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My sweet pup died suddenly on Friday. He turned 6 this month. Everything was normal in the morning. He was outside for about 15 minutes, came in, and laid in his cage. When my boyfriend checked on him about 15 minutes later, he was laying their with his legs sprawled out, and a little bit of blood by his mouth. I did not do a necropsy My 6 yr old Husky (Specs) died in his sleep Tuesday night, 11/22. He was in excellent health and was very active indoor dog. We went to bed around 10, he slept in his usual spot at the foot of the bed. When we awoke to take all 3 dogs for a walk, he was cold and stiff. Best I can tell, he had been gone for a few hours

we lost our 6 month old chihua puppy about 3 weeks ago. the vet did 3 parvo test 3 times. he died suddenly in the vet hospital. they did a autopsy, found fluid on heart. i just bought my wife a 8 week read mor This second fear period can be especially disorienting for owners because your 6-14-month-old may look like an adult dog, so it can be hard to remember that your dog is still a puppy and.

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Posted April 11, 2021. The most common warning signs to watch for in your puppy's behaviors include snarling, growling, mounting, snapping, nipping, lip curling, lunging, dominance, challenging stance, dead-eye stare, aggressive barking, possessiveness, and of course, biting! Having a new puppy is akin to welcoming a new family member For some background, he was my first puppy. We had two dogs in the past, but this one was my very own. Unfortunately it was like a rescue situation and he was separated from his litter very early so I had him for a month and a half since he was about 6 weeks old. My boy was a wild mix, we weren't sure what he was Here are six common illnesses he could catch in his first year of life. 1. Parvovirus (Parvo) This highly contagious canine illness attacks puppies aged between 12 weeks and up to 3 years. Transmitted through bodily secretions and unvaccinated dogs, canine parvovirus is easily passed on, though most dogs are vaccinated against it starting at.

I can relate but I am so confused about my puppy. My puppy just turned 8 months old and was the most energetic dog out of all our dogs. He was fine until yesterday. My girlfriend and I went to feed out dogs and realized our puppy was nowhere to be found. We called for him and nothing, I finally found him in a corner of the yard. He could not walk 3-Month-Old Puppy: What to Expect In your puppy's third month you'll see a resurgence in the confidence he had as a wee pup, wiggling about and exploring everything in sight

3. Jumping and overly excited greetings. While it's cute to have a 10 pound puppy jump on your leg when greeting you, it's a lot less fun for you and your guests when that puppy is 70 pounds. This behavior is generally easily cured by a verbal correction (no, off, down) followed by a firm but gentle physical correction My 2.5 year old chocolate Lab died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. My family is totally heartbroken and have no answers. I just don't get it and we couldn't bring ourselves to do an autopsy as the situation was traumatizing enough. He was playing and having a good time in the snow with my daughter the day before, all was good Adolescent puppy behavior is often challenging, and can be unpredictable, confusing and downright difficult. For everyone. When that tiny ball of fur you brought home just the other week (or so it seems) suddenly hits the 'teenage' stage it can be a bit of a shock, especially if you didn't realize that puppies even became teenagers

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Stephanie Cross' one-year-old puppy Zoe died suddenly after ingesting blue-green algae. (Stephanie Cross) months with our flexible credit plan on basket spends of {currencySign}{newSaleLimit}. As in most puppy illnesses, mites usually affect puppies with a weakened immune system. Visit this page for some home treatment ideas for ear mites. Puppy Retained Deciduous Teeth. When a puppy gets to be 2 to 3 months old, permanent teeth start to erupt. Normally, each puppy baby tooth root will be absorbed by the adult tooth Hi everyone Today I am very sad because my 4 months old lab puppy died yesterday. I am not able to understand what exactly happened to him as he was quite well and healthy, he starts vomiting 3-4 days back and the problem grown bigger day by day, later loose motions started then bleeding started in motions and vomit The best way to protect your puppy from kennel cough (and perhaps even canine influenza, a.k.a. dog flu) is to talk to your vet about vaccinating against these diseases and keeping your pup away from the dog parks or doggy daycare until they're protected and ready — which is usually at least 17 weeks old Give your puppy meat-based baby food, which is palatable to most puppies and easier to eat with a sore mount. Add warm water or no-salt chicken broth to dry foods to make a slurry in the blender. Warm up your puppy's food by zapping it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, which can unlock the food's aroma and pique your pup's appetite

