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  1. The best insect repellents for summer 2021 include DEET repellents, DEET-free repellents, natural insect repellents, picaridin insect repellents, OFF! bug spray and more
  2. However, insect repellents actually come in several forms, including rub-on liquids, creams, and solid sticks. Insect repellent is also available for purchase in impregnated bracelets or clip-on clothing tabs. Several brands of liquid, cream, and spray insect repellent also include sunscreen and/or skin moisturizer. Active ingredient
  3. One of the leading insect repellent brands, Off offers a variety of insect-protection products, including a clip-on repellent, a mosquito coil, a mosquito lamp, and citronella candles
  4. The Best Bug Repellent. 1. OFF! Deep Woods Bug Repellent. The OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent VIII is a fantastic and dependable solution for keeping the bugs away and at bay when on vacation or even relaxing on your porch on a humid summer evening
  5. Proven Mosquito and Tick Spray is another 20 percent picaridin repellent, and it should work just as well as the others. We like the clear bottle, but the spray can be a little spitty. Proven's.
  6. If you're looking for an insect repellent that uses CDC-recommended ingredients, reach for a can of Sawyer Insect Repellent. It contains 20 percent picaridin, a compound proven to repel all types of insects, including gnats, mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, and flies, for as long as 12 hours.The fragrance-free formula isn't sticky whatsoever
  7. Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent is safe to use on the entire body and, unlike some other mosquito repellent lotions, Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent will not damage clothing, firearms, fishing lines, and other important items. When looking for the best mosquito repellent, another thing to consider is reviews

Best insect repellent: bug sprays, lotions, wipes, essential oils. Don't let pests run—or ruin—your life. The best insect repellent will keep your skin protected and ward off bug-borne. Insect Repellent. Lotion Lover - 2 x 200g Insect Repellent lotion. Save $3.75. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 35.00 $ 31.25 inclusive of GST. Add to cart. Quick View. Insect Repellent. Sandfly & Mozzie Stuff Insect Repellent Lotion (200g Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Repel 100 Insect Repellent, Pump Spray, 1-Ounce at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users The use of insect repellents Malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus, Dengue fever, and Lyme disease are common causes of morbidity and mortality around the world. While arthropod bites may cause local inflammation and discomfort, a greater concern is the potential to develop deadly systemic infection

Read reviews of different mosquito repellents, and what customers are saying, Select the right brand of mosquito repellent, and. Compare prices and find the best deals. Types of Mosquito Repellents Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Proven Insect Repellent Spray - Protects Against Mosquitoes, Ticks and Flies - Odorless, 6 fl. oz. at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Fuze Bug is an insect repellent lamp designed for people who mostly spend their time outdoors exposed to insects. According to the official website, it is a 2-in-1 product, a lamp and an insect. Enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about bug bites with the best mosquito repellents from Off!, Cutter, Repel, and more. These top-rated bug sprays and insect repellents can be found at.

Preliminary study on mosquito repellent and mosquitocidal activities of Ocimum gratissimum (L.) grown in eastern Nigeria. J Vector Borne Dis. pp. 45-50. Ntonifor NN, Ngufor CA, Kimbi HK, Oben BO. Traditional use of indigenous mosquito-repellents to protect humans against mosquitoes and other insect bites in a rural community of Cameroon Buying Options. $50 from Amazon. $40 from Walmart. The Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent Gen 2.0 is the most convenient, easy-to-use spatial repellent we found, and it's nearly as good. 7.9. Bug Lord Rating. Amazon. The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent line of devices provide a new and interesting way to protect your family from mosquitos. Using the same concept as a citronella candle, this product heats and evaporates a more-powerful synthetic insect repellent to disperse mosquitoes and other biting insects I went to Barbados for 5 days and naturally I was concerned about the sun and mosquito/zika problem. After searching the internet for a sunscreen and bug repellent duo, I chose sunsect because of the positive reviews and also the ease of only having to apply one thing as opposed to sunscreen and insect repellent separately Sandfly & Mozzie Stuff Insect Repellent Lotion (200g) quantityAdd to cart. SKU: 201000 Categories: Insect Repellent, Retail. Description. Additional information. Reviews (10) Ingredients. If you are looking for a natural product that gives you maximum protection from biting insects, our Sandfly and Mozzie stuff deet free repellent is designed.

