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The Precast Double Tee is right at home anywhere large open spaces are required. With its heavy load resistance and incredible span length, our Double Tees are in high demand. Commonly used for large structures like parking garages, gymnasiums and indoor pool areas, it also is the perfect fit for smaller applications like pedestrian bridges Double Tee Wall Panels. Bottom Connections; Corner Connections; Load Bearing Helpful Layout Information; Hollowcore on Cast-in-Place; Hollowcore on Masonry; Hollowcore on Precast; Hollowcore on Steel; Load Tables. Panel Configuration; Pocket Beam Isometric Drawing; Specifications; View All; Double Tee Roof DT on CMU DT on Concrete Beams DT. Double Tee Member Technical Info. Double tees offer beauty and flexibility in design. These precast/prestressed concrete units are ideal for floor and roof systems requiring long, uninterrupted spans and extra heavy load carrying capabilities resulting in a lighter weight structures. For this reason, prestressed double tees are ideal Double tees are a design marvel that combine strength and durability. When steel and concrete are fused together in a unique double tee configuration, it creates superior load bearing capacities. Return

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DOUBLE TEES. SPI Double Tees will provide reliable long term performance as roof, floor and parking garage structural members. Our Double Tees are resistant to deterioration from weather; they posses a natural fire resistance and are well suited for our hurricane prone area. SPI Double Tees are designed to efficiently span in the range of 30. Double Tees are common precast flooring elements for larger projects. Parking Garages frequently utilize this cost-effective solution to support vehicle loads on fewer columns to increase available parking stalls. Double Tees are also used for other long span flooring and roof applications such as athletic facilities and buildings of worship Double Tee is a large precast pre-stressed concrete roofing element, which is relatively lighter than other conventional roofing systems with high load capacity. It can be used in various types of.. Download load tables for pretopped and standard Spancrete double tees. 12 DT 26 Pretopped.pdf. 12 DT 30 Pretopped.pdf. 12 DT 34 Pretopped.pdf. 12 DT 44 Pretopped.pdf. 12 DT 50 Pretopped.pdf. 8 DT 24 No Topping.pdf. 8 DT 24 Topping.pdf. 8 DT 32 No Topping.pdf

Double Tee Wall Panels Bottom Connections Corner Connections Load Bearing Non Load Bearing Miscellaneous Detail Double Tee Roof Slabs 12 f 'c 35 to 40 Inverted Tee or ELL Beams 6 f 'c 10 to 20 Hollow Core Slabs 6 f 'c 45 to 50 GENERAL NOTATION Width of Precast Depth of Precast Description Section (ft) Section (in) of Section 10DT24 1.5 DT = Double Tee Slab IT = Inverted Tee Beam LB = ELL Beam 4 f ' Drilling through existing precast double-tees to support new ducts GalileoG (Structural) (OP) 31 Jul 12 15:27. I am trying to support new ducts on existing precast double-tees. I am able to show that the additional stress on the tees from the new ducts is less than 5%, and so I do not need to provide any strengthening measures to the tees to.

Our precast/prestressed concrete double tee is a favorite among parking structure designers. The highly popular double tee slab system is an excellent choice for an economical, dependable floor or roof system on other types of structures, as well. With a span capability of up to 75 Ft., natatoriums, gymnasiums, and manufacturing facilities. As a structural floor and roof system, double tees have a long span, and are both durable and fire resistant. Precast enables designers to integrate structural and envelope (architectural) systems reducing the total materials, detailing, costs, construction complexity, and more. Sometimes, this is referred to as Total Precast Systems, or TPS A full-size 10DT24+2 double tee (see Decoding the double tee) designed for a typical parking garage floor member was load tested to determine performance. Stresscon of Colorado Springs supplied the 10-ft-wide, 60-ft-long double tee for the demonstration. The double tee was loaded to service level, 85%, ultimate, 110% and failure Double Tee Wall Panels Double Tee Wall Panels (42k, PDF) Hollow-Core and Sandwich Wall Panels Hollow-Core and Sandwich Wall Panels (38k, PDF) Precast, Prestressed Columns 12x12, 14x14 (56k, PDF) 16x16, 18x18, 20x20, 24x24 (59k, PDF) Precast, Prestressed Columns (111k, PDF) Precast, Reinforced Column

East Texas Precast holds one of Texas's largest Double Tee manufacturing facilities with 3 beds measure 560' long by 12' wide and another bed at 520' long and 10' wide. That's almost 25,000 sq. ft. of Double Tee every day! Although Double Tees tend to be used most often in parking structures, there are numerous other such as roof. • Single tee and Double Tee systems are made in factories before being bought to the construction site. This saves time and money as the precast system is ready for assembly as soon as it gets to the work site. Once assembled, a concrete topping is poured on top to lock each slab together and give it a single smooth finished surface

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Coreslab | Precast Concrete Building Solutions. Welcome to Coreslab Structures. Since 1975, we have been a premier producer of precast/prestressed concrete products. Over the last four decades, we have emerged as a major supplier of structural, architectural and hollow core solutions to markets in Canada and the United States. Resources Spancrete structural systems consist of precast, prestressed columns and beams, spandrels, double tees and often wall panels. A total precast system makes it easy for the architect to meet requirements for long spans, fire resistance and heavy loads. Total precast systems erect faster than any other structural system - faster than steel.