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A bloated puppy could have anything from worms to a congenital defect. Read on why it happens and what you can do about it! A bloated puppy is a common thing.. Many, many puppies rolled through our vet office every year with big, drum bellies.. That's because bloating can be caused by a number of things, from worms to food choice.. You can't tell why you have a bloated puppy just by. If your puppy is under 3 months, then you can assume that he has not yet developed the ability to hold in his urine. If he needs a lot of potty breaks, that's not unusual. What you can do over this period, though, is establish a place where he should do his thing. This is most likely going to be a certain area of your yard, so take him there. My dog, an 8 year old retriever passed away suddenly yesterday. She has never been ill or had any problems, she was a pedegree dog and all was normal the day before, in the evening she ate her food and went into the garden, I left her to sleep at 10pm and my son got.in at 1am and saw her sleeping but looked up at him as ever to see if he had anything for her to eat 3 Month Old Puppy. 3 months is the point at which the window for socializing your puppy - making sure he grows up confident and friendly - closes. But, that does not mean socialization can stop. Puppies who are isolated at this point will soon lose that friendly fearlessness

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Defiant 5 Month Old Yorkie Puppy. Hey there, I have been raising Duke, a very demanding yorkie pup. Though I love him dearly, he does try my patience. Duke is approx. 5 months old, I got him when he was approx. 3 months old Lethargy and exercise intolerance can often overlap, but veterinarians regard them as two separate, albeit related, symptoms. Regardless of whether you suspect your pet is suffering from lethargy or exercise intolerance, whether it comes on suddenly or has been happening for some time, it's important to report these symptoms to your vet Hi, Thank you for the wonderful article. I have a almost 6 month old big&tall Rough Collie puppy. We have always had Collie girls but never a boy. He is recently neutered. He is an EXTREMELY high energy puppy. We take him for a 4 mile long walk in the morning and even after that he keeps running amok all over the house like getting burst of. In some cases, the intake of medication can cause the puppy to suddenly urinate and drink a lot more water than usual. You may want to check with the vet whether the medication prescribed to your puppy does lead to such symptoms. Aside from medication, frequent urination may also occur among puppies if there is an increase in salt intake

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In Dr. Manaceine's Lab, she recruited ten puppies aged 2, 3, or 4 months old. While they continued to be fed by their mother, she kept them in constant activity (deprived them totally of sleep). After 96-120 hours, all ten puppies were dead. What is interesting, is that when puppies were starved, they could be saved after 20-25 days If you're experiencing 4 month old puppy biting, 5 month old puppy biting, or even 6 month old puppy biting, you may be getting worried. You may feel he should have grown out of it by now. The older biting puppy is a slightly different problem and we'll look at that below. Okay By 3 months old your puppy is ready to start learning basic commands, the training foundations you instill now are going to carry on throughout your puppy's life. Pick a Positive Marker A positive marker is a word, phrase or sound that can be used to tell your pup he has done something right

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3-6 months old. Pee breaks every three hours; Additional bathroom time after meals; Over 6 months. Your puppy might now be able to hold their bladder for four hours. Some dogs can even manage up to six. But this should not be the expectation, or a regular occurrence Here are some things you should do with your 6-7 month old puppy and continue doing until he is an adult: Increase your dog's social activities and outings. Don't stop taking your puppy to new places. At 6-7 months of age you should continue to go places that provide a positive experience for your dog If your dog suddenly starts overeating, then you need to determine the cause, then take the behavioral or medical steps necessary to solve the problem. If your dog is just naturally inclined to overeat, then you need to take charge and control what she eats, how much, and when 1. General rule of thumb for house breaking a puppy is 1 hour for every month old the puppy is plus 1 additional hour. Example: a 3 month old puppy should be able to hold its bladder for 4 hours. With this rule in place, a puppy that is 7 months old or older and an adult dog should be able to hold its bathroom needs for 8 hours

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  1. g teeth. For older dogs, it's nature's way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom.
  2. Put together a comfortable bed for your puppy and try to lure it to the bed using toys and praise. Your puppy will likely be eager to rest if it is feeling ill. If your puppy is crate trained, put it in the crate so that you can keep an eye on it more easily. 3. Speak in a calm voice
  3. g into a new home, leaving behind his mother, and litter mates, and is being introduced to a new family. All these factors are important to remember, and just because a puppy may hesitate over.