2,131 reviews scanned The 10 Best Bug Repellent For Kids 1,393 reviews scanned Bug X Insect Repellent Towelette, Comes in Foil Pack, 25 per Box 9.7 9.2 9.8 2: Off! Deep Woods Dry Insect. The Locals are an Australian based business that provides a fantastic range of Insect Repellent to protect against sandflies (midges) and mosquitoes, which you will find available within this section. Each of the various types of mosquito bite prevention and stop itch products can be purchased today at competitive prices This budget-friendly mosquito repellent comes with strong reviews on Amazon, which confirms it's an amazing device to invest in. Unlike most other mosquito repellents that need to be replaced from time to time, this is one of those that only need a change of cartridge every month. It is an amazing, affordable, and effective device that helps. The Lotion Lovers Pack gives you plenty of natural DEET free insect repellent to last a long time and keep those annoying bugs away. Made from the highest grade of essential oils and enriched with vitamin E, The Locals Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff is an incredibly effective, deet free lotion Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Natrapel 12-Hour Insect Repellent, 6 oz. Eco-Spray Picaridin Bug Spray - Family Insect Repellent for Mosquitoes, Ticks, & More, Black (0006-6878) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

This mosquito repellent bottle is light. Off! Deep Woods Insect Repellent. You want to go outdoor but do the fear of mosquitoes. Then you can use this Off Deep Wood insect repellent. Cause, it is the best outdoor mosquito repellent. Also, this repellent comes in the market with a 25% DEET and powder-dry finish A simple mosquito killer spray could help keep off the mosquitoes away from the outdoors. OFF deep woods insect repellent contains DEET which is chemically known as N, N Diethyl-m-toluamide. The chemical interferes with the mosquito's antennae and messes up with the neurons and receptors which contain lactic acid and carbon dioxide 0793573617774. THE LOCALS SANDFLY AND MOZZIE SPRAY - DEET FREE - INSECT REPELLENT 125ml. Condition is New. Sent with Australia Post Standard Small Box/Satchel. 2 in 1 - repellent & stop itch. 125ml repellent spray. The Sandfly and Mozzie Spray is a great smelling, non greasy, safe repellent. Even on those unfortunate occasions when you've. The Para'Kito Mosquito Insect and Bug Repellent Clip is an alternative to the repellent bracelets and is our pick for the most versatile and discreet option. The clip is available in black, gray, blue, red, and camouflage colors. Like the bracelet version, the Para'Kito repellent clip is refillable with pellets and includes two of these.

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3. Sawyer Products Picaridin 20% Spray Repellent Mosquito Ticks Gnats Biting Flies. 9.2. View Product. 9.2. 4. No Natz No Mosquitoz Organic Insect Repellent Liquid For Mosquitoes Gnat 4 oz. 8.8. The Best Insect Repellents to Protect You From Bug Bites in Summer 2021 Steer clear of mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests with these EPA-approved bug sprays, lotions, and wipes. By Jake Smit Our reviews of the ten best mosquito repellents help you know the various features concerning each product. The pros, cons, and frequently asked questions provide you with additional knowledge that can allow you to identify the qualities that you need before making a purchase. Using this review will lead you to buy a mosquito repellent that.