Double Tee Flooring. Where we stand apart from other precast manufacturers is with our unique Banagher Double Tee floor/roof beams - our double tees can span up to 30 m and have been implemented in buildings, multi-storey car parks and more frequently in reservoirs, swimming pools and sports facilities where long spans are required without. Sidley Precast Group One company for all your Precast needs. double tee to double tee, exp. jt. alignment connection. double tee to lite wall. double tee to lite wall. panel to panel . double tee to P.I.P. ramp expansion joint . typical electrical case double tee . stair bearing to landing Concrete Roof Systems Part I: Precast/Prestressed Construction. Concrete roof systems have three basic advantages over competitive materials- esthetic appeal, structural economy and functional utility. Double-tees are the most widely used prestressed concrete product in the minimum-span range. Double-tees may be used for many types of buildings A later version of the double tee appeared in the late fifties with the dimensions shown in the bottom of Fig. 5. Edwards and Zia, recognizing the single tee's lack of stability during erection, used a 4 ft (1.2 m) wide and 12 in. (300 mm) deep prestressed concrete double tee. In the late 1950s, the depth of the double tee increase double tee planks Roofing with Double Tee Planks has provided an effective, economical and fast track solution especially for long spans up to even 80ft. This is especially used for ware houses, godowns and other mills providing a much cheaper solution as compared to any other equivalent roofing system

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Precast Double Tees have traditionally been used in parking structures. Over the past decade, double tees have been integrated into the building envelope for use in floor and roof systems. From 30′ to 40′ short spans to clear spans over 100′ for gymnasiums, cafeterias, swimming pools, etc ERECT. High quality architectural and structural precast concrete structures. The EnCon Companies are specialty contractors providing precast/prestressed concrete systems and services to all facets of the construction marketplace. As a full-service precaster, EnCon manufactures a wide range of architectural and structural building components DOUBLE TEE BEARING PADS PRECAST T-BEAM CAST IN CONNECTION PLATE CAST IN BEARING PLATE ASSEMBLY WALL CONNECTION PLATE ASSEMBLY BY OTHERS CAST IN CONNECTION PLATE ASSEMBLY DOUBLE TT Precast Double TT's floor and roof slabs. ii. Rebar connections. iii. Connection of slab joints. 2. Reference Material In non-residential buildings, the roof structure may be flat. Structural concrete is an alternative for flat roof construction. There are three main categories for such method: precast/prestressed, cast-in-place and shell.Within the precast/prestressed concrete roofing, the double tees are the most common products used for roof span up to 60 feet (18 m)

Floor + Roof. Our floor and roofing solutions deliver the efficiency, safety, and quality control to speed up the construction process. For residential, hospitality, and multi-family applications, we recommend using hollow core. Our stairs and shaft walls allow fire-rated access for final users, removing the need for dangerous scaffolding Consider double tees for those longer spans and heavier loads that exceed the capacity of hollowcore plank. Double tees have evolved from 1220mm (4'-0') widths to 2440mm (8'-0'), 3000mm (10'-0') and 3660mm (12'-0'). Depths can vary from 300mm to 900mm. Spans can range from 10 to 25m for floor loads to over 33m for roofs cast concrete products or are sold under seve r al trade names. Si n c e CONCRETE ROOF SYSTEMS Part 1: Precast/Prestressed Construction Double-tee roof: diagram and finished construction. Cored-slab roof: diagram and finished construction quality, on-time precast products that are long lasting, durable, low maintenance, secure, fire resistant, and pest resistant. We are willing to help our customers develop efficient, low cost precast solutions for a myriad of structures. Double Tee 1193/4. A double tee or double-T beam is a load-bearing structure that resembles two T-beams connected to each other side by side. The strong bond of the flange and the two webs, creates a structure that is capable of withstanding high loads while having a long span