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Siberian Husky Puppy Pictures - First 3 Months. In the year 2011, we got a Siberian Husky puppy. She has blue eyes, big ears, and looks a bit like a gray wolf. As a puppy, she was a very energetic little bundle of fur, but she also has a very sweet, and affectionate disposition. After much deliberation, we decided to name her Lara, after a. Give about half a cup of this electrolyte solution to your puppy after vomiting has stopped. After 12 hours and the puppy does not vomit any further, small amounts of a bland low-fat food can be given 3 to 6 times daily for a few days. Then gradually increase the amount fed and slowly transition back to your puppy's normal diet

Causes of Puppy Coughing. While some coughing is normal, you should take your puppy to the vet if the cough lasts for longer than a week or gets worse. You should also make an appointment if the coughing seems to be accompanied by: A fever. Sudden lack of appetite. Fatigue or general tiredness 14. 61216. Today's we look at a common problem where a puppy is destructive when left alone outside of his crate. Crates and crate training are very popular nowadays, and done carefully they can really benefit a dog and his family. It is often doing away with the crate, that triggers a few problems. Lucy has a 6/7 month old Labradoodle boy Joined: Jun 10, 2019. Messages: 1. I hope someone can help me. We have a 7 month old male chocolate lab. At least two or three times a day he starts jumping, growling and biting at me. He hasn't broken the skin, but it hurts, and I now have bruises. He also gets like this with the zoomies, which are far more intense than with our past dogs The period from 3-16 weeks of age is the most critical socialization period. This time lays a foundation for a well-balanced dog. If a puppy doesn't get proper socialization during its critical period, it can grow up into a shy, fearful, or aggressive adult. A well-run puppy class can be a fun way to kick-start your dog's socialization skills

Wrangler, A Puppy With Purpose Made Famous By The Today Show, Has Died at 6 Our hearts are broken as share that Wrangler, our very first puppy with a purpose, has died at the age of 6, the. Step 1. Analyze why your puppy is barking at you. Dogs bark for a reason -- they're trying to tell us something. If he doesn't need to go out and it's not time for puppy supper, at 4 months old he may be starting to explore where he fits into the pecking order. Now is the time to assert yourself as not just mom but as leader of the pack My 5 month old dog is still peeing in the house and I've checked for these things! If your 4 or 5 month old puppy is still peeing in the house then you may want to adopt a different strategy. Crate training is an excellent way to go for potty training in cases such as these where your pup is resistant to going outside The puppy gets released from the crate and contact with you, when the puppy barks. If you don't want the puppy to bark in the crate, it's really simple: Don't respond to it. It really is that simple. And yes, after weeks or months of being responded to, the puppy is going to make even more noise at first - that is called an extinction burst A good general rule for puppies is that they can hold their pee for their age in months translated to hours. So a 6-month (24 week) old puppy should be able to hold her pee for six hours. An important note: this rule only holds if your dog knows that he's supposed to hold onto her pee! Dogs do not naturally know not to pee inside

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  1. My 8-month-old puppy has been humping pillows and soft blankets since she was 3 months old. She isn't spayed yet but she will be soon. She is hyper and easily excitable. First one died st 16.
  2. Our 3 yr old female, Mtn. Cur, named Copper suddenly and viciously attacked a 12 yr old female Australian Shepard, who she knows. The Aussie is a growler. Read More. 11 month old female pittbull aggressive toward smaller female in the home. May 05, 21 07:38 PM. We have 5 dogs two are pitts
  3. This kind of behavior may seem cute when your puppy is seven weeks old, but it's not nearly so endearing when he's three or four months old—and getting bigger by the day! What to Do About Puppy Mouthing. It's important to help your puppy learn to curb his mouthy behavior. There are various ways, some better than others, to teach this.
  4. Dogs older than seven that come up with seizures, unfortunately this is often related to something outside of epilepsy, scary things like a brain tumor, liver disease or some other problem. Depending on how old your dog is and what the seizure was like, it actually might be okay for you to wait to put this dog on seizure medication
  5. 5 Month Old Puppy Suddenly Becomes Aggressive Towards Owner I've had my pitbull terrier mix since she was about 2 months old and she is a great dog. Loyal loving playful but about 2 weeks ago she's started getting
  6. Many puppies eat less (and chew more) when they're teething, which usually takes place when a puppy is between three and six months old. Tender gums and loose teeth can make dry food unappetizing, so if your teething puppy won't eat dry food, you may try moistening it with warm water or mixing it with wet food to make it easier to chew
  7. eral oil or vaseline will help the tape come loose easier). Check the ear. If it's standing up, the tape has done it's job. If not, tape the ear once again using all new tape and wait another week

