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Installing the Balusters Place a small amount of glue into the hole in the tread and push the bottom dowel of the baluster firmly into the hole. Next, place a small drop of glue on the top of the baluster and slide the angle cut of the baluster into the plowed portion of the rail. Fasten the baluster to the rail with two small nails Stand the baluster up vertically on the tread using the marks and mark the height and angle of the baluster following the pitch of the handrail. The handrail has a plow or channel along the bottom..

Insert the baluster into the newly drilled hole in the bottom of the railing. Apply a small amount of glue or epoxy to ensure a safer fit. Allow the glue or epoxy to dry completely before continuing. Apply wood or epoxy glue to the bottom of the baluster that meets the footprint of the ladder Install balusters using epoxy or polyurethane adhesive. After dry fitting the balusters use the 3M painters tape on the baluster just below the handrail to protect against any drips of epoxy. Then lower into place the shoes and tighten the set screw for a professional appearance. Click to see full answe Square Hole using a Hollow Mortise - This is a time consuming method where you drill a round hole, take a square hollow mortise, and hammer out the square. Then you come back with a chisel and knock out the leftover wood. You can now install a square baluster with no shoe and have a nice finished look Put a little bit on the top end of the baluster and insert it into the railing on top then set it down and glue the bottom too. How to install stair railing and balusters. On floor level balustrades the newel posts shoe rail and stair handrail are set first. Cut the metal baluster to length on a chop saw

Use a laser level pointer to align the cross on the stair tread with the center of the underside of the stair rail and draw a mark. This is where the top of the baluster is going to attach to the.. Toenailing through the baluster on the uphill side with a finishing nail gun should be quite sufficient. The plowed channel holds them laterally. If you wanted extra strength, you could add glue just before nailing. 16 or 18 gauge nails about 1 inch to 1 1/4 long should suffice

Attaching Baluster to Railings The short answer to your question is yes it is permissible to use 2x2 material to attach the balusters. This is acceptable provided that the 2x2 is used as a nailer which is then itself connected to the 2x4 rail. However, there are a few points that you may want to consider The most common installation style of baluster is fastening the spindles in the middle of the top and bottom rails. This can be done either by using a coordinating connector at either end of the baluster or by routering out a small hole in the two rails for each baluster to be inserted into. This in-between mounting method will be a great. How-to-do-it-yourself patio/deck, attaching railing and balusters.00:12 How to measure, cut and prepare deck railing.01:48 How to attach deck railing.04:28 H..

Begin attaching the baluster connectors in their positions. Place the included installation screws into each connector and then holding it firmly, position the point of the screw directly onto the center of the marked location. Using a drill, drive the screw into the railing until the connector pulls tight to it Use an electric screwdriver with torque control to insert the wood screws, in the pilot holes. The pilot holes must be drilled both through the handrails and in the posts, as to prevent the wood from splitting and to make the joints stronger. Hold firmly the electrical screwdriver, with your both hands, as to avoid injuries, or mistakes Learn how to install round baluster on your deck railing for a strong metal railing infill with this helpful video from DecksDirect! We'll go step by step th..

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Begin the installation by grasping a baluster and the spacer in one hand. Hold the spacer tight against the post while driving two screws or nails into each end of the baluster. Move the spacer to the other side of the baluster, pick up another baluster, and repeat the process To add your own iron balusters, you need to cut them to size. Make sure to measure how deep the hole is in the railing, then how far the distance is between the railing and the bottom. Add those together and cut your balusters from the center of your design to be that length. For us, it was 30 inches

When it's time to install a stair handrail, balusters must be installed so that a 4 sphere cannot pass through. For Iron balusters, the maximum safe layout pattern would be 4-1/4 on center. Of course, ensure that each baluster is placed so that each one stands at a vertical line, top and bottom, by using a level on the handrail. Step 5 Insert each baluster into the dowel hole or shoerail and the top into the plow of the handrail. Use a level to ensure they are plum. Step 6 Pre-drill and attach baluster into the plow under the handrail with appropriate finishing nails. Step 7 Cut the handrail fillets to fit in between the tops of each baluster Metal balusters that are 1/2 inch square will require that you drill at least a 3/4 hole in the floor and handrail surface. The 9/16 square balusters will require that you drill a 7/8 hole. The hole in the handrail will need to be at least 1-1/2 up into the bottom of the handrail. Drill the bottom hole to a depth of approximately 5/8 to 3/4 Accordingly, how do you attach a metal baluster to a handrail? Drill an appropriate size hole for your balusters top and bottom. (If you don't want to use shoes to hide leftover gaps with square balusters, you can use a mortising bit and punch out a square hole instead.)Drill 1 inch to 1.5 inch deep up into the handrail.Drill 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch into the tread / floor