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10 Jul 03 11:54. I recently performed a site visit on a project and found 16 deep, 4'-0 wide double tees for a roof structure. I contacted PCI and they informed me that they do not have any load tables for older 16 double tees. I found load tables for both the 14 deep, 4'-0 wide and 16 deep and 6'-0 wide, but I can't find them for the. Warping is the result of taking a linear member such as a double tee and introducing a twist to lower one of the corners. While this might seem like an extreme procedure it is quite normal. Imagine a 12'-0 wide x 60'-0 long double tee that is bearing normally at the ends of its four stems, and that all bearing elevations are equal Double Tee (TT) slabs are two symmetrically placed beams interacting with a slab forming in one section with a double tee shape made in precast, prestressed concrete. alfanar Precast Double tee slabs can be used for most applications requiring a long span floor or roof system (8 to 32 meters) depending on required load carrying capability Calculate allowable weight / SF for precast double tee 48 roof panels, for an existing one story masonry post office building spanning 54'-9, Tees are 16 deep to the bottom of slab, 24 o.c. with the bottom edge thickness at 2 1/2 and top width at 8. Don't know the slab thickness. Thanks

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  1. Roller support was used to simulate the diaphragm support provided by the double tee roof beams. 5. The load is applied as a single point load under the double tee rib. This can also be applied as a line load or multiple point loads if the complete wall is modeled. Figure 3 - Defining Loads for Precast Wall Panel
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  3. Products | Dukane Precast. Insulated Wall Panels. We offer state of the art insulated wall panels sandwiched around high-R foam insulation for maximum efficiency and convenience. Our panels are custom build to order and can be used for walls or floors in your project. Dukane provides insulated wall panels to provide maximum building efficiency.

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PRECAST DOUBLE T PANELS (P.S.F.S.A.) Price Range Typical Used for Walls, 8' wide, 24 deep, insulated $11.50 - $14.00 $12.75 STUDDING (P.S.F.S.A.) Stud prices include top and bottom plate and normal openings. Center to Center 12 16 20 24 2 x 4 Wood Studs $2.70 $2.30 $2.15 $1.85. Gate has prefabricated precast facades for over 20 Nordstrom stores. Gate Precast worked in a design-assist role to define the cladding which features cast as grey precast concrete with both convex and concave horizontal striations. An all-precast-concrete design simplified construction, reduced costs, and compressed the schedule versus options.

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Double Tee Flooring. Where we stand apart from other precast manufacturers is with our unique Banagher Double Tee floor/roof beams - our double tees can span up to 30 m and have been implemented in buildings, multi-storey car parks and more frequently in reservoirs, swimming pools and sports facilities where long spans are required without central supports \Rmpserver ocky mountain precastAdministrationSALESRMP ProductsRMP Standard Products & Details Model (1) Author: Tim Wenden Created Date: 12/18/2007 2:19:57 PM. Double Tee's are a stemmed product used primarily as deck floor and flat roof components for any type of structure, including parking structures, office, and industrial buildings. Pilings Prefabricated piling are square shaped, available in 12, 16, 18, 20, and 24 inches, with varying lengths, that are made of prestressed concrete that can be. A more recent development is the manufacture of the wall panels at a fixed facility, as has commonly been done with prestressed concrete floor, roof plank, and double-Tee


  1. precast double tees tpo membrane run up side wall and over top of exist parapet, lap tpo over face edge of exist vert mtl fascia panels 3'-0 exist 12 cmu exist framed parapet, soffit and mtl fascia panells fully adhere tpo membrane to cmu sidewall c3 a-102 c2 a-102 scale: ref: d2 roof transition 3/4 = 1'-0 a-101 f exist 24 dp precast.
  2. The technique (called pocket beam construction) entails precasting the wall panels and the roof support beams complete with notches large enough to accommodate the precast double tees of the roof panels. When lifted into place, the double tees fit into the notches rather than resting on top of the beams or walls
  3. Estimating, Technical Assistance, Manufacturing and Erection of Precast Products . Call US: +1-305.556.6699. Have Questions? We have answers contact us or request a free estimate. Leading Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Developers, and Builders have relied on our cost effective system for over three decades with proven results
  4. Then do Structure > Beam > (load or select the built-in precast double tee family), and draw the beam at an angle (not vertical). Then straighten it to be vertical. Then you might need to change the angle of the cross section if the tee comes inverted. Then copy the beam as many times as needed
  5. Superior Solutions. Our solutions are only limited by your imagination. Taracon Precast believes buildings should be aesthetically appealing and structurally sound, not either or. We work strategically with our clients and construction partners to create customizable precast concrete solutions that are unique, efficient, and cost-effective
  6. Founded in 1959, Atlanta Structural is the oldest precast concrete company in the Atlanta area. ASC's product line includes: Double tees, insulated and non-Insulated wall panels, columns, T beams, L beams, stairs, stadium components, spandrel panels with architectural finishes, sound barriers, stair shafts, and elevator cores