My Dalmatian actually did the same exact thing around that age. He used to love to be pet by people and run up to them and greet them but around that age he began to fear them For absolutely no reason. He was very well socialized and never had any.. A puppy's glycogen reserves are quickly depleted after birth, leaving a newborn puppy in need of an early intake of nutrients. Unfortunately, this means that failure to nurse can lead to hypoglycemia by the time a puppy is just two days old. In addition, it is important to note that, if too hot or cold, a puppy cannot digest their food properly I lost my 3 month old puppy last month. We don't know the reason. He puked blood and died. I think it may have been parvo, now that I've researched so much about it. But the problem is it's been one month since he died and now we brought this other puppy home Fading puppy syndrome describes puppies that decline in health and die within about two weeks of birth. Neonatal puppies are fragile and so there can be many causes of this syndrome including birth defects, inadequate care from the mother, poor health status of the mother and/or infectious diseases. As well as addressing a specific cause, treatment focuses on maintaining hydration and warmth. The first fear impact period occurs when a puppy is about nine weeks old. The second occurs sometime between six months and 18 months. My Belgian malinois, River, had hers when she was eight months old. The onset was marked by an explosive, fearful-barking reaction to a child she had already met and played with just a couple months before

February 27th, 2014 at 6:29 pm I haven't loss my dog through death. I was forced to drive a long way and place my 9 month old puppy in a cage. I'm crying since y walked away. I took a picture of her. I'm broken, I want her backm but the person who force me to drive there gave his contact information, but I think I can still prov I'm her. Get your puppy checked out by a vet if: She's vomiting or has diarrhea that lasts more than a couple hours - These are signs of potentially fatal, fast-moving puppyhood diseases.. She's very low energy/lethargic - Puppies sleep a lot, but shouldn't want to sleep all day.. Persistently chewing a particular part of her body - Like her tail or paws If you've got a stubborn dog who pulls on the leash, get some really good treats (chicken, steak, hot dogs, etc.) and cut them into pea-sized pieces. Take your clicker and these treats with you on your walk. When you step out the front door, wait for your dog to look back at you. Don't say anything to him, just wait

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I just rescued an Australian shepherd/pointer mix, about 16 months old. He lived with 3 other dogs in his foster home, and was deemed dog-friendly. He is my only dog in the house. When we go on walks he wags his tail at other dogs and wants to go meet them, after a few seconds of sniffing, a switch happens and he starts growling at them At 4 weeks old you will be able to see the development of a puppy's 4 canine teeth. Puppies are born without teeth. At 2-3 weeks old, a puppy's milk teeth will start to come through. These will be the incisors. Puppies should have a total of 12 incisors, 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom of the mouth

5 month old puppy won't listen - keeps biting and jumping on us! Help!!!!! Jump to Sometimes I'll be petting him and suddenly he'll get this wild look in his eye and I can tell that he's fixing to bite me - and as soon as I realize what he's about to do, he does it. Seriously, his pupils dilate and his eyes widen a little, I swear he looks. PUPPY VIRAL DISEASES — A SUMMARY. Parvo (CPV) Symptoms (1st two weeks) heart (myocarditis): stops nursing, gasps for breath, dies. (Later weeks) enteritis: severe vomiting, mucoid diarrhea may become bloody; dehydration. Most dangerous age 5 6 weeks to 4 months, depending on when maternal antibodies wear off and pup can respond to vaccine Your puppy should have been handled by a minimum of 100 people by the time it is 12 weeks old. This should include children, adults and pensioners. Over 90% of all cases of aggression against humans or other dogs are fear-based, yet we are constantly told that these aggressions are dominance-based That could not be further from the truth Im having extreme biting issues with my 3 month old rescue pup just like everyone else but theres a twist to mine. Ive had her since she was about 3 weeks old. I know i know. Wasnt my plan but thats how it happened. I found out soon after that the pup has seeing and hearing issues. She can see some but not the best and hearing is about the same