Measuring posts and balusters Most building codes require railings to be between 36 and 42 inches high. Carefully considering the height, length, and width of your deck railing choice is important because your local building codes will require certain dimensions and spacing. While they do vary by region, building codes usually require deck railing to be anywhere between 36 to 42 inches. The Crown Heritage handrail comes in several styles and is available either plowed to accept square-top balusters or unplowed for pin-top balusters. Refer to the table on page v for suggestions on matching handrail with your favorite Crown Heritage collection. Fittings (see Fig. i-4) are handrail parts used mainly, but no

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Drill an appropriate size hole for your balusters top and bottom. (If you don't want to use shoes to hide leftover gaps with square balusters, you can use a mortising bit and punch out a square hole instead.) Drill 1 inch to 1.5 inch deep up into the handrail. Drill 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch into the tread / floor PREFERRED® low-maintenance aluminum baluster construction and lasting powder-coated finish reward you with an impressive wrought-iron baluster appearance to highlight your home. PREFERRED® Aluminum Square Balusters are sold in PACKS OF 10, and are offered in various heights, with various finishes Our balusters have been installed four or five years and all is still well with the hot glue.) Just fill that hole with gobs and gobs of hot glue. Hold the baluster straight for the 4.2 seconds it takes the glue to dry, then just use an allen wrench to tighten the shoes and knuckles in place Take your first uncut iron baluster, and place it upside down into its 5/8 hole then mark the length by adding about 1 up from the bottom of the stair handrail at the ¾ hole. You will repeat this for all of the iron balusters, and then cut the bottom portion of each to length. You can do this with a sawzall, metal band saw or even a. The Wolf 1 Square Baluster Railing System combines the durability, strength, and low maintenance of aluminum while meeting nationwide building codes. With residential and commercial heights available for installation at your home, business, or commercial project, you can rest assured the 10-year finish warranty and low maintenance of Wolf.

How do you attach iron balusters to handrail

Help attaching balusters to handrail I am replacing the wood, pin-type balusters on my inside staircase. I have bored holes in the treads and cut down the top of the balusters to size and at the correct angles (the handrail is at a 45-degree slope) into the underside of the handrail. www.stairsupplies.com STAIRSUPPLIES Beautiful stair creations 1 866 226 6536 For 1/2 balusters use a 5/8 wood bit. For 9/16 balusters use a 3/4 wood bit. Once you have cut the balusters, this will allow you to slide the baluster up into the handrail FIRST and then drop it down into the bottom hole Square off the baluster's alignment then drop the shoe down to the floor. If the shoe comes with a set screw, use an Allen wrench to tighten it. The glue in the handrail hole will settle around the baluster creating a perfect seal. Once the glue has dried the baluster will be well secured, even helping to strengthen the handrails load Contractors install the stair railing and balusters, and carpenter Bob Ryley describes the techniques, and the various checks and balances, used to make sure the posts are level and centered

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  1. Attach returns and secure with L-brackets and screws (Image 1). Attach rail to brackets and secure with screws. Spread glue on the top end of the rail and the short rail and attach short rail to wall brackets. Use tape to secure the joint while the glue dries (Image 2). Reinforce the joint with a metal plate underneath the railing
  2. e the angle between the lower rail and the deck post
  3. um balusters and their square deck balusters are a popular choice for homeowners or business owners looking to create a classic and elegant deck
  4. um while meeting nationwide building codes. With residential and commercial heights available for installation at your home, business, or commercial project, you can rest assured the 10-year finish warranty and low maintenance of Wolf.
  5. page 2 installing railing with balusters for classic composite series and reserve rail note: if installing post lighting, wiring must be installed prior to securing posts to deck/stair surface and installing top rails
  6. Easy Iron Baluster Installation: How to Attach Balusters Using Hidden Connectors A few years ago, I had the job of helping an old contractor friend put in some railing at his house. I was essentially cutting metal rods and placing them into holes drilled into wooden rails, attempting to make them fit as well as possible
  7. The Transcend Composite Square Balusters - Pack of 16 offers a modern look to the Trex Transcend Railing System. Installed with the Transcend Accessory Infill Kit For Square Balusters (sold separately), the balusters are spaced perfectly. A 6 foot horizontal section requires 13 balusters whereas an 8 foot section requires 18