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Although solid reinforced concrete panels are addressed with respect to minimum thickness for debris impact resistance, precast concrete sandwich panels, hollow core panels, and double-tee flanges are not specifically addressed. As mentioned above, previous debris impact testing of reinforced concrete wall panels focused on solid panels. Impact. This system would not typically vary from the typical floor to the roof level. In precast construction, the exterior precast spandrel beam (load bearing when supporting the double tees or non-load bearing when parallel to the double tees) would extend above the floor line to provide the vehicle barrier as well as the fall protection system. •Below: A single story warehouse consisting of double tees supported by insulated sandwich wall panels. 51. Assembly Concepts for Precast Concrete Buildings •A parking garage structure consisting of precast double tees supported by inverted tee beams on haunches columns. 52. are manufactured in casting beds, 800 ft or more in length

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Banu Mukhtar Awarded Civil works of Tricom Wind Power Project, Jhimpir, Sindh View News. Banu Mukhtar Awarded the Construction of Green Field Production Facility at Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) Jehlum View News. Banu Mukhtar Awarded the Construction of Pavilion No. 02 & 03 and 47 Luxurious Villas at Eighteen Islamabad View News tion in a precast parking garage. Adja-cent precast concrete tee beams are connected along their length through welds between metal plates embed-ded in the flanges. Functionally, the welds turn individual beams into one unified slab, allowing the flanges to mutually support one another against gravity loads. The connections als Precast Concrete in moulds can offer a variety of shapes, sizes & thicknesses unobtainable to the same degree in on site work. Flat Slab Flooring. Incorporated into buildings where large span & fast erection is required. Ideal for use in hotels, office blocks, industrial buildings and schools. Double Tee Floor

• Below: A single story warehouse consisting of double tees supported by insulated sandwich wall panels. PRECAST, PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS 13. Assembly Concepts for Precast Concrete Buildings • A parking garage structure consisting of precast double tees supported by inverted tee beams on haunched columns Value: NZ$1M. Supplied 17m high precast concrete wall panels as well as prestressed Single Tees for the roof to Fulton Hogan. Westmorland Reservoir, Christchurch. Value: NZ$125,000. Supplied pre-stressed wall panels, 100mm Stahlton Flatslab roof and columns & beams to Fulton Hogan. Learn more about Stahlton's experience in infrastructure wind. The precast structure is very heavy, which is the main cause for such a high seismic load. A significant component of that weight is the topping for the double tees. The precast double tees have a 2 flange with a minimum topping of 3-1/4. I used a topping dimension of 4 for each floor and the roof, giving a total slab depth of 6 Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or form which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place (tilt up). In contrast, standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site. Precast stone is distinguished from precast concrete using a fine aggregate in the. A Double Tee is a pre-stressed concrete product used for parking structures, roofs and floors, where long spans are required and/or heavy loads must be supported. Works well with other precast components such as wall panels, columns and beams to form a total precast application; Provides a minimum of 2 hour fire rating. Double Tees. 44 Muir.

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Manufacturer of standard and custom precast and prestressed concrete double tees. Products include floor and roof double tees, composite and non-composite concrete double tees, concrete pretopped double tees and bridge deck double tees. Double tees can be constructed in 24 in., 26 in., 28 in., 30 in. and 32 in. sizes with 10 ft. and 12 ft. widths The panels' slender columns correspond individually to the 7-foot 6-inch span of the 15-foot-wide structural double tee stems. In addition to bringing in light and providing an open, airy feel, the exterior lattice system blocks headlight beams from reaching into the neighborhood The Double Tee product line includes both 10ft and 8ft sections as well as the 9ft wide triple tee module. Standard section depths up to 32 are available. These sections have large span, and high load carrying capacities. Examples using the 24 section include 65ft parking deck spans, and 40ft spans with HS-20 loadings Slabs and Double Tee Slabs . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Products. When precast concrete is prestressed, the additional benefits of uncracked Modular precast concrete floor and roof slabs are machine manufactured under controlled conditions in modern precast plants. Slabs are typically 1220 mm nomina

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Double Tee units, Schmersal India Production Facility, Pune Double Tee units, Bharat Forge Research and Development Centre, Pune Courtesy: Precast India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. WALL UNITS • Load‐bearing and non‐load‐bearing panels • Load‐bearing spandrel units • Non‐load‐bearing facade units • Insulated panels Double-Tee Wall Panel Section. PEC Soundwall. PEC Soundwall form used for Scattered-Site housing in of Structural Precast Concrete Products 40' or 50' for 10' wide panels. Design Tips (continued): - Punched openings preferred ove Architectural Precast Panels Connected to a Steel Structure 2 Pre-Topped Double Tees and Inverted Tee Beam Connection for Parking Structures Pre-Topped Double Tee and L Beams At Expansion Joint Pre-Topped Double Tee Supported By Wall Corbel Pre-Topped Double Tee with Cast-In Wash at Wal Biesanz Stone Company - Prefabricated Natural Stone Panels Description: For more than 25 years, Biesanz Stone has offered natural stone panels as an alternative to manufactured concrete (precast) and handset masonry products for projects throughout the country