends may feel forced to lie to you. Whether a co-worker voluntarily or accidentally shares their paycheck figure, you can't always trust that the information is entirely truthful. And in some cases, it could even be a ruse to get you to fess up. Employees might try to find the salary of other employees by lying to them, says Malloy

Your first thought was probably to ask for a raise. Understandable. But make sure you go in armed with the right information. Did you negotiate salary when you were hired? If you didn't and your coworker did, it's no wonder he/she makes more money. But before you go in and try to remedy that, do some research Aaargh. You just found out that your coworker makes more than you do, even though you both do the same kind of work, you've been there longer, and you do a better job. You feel demoralized. Let your coworker decide whether to be more open about their salary with others. — As taboo as it may feel, talking about your salary doesn't have to be something to run from. Instead, salary can be a topic worth exploring to help ensure everyone gets to enjoy both pay equality and fairness. Matt Miczulski is an associate writer at FinanceBuzz Here's what to do. 1. Don't add fuel to their fire. Your co-worker is probably annoyingly competitive because they get a kick out of your emotional response. If they're always going out of their way to tell you about their achievements or the high-fives they got from the boss, just give a friendly smile and move on with your day The don't ask, don't tell rule is mostly a myth, perpetrated by generations of business school grads who don't want employees gabbing about salary for a very simple economic reason: They can get away with paying less if salary data is kept secret. Put simply, your boss doesn't want you talking, because it could lead to a bunch of.

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1. Get the facts. If you're in a situation of knowing you were the only one to miss out on a raise, it means your coworkers clearly aren't shy about sharing. So while you're at it, you might as. Here are some examples of how you can diplomatically ask awkward questions about salary and other benefits. The confident, direct (risky) approach In my job search I'm focusing on roles in the $60,000 range, which is the going rate for people with my skillset and experience my child-free coworkers constantly complain about people with children. by Alison Green on July 17, 2018. A reader writes: I recently started a new job in an office. Overall the work environment is great — everyone is expected to work hard, but we are treated like adults and our individual methods and moment-to-moment doings aren't policed. Before you ask coworkers about their salary, begin by doing some research of your own. If you have reason to believe a coworker is making more than you in the same role, check LinkedIn to get a.

There's no point in asking your co-worker out if he or she is rushing to the boss' office, on a call with a client, or simply busy with a deadline. The likelihood of being turned down during such times is high. Ask your co-worker when he or she is maybe texting a friend, looking at the laptop, laughing at something or during the lunch break Take her advice. Talk less and listen more. Be your cheerful self in a greeting but then get to work. That's what you are hired to do, not to talk with co-workers. Forget about the word weird. You haven't mentioned even one behavior that is weird. Re-farame the way you see your work. Focus on your assignments and on the good of the company

Work is usually stressful enough without having to deal with hostile coworkers who are making your life at work a misery. And while it is too much to expect to be extremely popular at work and be best friends with everyone, it's best to ensure you remain on cordial terms with your colleagues - if only so they don't make it harder for you to get things done But if your company's revenue has taken off and your salary has barely increased, chances are some co-workers have received raises and/or bonuses and you have not Ask your boss is he or she thinks your actual work is being done well. If your boss says it is, you can focus on the problem with the coworker. If your boss acts like your work has some problems too, you can put your focus on work and that might help you take your focus off your coworker. Rather than complaining in a general way to your boss. And it's certainly in your best interest to ask for what you want when a co-worker leaves. If you don't, others will make decisions during the transition that you may not like. When you stay.

Asking a coworker about salary depends on your relationship with that specific person, said Elizabeth Keatinge, certified personal finance counselor and founder of women's financial empowerment site FundsSavvy.com. If you are close to your coworker and have a friendship outside of work or even a good rapport at the office, it is. We asked career experts about what you should consider before you reveal your salary to your colleagues. Here's what they said. your coworker dished and your jaw is on the floor. Regardless.

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1. You're fairly sure you're underpaid (and you truly trust your co-worker) If you have a coworker with a similar job that you trust, you may want to share your salary with her if you're. Knowing how to negotiate your salary after you've received an offer letter is crucial to ensuring that you can accept your new role with confidence. ask coworkers or friends in the industry.

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What to do when you find out your co-worker makes more money than you do Published Tue, Jun 18 2019 10:39 AM EDT Updated Mon, Jun 24 2019 2:37 PM EDT Vivian Garcia-Tunon, Contributo Before a new person comes on board (and loyalties develop), ask colleagues what the company has offered your future coworker. If someone is coming from a company known for its good pay, your.