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  1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for EcoSMART Insect Repellent, 6 oz. Pump Spray Bottle at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  2. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ben's 30% Deet Insect Repellent Spray, 3.4 oz (Pack of 3) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  3. As a natural repellent, you will need to reapply Herbal Armor more frequently than DEET - every 2 hours or so on average. However, unlike some other natural repellents that provide only marginal protection, this product works very well (with near 100% repellency on areas freshly applied) and allows us to go hiking and backpacking during bug.
  4. Natrapel 12-Hour Insect Repellent Review. We put Natrapel's 12-hour picaridin spray to the test to see if it is a safe mosquito repellent that actually works. $12.21 on amazon Main Product Details 8/10 What we like; It works well.
  5. Simply plug Go Travel's electric insect repellent into the mains and it promises to keep your room mosquito-free for up to 20 days. It diffuses mosquito repellent from replaceable tablets, and.
  6. Sawyer Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent is used on clothing, not skin, and it provides long-lasting protection against ticks. Vile, horrible, insidious, and disgusting are just a few of the.
  7. According to the official Fuze Bug website, you can use this insect-repellent device in every place imaginable. Fuze Bug mosquito killer is suitable to use indoors and outdoors

The Pyramid Trek Midge and Tick came in a smaller sized bottle than the Smidge so it took up less room and had a spray which gave good coverage. Pyramid also have a ECOGUARD fabric spray for repelling insects, ideal for backpacks and apparently tents. I've had a look on Amazon at the cost per 100ml Insect repellent applied to clothing: You're ready to go as soon as you're dressed and it provides protection for the widest range of bugs. However, insect-repellent clothing only offers limited protection for exposed skin, so combining clothing- and skin-based repellents is the way to give yourself comprehensive coverage Mark's WindRiver Tick And Mosquito Repellent Clothing. For those that follow along here on my blog know that I have had the opportunity to review Mark's WindRiver products in the past. The tick and mosquito repellent clothing for this season has seen some changes that I see as big improvements The NEJM study concluded that DEET, the active ingredient in most commercial insect repellents, was the most effective mosquito repellent. It's also an effective repellent against ticks, which can.

Contents [ show] 1 Top 7 Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Reviews. 1.1 Mosquito Guard B07DWKQRSF Kids Repellent Bands - Best Overall. 1.2 Bugables B01ITTMR9U Citronella Scented Coil Wristbands - Best For Heavily Infested Areas. 1.3 BugBand B000VUYQYK Insect Repellent Bands - Best For Water Activities Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula 40% DEET repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, biting flies, chiggers and fleas. A tough repellent for any adventure, this formula contains 40% DEET. This insect repellent is designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts exposed to the toughest conditions

1.4 Summit Mosquito Barrier B00B7WO1P0 - Best for Hose End Sprayer. 1.5 Black Flag Fogging Insecticide B07H3YMD8Q - Best Quantity. 1.6 BONIDE Mosquito Beater B000WGTK62 - Best for Use with Thermal Foggers. 1.7 Raid Yard Guard B07G4K2ZY7 - Best Non-Fragrant. 2 A Buying Guide for A Good Mosquito Spray Tag: lemongrass insect repellent review of related literature. Agriculture. Lemon grass may help repel dengue mosquitoes. 2 Aside from being an important herb, lemon grass may help repel dengue mosquitoes, revealed Dr. Manuel Mapue, Department of Health (DOH) Regional Medical Dengue.. Calypso Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray review scored 9.6/10 based on 343 reviews. Read all reviews for Calypso Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray now and buy at £4.5. 47203 / 5017371132372 / 1 1. Homemade Mosquito Repellent With Lavender. 2 2. The 3 Ingredient Mosquito Spray. 3 3. Mama Natural's Mosquito Spray. 4 4. Homemade Mosquito Repellent with Lemon Essential Oil. 5 5 Para'Kito Mosquito Repellent Wristbands are wearable, mosquito-repelling accessories that claim to ward off bugs without any need for sprays or creams. In fact, they are 100% free from traditional insecticidal repellents (like DEET) and rely on a cocktail of natural, essential oils to protect the wearer from bites