House of Forgings is a national distributor of high quality wrought iron stair parts and wooden stair components. Whether your customer is a homeowner, retailer or a home builder, the timeless design and quality craftsmanship of House of Forgings' stair and railing products will attract the attention of the most discerning eye Price: Add to cart. This item: Plastic Level Square Baluster Connector. $17.06. Fortress Railing Products Plastic Stair Square Baluster Connector. $22.33. Fortress Railing Products 32 in. x 3/4 in. Black Sand Square Deck Railing Baluster (10-Pack) $65.98 We've finished drilling all of our baluster holes but before we set the balusters in place, we have to first attach the hand rails. I've applied masking tape to the railing and the newel post, drawn center lines on each and aligned them. Then using a few balusters to temporarily support the hand rail, I trace the shape onto the newel post

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DekPro Architectural Square Baluster Connectors are decorative architectural design baluster connectors that attach 3/4 diameter square balusters to level railings in an elegant, visible way. This pack of architectural baluster connectors includes 20 architectural square baluster connectors and 1-1/2 stainless steel screws Baluster Screw Kit 20 - #8x2 Screws 20 - #8x3 Screws Composite Balusters - 18 Balusters per Pack (23 required per 10' section) (18 required per 8' section) (13 required per 6' section) - 29 for 36 Railing - 31 for 36 Railing (with less than 2 gap between deck & Bottom Rail) - 35 for 42 Railing - 37 for 42. The Madden Metals 1 Square Baluster Railing System combines the durability, strength, and low maintenance of aluminum while meeting nationwide building codes. With residential and commercial heights available for installation at your home, business, or commercial project, you can rest assured the 10-year finish warranty and low maintenance.

Balusters and Newel posts along with the handrail/shoerail are the core components of a railing. H R Stairs & Rails designs, builds, repairs, and installs railings, newel posts, and balusters, for stairways, landings, lofts, and indoor balconies. We can help you chose the right railing for your home, based on your taste and local building codes 6 ft. Pressure-Treated Stair Railing Kit with Black Aluminum Balusters The fast and easy installation of the stair The fast and easy installation of the stair railing makes it the perfect product for the do-it-yourselfer and the professional deck builder. Made of quality pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine and black aluminum balusters, your new stylish railing will be the talk of the.

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  1. um balusters. 6. Install your bottom rail 1 1/2 above the deck floor, if you are using a 2x4 or 2x6 rail cap with 26 balusters to assemble a 36 high guardrail
  2. » Attach baluster spacers to railing before cutting to allow for cleaner cut and less work. » When measuring, cut equal lengths from each side of railing and baluster spacer to ensure equal spacing of balusters per each railing section. » In some cases, the gasket can be attached before tightening railing to RSB
  3. 44-in Matte Black Wrought Iron Classic Stair Baluster. Model #M 701 44 ETHSM. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 4. Ole' Iron Slides. 32.5-in Satin Black Wrought Iron Classic Stair Baluster. Find My Store. for pricing and availability
  4. Deck Stair Baluster Code. See above. The same 4-inch requirement holds true when putting a railing on your deck stairs. Below we'll go over more in-depth about putting balusters on your deck stairs, but for now, you just need to know that deck railings and stair railings have the same requirements
  5. For stairs with 4 or more risers, most codes require a handrail on at least one side. Use a vertical 2 x 4 pressure-treated board with routed edges or an exterior-grade metal rail. If you choose the 2 x 4 handrail, you can use a piece of 2 x material to create a 1-1/2-inch gap between the top rail and the handrail
  6. 2- Learning How To Use The Balusters Menu. The balusters menu allows you to create a balusters pattern. In this example, we have balusters with the Distance From Previous set to 100mm. In the second example, we add a second baluster by clicking on the Duplicate button. We set the Distance From Previous to 125mm
  7. Balusters & Posts. Balusters are the vertical supports for a railing. Mix and match to quickly and easily add your own custom flair. Posts are heavier uprights that anchor a railing in place on either end and at strategic points along curves or at corners. Most posts are designed to fit together around a piece of pipe which is attached to the.