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  1. Our cat Lucy died tonight. She was 12 years old. I heard some loud moans and she just stopped breathing. A few months ago she went missing for 3 weeks. It took us days to coach her in when we found her in the bushes behind our house. I am feeling so so guilty for not paying enough attention to her (now a mom of a 3 year old and a 9 month old)
  2. So you bred this puppy? And her siblings are okay, but she is not thriving? A new born pup won't use its front or back legs properly for several days so I'm not really sure what you mean by saying you noticed this immediately she was born, but tha..
  3. Your dog peeing on furniture can also be anxiety-induced. According to Dogster, a dog who pees in the house when you're not home may be suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs may also pee in the house due to other causes of anxiety, such as the introduction of a new pet into the home, the birth of a baby, or anything else that significantly.
  4. The Physical Development Of A 9-Month-Old Puppy. By the time they reach nine months of age, small breeds will be fully grown, but they'll fill out over the next four months. Medium breeds may reach about 80 percent of their adult size by nine months. Larger breeds may still have a ways to go
  5. O'Fallon family says their dog died after kennel stay. They're here after the sudden death of a 5-month-old golden retriever puppy, George, and the frustrating confusion over his death
  6. My Shiba Inu is 22 months old and he has always been a good traveler. 3 months ago he became extremely anxious whem traveling in the car with me. He makes the yowling Shiba noises and paces and tries to chew my seatbelt from the back seat. He is calmer when we ride with a friend and I can be a passenger with him
  7. Stay calm with him. Learn to distract pup with toys. Start taking puppy out on a lead when 2nd lot of inoculations have been given. 4 - 8 MONTHS. Independence grows. May not want to come when called. Mouthing and biting may get worse for a while. Adult teeth continue to come through. Provide chew toys for teething

At 8 weeks of age your puppy does not have full control of his bladder. This means when you take him outside and he goes pee he does not always get it all out Almost as soon as you get him back in the house: squat, piddle, UGGHHH!!!! A puppy not having full control of his bladder explains many of the puppy potty training mysteries 80 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 12, 2012. I adopted this puppy 2 months ago from the humane society. It took me about a month and a half to house train and he was getting it. I would let my sliding door open during the day and he would go outside and handle his business. Friday night he peed inside the house, and saturday did the same. Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior: Nipping and Rough Play. When puppies play with each other, they use their mouths. Therefore, puppies usually want to bite or mouth hands during play or when being petted. With puppies, this is rarely aggressive behavior in which the intent is to do harm. Because puppies are highly motivated to exhibit. Female puppy upset on the farm We took our 3 month old female Pyr pup to our goat farm for an introduction. She met the older pyr male and female pair, a couple nannies pushed the pup She met the older pyr male and female pair, a couple nannies pushed the pup The answer is simple. Your puppy poops a lot in general. When dogs are young they need a lot more bathroom breaks. One thing that you can do is much the same as you would with a human child. At night you do a bathroom break when it's bedtime and then for a few weeks, you can get up one more time around 1 to 2am to take your puppy out for the.

SubQ hydrating a puppy. Hold the puppy still. Pinch the neck skin. You want to inject the fluid JUST under the skin. Inject a bubble very, very slowly. You want to inject about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the head of the puppy of fluid under the skin. After removing the needle, pinch the skin for 30 seconds. The bubble of fluid will slowly disburse. Most 3-month-old babies take a few naps of about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each day. Continued Third Month Baby Milestones: The Senses. Your 3-month-old's hearing and vision are improving. Babies this. A 6 month old, and especially a Lab puppy will be very demanding of your time, yes. They are a highly sociable breed, and an energetic breed. My 4 year old black lab, has suddenly become afraid of his doghouse. He will not go into it when its raining, He will walk around look at it, but will not get in. This happened suddenly in the past. Generally speaking a pup can only hold their bladder for about one hour per every month of age. Your 3 month old puppy might only be able to hold their bladder for 3 hours, and that's an issue for those of us who work full time. It's not realistic to expect a 3 or 4 month old puppy to hold it for 8+ hours while you go to work If your puppy is under one year old, use caution when playing. Puppies have soft spots at the top of their heads that can injure easily. Some people believe that playing tug-of-war can make your dog possessive. For this reason, you may not want to play it with large dogs from guarding breeds. I have a 3 month puppy and I was able to teach.