3. Ben's 100% DEET Mosquito. Easy to apply, the spray pump bottle provides thorough coverage for complete protection. Ben's 100% deet was the first 100% deet product in the country to be registered with the epa. Ben's 100% deet mosquito, tick and insect repellent offers the maximum deet concentration available After using a combination sunscreen/insect repellent for my toddler, I decided to try a combination product on myself. I found the BullFrog Mosquito Coast SPF 30 Sunblock with Insect Repellent at my local drugstore and thought it would be a good thing to try. I am very disappointed in the results. First, this product has a very strong chemical. Ben's 30% DEET Mosquito Tick and Insect Repellent Wipes Features. DEET (N, N-dimethyl-m-toluamide) is the most effective insect repellent available. Active ingredient 30% DEET offers up to 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, chiggers, fleas and no-see-ums. Effectively repels insects that may carry West Nile Virus and Lyme. Image credit: lelong.my Old is gold when it comes to perennial problems like mosquitoes, and this 20-year old brand goes back to nature for a remedy. It's 100% natural with active ingredients like citronella oil, so you can safely place ANTIMOS Mosquito Control anywhere around the house.. Simply remove the lid and the solid repellent will start diffusing to effectively protect an area of. It was indeed pricey for a mosquito repellent at this size. The smart version which can be connected via Bluetooth with a companion app costs around 800 pesos. While the non-smart version is around 500+. Well, the first time I saw it, I found it at the price of 1000+ but I am very eager to find a lower price which I was able to find

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The review presented here focuses on the examination of the main sources of essential oils currently used as repellents, explor- ing the known relationships between oil components and repellent Moskito Care Insect Repellent. 131 likes. Moskito Care Insect Repellent is a water-based, lotion spray formulation made with the active ingredient, Picaridin. Learn more at www.moskitocare.com Repel Mosquito Wipes are great for on-the-go protection. Each 5 x 7 wipe contains 30% DEET and repels mosquitoes that may transmit the Zika, West Nile, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses. Take the travel-size pack with you on your next adventure and be ready to repel mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, biting flies, no-see-ums, gnats and fleas wherever. REPEL's insect repellents all succeed in the safety area, as most repellents should, but 40% DEET may cause irritation to younger children. Chances of something happening are slim but is something to take note of. Overall Value If you're buying through Amazon, this repellent is dirt cheap —cheaper than Cutter's repellents. I love that Zone Insect Repellents have 20% Picaridin, which is EPA approved and CDC endorsed. Zone Insect Repellent is safe for adults, children and is proven effective for protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, gnats and no-seeums. Zone Insect Repellent is non-oily, non-staining and has a GREAT scent

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  1. A. Yes! Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Natural Insect Repellent is designed mainly to kill and repel mosquitoes, but it is also effective against ticks and other nuisance pests. It is intended to be used as a personal insect repellent, but not as a surface or area spray. Apply to skin (arms, legs, neck, face, etc.) as the label recommends
  2. ed an ultrasonic bug repellent that is said to repel a large variety of pests and a gadget combining the effect of ultrasonic and.
  3. Zone Insect Repellents have 20% Picaridin, which is EPA approved and CDC endorsed. Zone Insect Repellent is safe for adults, children and is proven effective for protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, gnats and no-seems. Zone Insect Repellent is non-oily and non-staining
  4. 13 Best Mosquito Repellents for 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides; 13 Best Mosquito Repellents for 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides. Our experts have tested Best Mosquito Repellents from a variety of OFF!, Coleman, Murphy's Naturals, Bug Soother, Greenerways Organic, Mosquito Guard, TBI Pro, for example:... These are the Best Mosquito Repellents for.
  5. Vinegar, soap, sugar, and water. Get a bowl and in it, place a few drops of dish soap, apple cider vinegar, and sugar. Place the bowl close to the drain for a few days. This will attract the flies. The thick solution will trap these insects in the water
  6. In this report on the best insect repellents, Consumer Reports says that repellents are the most important defense against mosquito- and tick-borne diseases, like Lyme and West Nile
  7. First a little about Proven Insect Repellent. GrowingTheHomeGarden.com. According to Proven: PROVEN repellents that contain 20% Saltidin will protect against mosquitos for 12-14 hours, while DEET only offers six hours of defense. DEET is even less effective at repelling ticks, protecting for less than two hours, while PROVEN again keeps ticks.