Specifications. These 2 1/2″ wide square porch balusters represent our midsize wood baluster option. A very versatile size, they are very popular for higher end decks and porches large and small. This is a very high quality baluster that has been sanded smooth and is ready to install on your porch or deck balustrade. Actual Width: 2 1/2″ Woodstairs.com has a complete line of Modern and Craftsman square balusters including 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″ balusters in both round and square spindle profiles with numerous details. Of course, these spindles are an excellent choice for Mission or Craftsman style balustrades but they are often combined with wrought iron balusters to create infinite new design possibilities. Make certain to.

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EZ 1″ SQUARE ALUMINUM BALUSTER RAILING (PICKET) Railing Kits. Railing Kits include rails, balusters, mounting brackets, and fasteners for wood, concrete, metal. Posts sold separately. 6 ft. x 36 in. Bronze. EZ6RBZ. Aluminum 1 in. Baluster Railing - 6 ft. x 36 in. - Bronze. Clay. EZ6RDT Get 45% discounted pricing right off the top on all our round, square and stainless steel profile metal baluster products! Additional product discounts available on high volume baluster sales of 100 + units. Other incentives include Free USA Wide Shipping on orders of $500.00 or more (excluding taxes and shipping) to anywhere in Continental USA railing connectors on post and install four (4) #8 x 2 screws (per connector) through railing connector into posts. Apply a small amount of silicone caulk to diameter of baluster where it meets baluster connector or insertion hole to insure a tight, movement-free installation. Install balusters on bottom rail Rail posts (usually a 4 in. x 4 in. wood insert) anchor the railing system to the porch surface. A post sleeve slides over the post and is attached to the boards via a mounting bracket. Post caps and base mouldings (sometimes called skirts) finish the look. Top and bottom rails provide a sturdy framework to contain the infill and complete. Create a Custom Baluster Pattern For each railing type, you can define the baluster pattern, specifying a baluster family, how it attaches at the top and the base, its spacing, break pattern, and more. Override the Main Baluster Pattern for Stairs For a stair railing, you can specify the baluster family and the number of balusters per tread

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Add a screw to every spindle. Staple or screw the new section to the top handrail. Staples alone are sufficient here. Be sure to use short staples or drive them in at an angle so they won't poke through the top of the handrail. Repeat step 1 and 2 for the bottom handrail. Note that you don't need a lattice strip for the bottom If the tenons that fit into the tread or railing are square, use a chisel to square the holes. Number each mortise in the steps. Each of the balusters on a step is a different length and lengths may vary slightly between steps. Each baluster must be measured, cut to fit and numbered so it is put in the right location Myard is a leading brand in decking styling, offering abundant and various deck accessories and tools in different sizes, colors and finishes that personalize your outdoor deck and home improvements.. As for deck railing balusters, there are 3 main materials offered: Iron Steel, Real Aluminum, and Glass.Also, accessories, connectors and adapters are available in our store With a premium black powder-coat finish and strong square balusters, shop the Trex Signaure Railing system for a 36-inch railing height all on one simple page! From $39.99. To $2,298.85. Add to Compare Wood Handrails & Fittings. 6010 Slim Profile; 6210 Wide Profile; Modern Contemporary; Handrail Brackets; 2300-36 Utah Style Square Top Baluster $ 12.00 - $ 66.33. Utah Wood Balusters 2300-36-F Utah Style Square Top Fluted Baluster I just want to Add the item to my cart *By completing this, you are signing up to receive our emails. You.