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It's inevitable—at almost any workplace you will run into problem coworkers. Some of these types of problematic coworkers include the negative coworker, the overly competitive co-worker, the gossip, the bully, and the person who pushes off work. Hopefully, your office doesn't have too many of these types of people, but if it does here's how to—almost, anyway—deal with working. August 2, 2016. It's never a pleasant experience when you have a falling out with a coworker. You can't necessarily give that person a piece of your mind, and it's definitely not wise to. One of my co-workers, James, is involved in many aspects of the business. He is one of the longest-serving employees in the office. I work with both of them in my area, of which I am the only employee. Though overall great, James has a habit of taking conversations between the two of us, and presenting them to the CEO as if they were his own

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My coworkers didn't respect how great of an employee I was and were all jealous. My coworkers would say I was the best employee ever. 6 Example Answers to How Would Your Coworkers Describe You? Example one. My past coworkers have told me that I am very organized and quite good at time management Cons: People, not packages. The main reason to keep your salary to yourself, according to human resources professionals, is because varying levels of experience and skill sets make for an apples-and-oranges, dollars-and-cents comparison; this can be true, even for people with similar job descriptions. I might be an engineer and my salary could.

9. They get jealous when you talk to other coworkers. If you want to know if your married coworker is flirting with you, see how they react to your other office friendships. If they get easily jealous and try to interrupt or ask you about it later, they're definitely flirting—even if they're doing it subconsciously. 10. They always pick you Yes, you're legally allowed to ask a coworker how much they earn, but do it gently - if they don't want to share, they have no obligation to. Back down. Don't expect other people to be.

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By Alison Green 4 minute Read. Taking time off work to care for a sick relative can take a toll on both your personal and professional life, especially when coworkers start to feel resentful. 2. Block, or limit their access, to your social media profiles. Social media often has a lot of your personal information on it. This can make co-workers curious and invite personal questions. Consider blocking nosy coworkers on social media or using filtered settings to limit what information they can see about you

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The article has even more solid advice that you can use seduce that co-worker that you've had your eyes on you can make it happen. Our Top Picks for Best Hookup and Dating Sites in 2020! ⭐ eHarmony.com: Review your matches for free! ⭐ SugarDaddie.com: Get 15% off your paid membership when you upgrade within 24 hours of free signup! ⭐. Please accept my condolences.. You and your whole family are in my thoughts.. May loving memories of your [mother/father] help you find peace.. Thinking of you and wishing you strength and comfort.. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sorrowful time. Johnny C. Taylor Jr.: Typically, an employer asks for a salary requirement to identify early in the process job candidates whose salary needs may be larger than what the position can pay. Putting.

If your boss says no raise is on the horizon, first ask for help prioritizing your time so that you don't burn out, then ask how else you can be compensated for your extra work. If you're met with a blank stare, you're being taken advantage of for sure. 4. You're still waiting on that raise or promotion. If your manager repeatedly promises. Ask your boss if you can do it for a while, or at least take turns doing it. You can even make it seem like a nice gesture to her, and make it look like you have a go-get-em attitude to your boss. I think my friends and coworkers would both describe me as resourceful and someone who solves problems before I'm asked. In my most recent job, I saved our manufacturing department $25,000 by identifying an electrical issue before it caused any damage, for example. 4. If possible, show how these traits would help you succeed in their jo

Know your worth. The first step to any salary negotiation is knowing how much you're worth. While websites like Glassdoor or PayScale can help you get a good sense of this, talking to people in your field about their earnings can give you a sense of what you should be making (like OP did). So don't be afraid to ask About half [my co-worker's] work day is spent online rather than working. Whether she is clothes shopping, looking at mansions on Zillow, looking at pictures of dogs or children available for. 5. Ask a coworker on a date. No, we don't mean in a romantic sense! But ask a colleague to get out of the office for a coffee break, or see if she might be willing to grab a drink or a bite to eat after work, suggests Jacinto. Placing yourselves in spaces outside the office can help your friendship grow, she explains Approach your coworker in a comfortable place. Where and how you ask your coworker out are very important factors to consider. Even if your coworker is interested in you, he or she may have doubts or insecurities about approaching you, and so asking your coworker out in the wrong place, time, or context could create tension or even animosity