Best. Natrapel Bug Spray. Natrapel 8-Hour DEET-Free Long-Lasting Insect Repellent, $13 at Amazon. Repellent ingredient: picaridin. The thing about bug sprays is that most of them, like sunscreen, require constant reapplication to actually work. Natrapel's does not, and that alone makes it one of the best Ecosmart Insect Repellent reviews reveal a high level of customer satisfaction, and this is probably because Ecosmart uses solid science to keep you free from insects. It uses oils that attack octopamine, a key insect neurotransmitter that works to regulate the insect's movement, behavior, and metabolism. YouTube. EcoSMARTvideos. 10 subscribers Mosquito Guard Repellent Incense Sticks. $14. Mosquito Guard's incense sticks, infused with citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass oil, not only keep bugs at bay, but they create nice ambience if. Insect Repellents: In-depth DEET. DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) is found in Sawyer Jungle Juice (concentration of 98%), Ben's 100 Max Formula Insect Repellent (95%) and Repel 100 Insect Repellent Spray (98%). In use since 1946, it's the most widely used insect repellent today, and highly effective against mosquitos and ticks

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16,317 reviews scanned The 10 Best Mosquito Repellents 16,797 reviews scanned 5PK Mosquito Repellent 20 Coils Outdoor Use Lasts 5-7 Hours 10Ft Outdoor Camping 9.0 8.5 9.1 5 Best overall bug spray: Proven Insect Repellent Spray ($16.97; homedepot.com ) Proven Insect Repellent Spray. This picaridin formula from Proven is one of the most portable options, perfect for.

Trends in insect repellent formulations: A review Int J Pharm. 2018 Mar 25;539(1-2):190-209. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2018.01.046. Epub 2018 Feb 3. Authors Melanie Tavares 1 Insect Repellents / adverse effects Insect Repellents / chemistry Insect Repellents / therapeutic use*. Coleman SkinSmart DEET-free Insect Repellent uses an active ingredient, IR3535 or 3-[N-Butyl-N-acetyl]-aminopropionic acid ethyl ester, that was developed in the 1970s but not registered in the.

Our expertly picked best mosquito repellent consumer reports reviews in 2020 will help you to solve it. Most of the people think that the only system to solve mosquitoes problem throughout hotter months is to apply mosquito repellent or to use a mosquito fogger. Well, wait! You can solve this problem by using a mosquito spray in your outdoor yard With 1,300 reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say that this rather stylish bug repellant does the trick. Smidge Insect Repellent has 1,297 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars.

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A easy-to-use option that is great for smaller spaces, this product is a good choice for those who want to keep mosquitos away with as little work as possible. Thermacell Radius Zone: Check the current price. 3. Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent, Glacial Blue | Best for Patio. Having a patio is great 8. Airoads Ultrasonic Bug Repellent Review. You will hardly find something more convenient for outdoor activities than this ultrasonic bug repellent that can be hang around your clothes or fit into the smallest bag. Airoads Bug Repellent can be tuned to different frequencies to repel different kinds of flying insects Media Gallery for Lifesystems Expedition Natural Insect Repellent Refine your search Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period DEET, or diethyltoluamide, is the active ingredient in many insect repellents and was created by the United States' Department of Agriculture in 1944 for the Army. This was following the Army. Best Stink Bug Repellent Review 2020 - Consumer Guides and Report. As coming here, you might be disturbed by stink bugs. Of course, you need to do something about it if they keep coming around your space. You simply need a good stink bug repellent, indeed. To make it short, we have checked and gone through many stink bug repellents for you