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The Square Estate Stair Baluster Connector Kits by Deckorators include 20 of the level Square Estate Baluster Connectors and an accompanying 20 of the Stair Adapter pieces that connect to the level connectors. I hope that this helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. Thank you RAIL LENGTH *. 6 FT 8 FT. Price: $14.60. Qty. QTY: Overview. Use this hardware to assemble a railing section consisting of square aluminum balusters. Includes 2 baluster spacers, adjustable foot block and mounting hardware. Use this hardware to assemble a railing section consisting of square aluminum balusters Alexandria Moulding 1 1/4-inch x 1 1/4-inch 32-inch Paint Grade Colonial Square Top Baluster . Also called spindles, balusters are an important functional part of your staircase. But functionality can still be beautiful with our wide range of designs that will dress up your stair case and take it from simple to stunning 6 Trerx.comet1x-.8m1e TREX TRANSCEND®, TREX ENHANCE®, AND TREX SELECT® CARE AND CLEANING GUIDE All exterior building materials require cleaning. Generally, soap and water is all that is required to clean Transcend

Now, instead of attaching the two with a bolt, we'll use wooden dowels to go with the handcrafted look of the staircase. Okay. Now, just cut these little guys off [SAWING SOUNDS]. Now our handrail's going to end here, but I want the balusters to continue all the way up here because we don't want Hannah slipping out of the top Rotate each baluster slightly to even the adhesive coverage. Use a combination square to straighten each baluster (Drawing 4b). 3. Secure every 8th baluster with a flat head screw (Drawing 4c). step 5 - seCuRe the BalusteRs tO the haNDRaIl: 1. If top baluster collars are being used, place one on each baluster (Drawing 5a)

Step 5: Inspect finished railing for proper baluster spacing and secure top rail. Add a cap rail for a finished look. STAIR RAILING Step 6: For rail sections longer than 4', support blocks are recommended. These can be made from leftover 2x4 rail material. Properly position the support block and toe-nail it to the bottom rail and deck board attach line bracket to rail using #10-16 x ¾ - #2 square drive pan head self-drilling screws (fig. 6). Step 10: Place a baluster over each baluster connector on the bottom rail This exclusive mounting strip saves time two ways: - Faster installation - pre-drilled for code compliant baluster spacing, there's no need to measure and mark every baluster position. - QuickTrac edge creates a clean cut line when staining or sealing wood rails, rather than having to get in between each baluster. QuickTrac. Rail Style.

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  1. Next, mark the railing height on the posts with a pencil and double-check the distance between the posts. Then, buy balusters and wood according to your measurements or cut the wood down to size yourself. Finally, position the balusters, attach them to 2 thin strips of wood, and screw the balusters assembly in place
  2. 7- LEARN HOW TO CREATE A TOP RAIL AND HANDRAIL. In Railing Type properties, you can select Top Rail and Handrail types. But before doing so, we must create new types to fit our needs. Use the Project Browser, go to Families. Under Railings, you will find Top Rail Type and Handrail Type. Double-click and duplicate a type to begin
  3. A baluster is an upright wood support for a banister. It is also commonly known as a stair stick or stair spindle. The bottom of a baluster is secured to a stair tread by being seated in a notched hole and glued, nailed, screwed or doweled in place
  4. um balusters provide a clean, contemporary look to your railing. Low maintenance and easy to install, the alu
  5. um Alloy Deck Railing for Wood and Composite Deck, Square Baluster for Outdoor Stair Deck Porch $179.99 $ 179 . 9
  6. um deck balusters, to thick tempered glass balusters for your railing; finding the perfect railing design for your deck is a breeze!. See more ideas about deck balusters, alu
  7. Plowed handrail is a standard handrail constructed with a special groove cut into the bottom. This plowed area allows a space for square-top wood balusters to securely connect to the handrail. During installation, these balusters will be attached within this plowed groove to disguise any mounting materials, resulting in a clean.

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  1. Level the railing so you know exactly where it needs to go, then drive your screw at a 45 degree angle through the bottom of the rail into the post. Counter-sink the screw into to the rail. This will allow it to be covered by the fillet pieces that you'll use while installing the balusters. Tip: To easily hold the railing in place, take a.
  2. e baluster length: To install new iron balusters in existing holes, holes may need to be modified. Using a 5/8 - inch bit, drill in the center of existing holes to a maximum depth of 11/16 th inches down from floor surface and a
  3. Porch railings not only add safety but also style to your porch. Explore your options before you build or remodel. From wood deck, wrought iron, lattice panels, and steel cable to glass panels, knee walls, and more, we have plenty of railing ideas for you to explore. Easy calculations, installation tips, and code requirements too
  4. Mark the measurement onto the new balusters and add 1/2 (for the fitting of the baluster into the round hole) for a total measurement of 34. To make the measuring and marking for all 200 of the new balusters a little easier, create a jig by clamping a piece of wood onto the back fence of the saw and slide it down to the stopper (Image 2)