6 Month Old Puppy Not Eating Dog Food. I have a 6 month old Lab/Australian Cattle Dog mix. She consistently turns her nose up at dry dog food and will get bored of a new dog food after 2-3 meals. I initially had her on Royal Canin Maxi Puppy (the large bag was given to me when i first got her), and then she got bored of it after about the 2nd. Pug puppy (0-3 months): It's unlikely your breeder will allow you to take the puppy home till 45 days age while the puppy must be kept with mother. If you have got an adopted one whose age is below 45 days and has no living mother, you can feed the puppy milk replacers like Beaphar lactol, choostix petasure or royal canin babydog milk Aggressive English bull terrier female puppy . May 05, 21 07:40 PM. I have a 5 month old English bull terrier who has become aggressive to my son's miniature schnauzer. They were fine for the first 2 months but suddenly. Read More. Aggressive change in 2 year old Beagle mix. May 05, 21 07:39 P Puppies under 3 months old do not have the ability to hold in their urine. Their bladders have not developed yet. So if your young puppy needs frequent potty breaks, never fear! This will change through time and training. It's important to establish where the puppy should go potty

Dogs can cough for many reasons and it isn't always serious, but if a cough lasts for more than just 3 or so days or if your dog is particularly young or old it warrants a visit to the vet. The list of possible causes can include bronchitis, influenza, kennel cough and heart-worm, though often it will just be a minor allergy or a mild. One of the most common issues associated with age is behavioral issues. Your border collie might suddenly begin using the bathroom indoors, even if he or she has just returned from a trip outside. This is not behavior your dog is engaging in because he or she is angry with you or being defiant, this is something that happens with old age Hi, my name is Ceymone and yesterday I just got a 3 month year old puppy that was not abandoned, but was locked in a cage and fed sometimes. His ribs are showing, but he is running around and playing with teddy bears and toys. His name is Toby and he looks like a black lab mixed. I found him in the neighborhood A weaning puppy typically needs a 1/2 cup of water every couple of hours. This will depend on his age and weight. As your puppy gets older, over three months of age, the water requirements will decrease to around 1/2 ounce to 1 full ounce per pound of bodyweight. If your puppy weighs 30lbs, in one day he should drink 15-30 ounces of water I have 3 intact dogs, a 22 month old male boxer who was the initial dog in our yard from a puppy, we then introduced a 20 month old male boxer x cattle dog x shag approximately 6 months ago and a 18 month old boxer x (unsure maybe bull Arab or pitbull) about 4 months ago! The last two are trained hunting dogs

my 11 month old bitch rotty puppy has been house trained fully for well over 6 months but every now and then she has a relapse. she went a whole month Rottweiler with torn muscle my puppy has to have a operation on his leg as there is a tear just under the shoulder. if he must mate one day will his puppies also have the same I had to put my 8 1/2 year old golden retriever to sleep Saturday, October 30th. She had lymphoma that was throughout her liver. We had no clue, even though she had been to the vet twice in the last 3 months for shots, and because she injured her shoulder. I found her the day before Christmas Eve 8 years ago, she was a puppy about 7 months old

For example a 2 month old Boxer puppy can learn to sit while his harness and leash is being put on and then learn that walking over to the designated chosen area equals a trip to the bathroom. Sleep may be erratic at this time and a Boxer puppy can sleep as little as 9 hours per day (rare) or up to 18 hours Teach your puppy to love her crate. Many puppies will initially react to a crate as if it's puppy jail, because, in your dog's eyes, the crate is a hindrance to reaching the fun things she enjoys, like people, toys, play and freedom. It is important to introduce the crate to your puppy as a happening place where she gets good things like. The puppies are 3 weeks old, There are 8 of (41,861) Is lancaster puppies a puppy mill? Ive been to lancasterpuppies.com and seen some of their puppies. (20,364) Average weight for a pit bull puppy? What is the average weight for an 8 week old (8,004) How many tums should you give a dog after she has puppies are 2 weeks old. toy dog.

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