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8. Re: Insect repellent.....cactus oil/juice??? see, Frodo... that will work just fine in Roatan in Wyoming the mozzies will bite right through the saran wrap, inject their evil juices, and leave one one giant oozing people-wrap... aluminum siding is sometimes effective as a barrier, but limits mobility - Insect repellent help prevent and control the outbreak of insect borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and other diseases. Pest animals commonly serving as vectors for disease include the insects flea fly and mosquito. Mosquitoes have complex methods of detecting hosts and different types of mosquitoes react to different. Mosquito repellents in spray bottles make applying repellent quick and easy. It's easy to apply repellent to clothing with a spray bottle, too. However, it's difficult to get even coverage with spray mosquito repellents, and they are easily inhaled, so they're not ideal for use by or around those with respiratory illnesses

Sawyer sells Picaridin in spray (3 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz) and lotion (4 oz) options. This review is of the spray, specifically the 3 oz version that I was provided as a reviewer prize. The Sawyer Picaridin spray contains 20% Picaridin in their fisherman's formula. This is similar to levels of DEET in many products #1) Mosquito Repellent Bracelets by PUMPICOO. These mosquito repellent bracelets by PUMPICOO are the best wearable mosquito repellent bracelets on the market according to Amazon user ratings with an average rating of 5 stars at the time this article was written based on over 100 unique user reviews

Review of RID insect repellent. RID has been helping Australians repel pesky insects since the 1950s, developing an underlying formula to apparently effectively control and repel mosquitos, flies and any other insects. RID is a well-respected brand in the insect repellent world and there is some serious value to be found in its products 38 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Add 12-hour Insect Repellent Pump - 3.4 fl. oz. to. Bug Bam! Mosquito Band - Package of 2. $5.00. (77) 77 reviews with an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars. Add Mosquito Band - Package of 2 to Conclusion. Overall, we've found that Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Gentle Breeze SPF 30 Moisturizing Insect Repellent Lotion is one of the best insect repellent and sunscreen combos that we've tried. The light and moisturizing DEET-free formula is gentle on the skin as well as more eco-friendly than similar products Repel 100 Insect Repellent provides you with up to 10 hours of protection. Spending a long time outdoors can be refreshing, but mosquitoes can quickly bring that to a halt. The convenient 1 ounce travel size pump spray can be easily stored with whatever gear your adventure requires. The flip-top cap prevents accidental spraying when not in use Top 5 Mosquito Repellent Reviews #1. Unica Mosquito Repellent. The company has adequate experience in the field of mosquito repellents and provides a unique variety of Unica Mosquito Repellent comprising of Neem as its Pure Herbal Active ingredient. Unica Mosquito Repellent has a subtle aroma and is made from herbal actives like Tulsi, Neem.

Overall Rating 3.5 Stars. Conclusion. Not bad for general protection but take caution, this product is VERY oily based on dozens of reviews online. The Babyganic's formula is 100% oil based and may not be ideal for some folks. Otherwise, it does contain a modest blend of active ingredients proven to keep insects and mosquitoes away With 1,300 reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say that this rather stylish bug repellant does the trick. Smidge Insect Repellent has 1,297 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars. This has been highly effective against mosquitoes for me and doesn't have a horrible caustic smell, wrote one shopper

Triple Coil Mosquito Repellent Bracelets [10pc] & Insect Repellent Patches [120pc] World's First Triple Coil Mosquito Bands - Kid Safe, Natural, DEET Free, Insect Repellent Bands - 300hrs Repellence. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 271. £4.99 DEET Insect Repellents, Explained. DEET is the most popular active ingredient used in many insect repellent products, and for now also the most effective one. DEET is used for repelling not only mosquitoes, but also other pests that carry diseases such as ticks. DEET has got an oil consistency with a yellowish color Review Rating. Please choose a rating. Pest Common Name. Mosquitos. Ticks Top Rated. Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills (4-Pack) 48 Hours Coverage and Deet Free. Shop this Collection (620) Model# 100524291. Top Rated. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Refill 120-Hour Mega Pack (30 Repellent Mats and 10 Local store prices may vary from.

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