Clearance Deckorators Estate Square Aluminum Balusters. $27.99. Add to Cart. Options. Sort By: Position Name Search by Price Manufacturer. Items 1 to 32 of 33 total 6b. Insert balusters into bottom rail slots until balusters are fully seated. 6c. Attach top rail to balusters, feeding each baluster into required slots. Start on one end and work towards the other. 6d. To help temporarily secure the railing section together, place a ratchet strap around the top and bottom rail and tighten until snug. DO NO Attach the top of the balusters through the top rail. Stand the section of railing up and attach the top rail flush with the top of the posts. Attach the bottom rail between the posts. Miter the rail caps where they meet at corners and join together. Attach the rail caps to the top of the posts and top rails. Attach a block between the deck and.

Step 1: Make a Regular Post. SCD_174_03.jpg. To make a regular post, cut two 1x4s and one 2x4 to the height of the railing, minus the thickness of the rail cap. Cut another 2x4 to the same length, plus the combined width of the outside joist and the decking thickness. Fasten by drilling pilot holes and driving screws or nails Clustered in groups of four, the balusters have about 1 in. between them. The wider space between the baluster groups adds interest and is just under 4 in. to comply with the building code. (The maximum opening in a railing must be smaller than 4 in., and the railing must be at least 36 in. above the decking surface.

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Vinyl Railing Gate Kit Contents: top and bottom rails, side rails, 1 pack of stainless steel screws, balusters (5 balusters for 34 inch wide gate and 7 balusters for 46 inch wide gate) and caps for side rails. Colors: White Height: 35.5 inches. (Gates can be special ordered up to 41.5 high in square or colonial balusters. Please call or email for pricing. Choose an option 4 ft 6 ft 8 ft. Height. Choose an option 36 in 42 in. Clear. $ 99.00 - $ 211.60. Vinyl T Rail Kits with Square Aluminum Balusters (36 and 42 Heights) quantity. Add to cart. Choose options to confirm availability. SKU: 16-1009-001 Baluster Family. Balusters are made from a full 3D Revit family. These families are made so the baluster can be cut diagonally to match slopes in the railing. Post Family. While baluster families can be used to create posts, usually they aren't cut diagonally and might extend beyond the top rail height MPN: P-BK12081 P-BK12081. Trex Baluster Spacers are attached to the rails to space the balusters and secure them in place. These spacers for square composite balusters snap into Trex Transcend rail to perfectly space balusters and hide brackets. Replacement Baluster Spacer for Square Composite Balusters. Cut to length as required 7. Attach Balusters to Top Rail. Lay the top rail on the ground on its side. If you use a sawhorse, the weight of the baluster will bend and possibly break at the attachment point. While the length of your screw might vary, I needed 3 1/2-inch screws to sufficiently attach the balusters to the thick top rail

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Deckorators first popularized the use of metal balusters. So it's no surprise that they continue to pace the industry today, providing an unmatched assortment of artistic balusters. The Classic, Estate and Traditional balusters are the heart of their offerings. You can choose from a wide assortment of aluminum balusters in numerous shapes, styles, colors and sizes to set your deck apart from. Guardrails on stairs must be at least 34 high, measured from the nosing of the treads. Measure and cut your aluminum balusters to fit your stair railing assembly. Next, slide the balusters over the bottom stair rail connectors. Then, slide the top rail connectors into the balusters from the bottom up In Method One, you can calculate the baluster spacing by measuring the level run, and dividing it by the desired spacing plus the thickness of a baluster (e.g. 4″ space plus 1-5/16-in. baluster = 5-5/16) to get an estimate of the number of balusters. Then, multiply the number of balusters by the hypotenuse of a rake cut of a single baluster. Before building the deck railings, just draw a detailed plan, including the dimensions of your posts, rails and the design of your balusters. It is essential to know what you are going to build, as to buy the proper amount of materials and tools. You have to build and attach deck posts before building the railings Wolf 1″ SQUARE ALUMINUM BALUSTER RAILING (PICKET) Railing Kits. Railing Kits include rails, balusters, mounting brackets, and fasteners for wood, concrete, metal. Posts sold separately. 6 ft. x 36 in. Bronze. WH6RBZ. Aluminum 1 in. Baluster Railing - 6 ft. x 36 in. - Bronze. Clay