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You can give yo yo flowers a kick by adding layers of tulle, lace and beaded fringe. The center embellishment is another way to make yo yo flowers unique. Make some for each season of the year and for the holidays. I've made some yo yo flowers inspired by spring and summer, using lace in a couple of different ways To attach yo-yos to background fabric: Use a needle and double thread, knotted at the end. Hold the yo-yo in place with your fingers. Come up from underneath the block in the center of the yo-yo You will need 2 fabrics for each flower. Cut 1- 8.5 inch square for the Jumbo and 1- 3.5 inch square for the small yo-yo maker. Place the fabric in the maker according to package directions. Then sew in and out of the holes provided on the maker 'Yo-yo flower' is a funny name, but it makes total sense. After you hand-stitch around the entire circle of fabric, you pull the thread (just as you'd pull a yo-yo's string) to gather it together into a little round flower (resembling a toy yo-yo.

Make a template on the cardstock for the desired size. When making your yo-yo pattern, keep in mind that it needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo, plus about 1/2″ for seam allowances. Using the fabric marker, trace the template onto the wrong side of a scrap of fabric. Cut your circle out using scissors or shears Jul 21, 2019 - Explore Anne Swicegood's board Yo Yo Flowers, followed by 263 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yos, yo yo quilt, fabric crafts Aug 8, 2019 - Explore Fiona Fowlis Curtis's board yo yo flowers on Pinterest. See more ideas about fabric crafts, sewing crafts, sewing projects DIY Fabric Flower Yo-Yo Tutorial: These Yo YO fabric flowers are looking too attractive and adorable for the color combination and buttons and gems used.You can use them super awesomely on the gits who have been wrapped simply and need an instant decor touch

These instructions are for a basic leaf. These leaves can be made with or without the fine wire remaining in the edge. Without the wire, the leaf has a softer look to it. If the wire remains in the ribbon, the edges of the leaf can be shaped and you can get a more controlled, three-dimensional look to the leaf How to make easy yo-yo flowers

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After seeing a few flowers like these at the Basic Grey booth at CHA I'd thought I'd make a video! Very simple cute flowers If you love adding dimensional applique to your art quilts, this quilting video from Heather Thomas is for you. Heather demonstrates step-by-step how to make hand-stitched yo-yo flowers and how to incorporate them in your next quilting project. The yo-yo flowers can add an old-fashioned vibe to a modern piece Here is a quick video to teach you how easy it is to make fabric yo-yo's using the Clover yo-yo maker tool. This makes quick work of making your yo-yo's Th.. Fabric flowers are all the rage and can be used in so many ways, whether it's in your hair, on a pillow, even your favorite outfit can be made to look more trendy! I am always on the look out for a good flower tutorial. Here is a great round up of some fabulous flowers! I also love crochet flowers. Don't miss these lovely crochet flower.

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Feb 13, 2014 - The Clover YoYo Maker eliminates the need to pre-cut circles for yo-yos. Free Shipping on orders over $65! Feb 13, 2014 - The Clover YoYo Maker eliminates the need to pre-cut circles for yo-yos. Yo Yo Quilt Memory Crafts Project Free Craft Free Heart Cards Diy Arts And Crafts Flower Crafts Flower Decorations Fabric Patterns. I adore fabric flowers! So here are 17 beautiful fabric flowers to make to add to headbands, purses, shirts, children's clothing, or even to add as a present topper. These fabric flower tutorials include how to make fabric rosettes, rolled fabric flowers, roses, and even felted flowers. We've taken away all the guess work on how to make a fabric flower with these incredible tutorials

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Once the fabric ruffles enough that it begins to make a flower, knot your thread on the back (flat) side. 4) Continue making yo-yo flowers until you have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Stitch beads to the center of each or glue buttons or pre-made felt flowers to the centers May 20, 2020 - Explore Cindy B.'s board Yo yo patterns on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo yo quilt, yo-yos, fabric crafts The yo-yo crochet pattern shown here is a single round, but many yo-yo crochet patterns have a second round, typically giving the yo-yo a more floral design. For example, you could use the same yo-yo pattern as above and then add round two as follows: Step 1. Ch 4 (counts as firstsingle crochet (sc) and first ch 3). Step 2. Sc in next dc This past year I've been inspired by several artists making flower bricks and found this yo-yo pot design easily transformed from a lidded jar to a flower brick with a removable top. The flat, smooth surface is a perfect canvas for a colored slip and sgraffito carving Start Sewing the Yo-Yo. Thread a hand-sewing needle and knot one thread, leaving a tail after the knot. Working with the wrong side of the fabric toward you, gently turn under approximately 1/8- to 1/4-inch of the edge of the circle. Insert the needle in the edge of the fabric on the wrong side, so the knot will be inside the yo-yo

Materials (for making one flower) To learn how to make fabric yo-yo's, visit Heather Bailey's awesome tutorial!. Two finished yo-yo's of different size (this flower uses one 3 and one 2 yo-yo) One or two small scraps of green fel Bright centers give the Yo-Yo's a flower appearance. Whip the Yo-Yo's together as indicated in the diagram. The full-size blocks made up of 25 print Yo-Yo's are set together diagonally with Yo-Yo's of a plain color. The finished quilt is approximately 80 by 108 including the points. Requirements: 1842 small yellow disks - 1 1/2 yard Yo Yo Blooms dolls & more pattern- how to make flower yoyos, butterflies, belt, t-shirt buckle, and flower child doll by Mary's Patterns BethiesBizarre 5 out of 5 stars (160 At your local craft, sewing or quilt shop, you can get plastic yo-yo makers, which come in different shapes and sizes. You can make circle, flower or butterfly yo-yos. These just make it easier for kids, but are not necessary - instructions for making yo-yo's without template is below

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  1. Yo-Yo Flowers Tutorial Quite a few of the Design Team made the project kit add on this month. I know when midnight rolls around we are going to see a few different takes on the fabric flower. I love making fabric flowers, and one of my favorite quick and easy ones is the yo-yo flower! For one thing, its called a yo-yo flower, that totally makes.
  2. Prepare for quilting as in General Instructions. Hand-quilt around outside edges of appliqué, on marked lines and in the ditch around border. 11. Apply purchased or self-made navy binding as in General Instructions. Angled seams on a striped border print come together for an intriguing frame. Yo-Yo Star Flowers Background Cut 1 white on fold
  3. Yo yos are super simple to make and can add a lot of fun to any project. In fact, you can make bedspreads out of them, decorate purses, and make yo yo flowers. The list is endless for these fun little fabric decorations. You can make yo yos totally by hand or you can purchase yo yo makers in all different sizes to make them even easier to.
  4. The yo-yo makers come with instructions (so no real need for an instructable) and I think making them without a plastic gadget is a more versatile skill to know and to pass on to others. Just like with the yo-yo makers, you can make flower, oval and heart shaped yo-yos just by cutting the fabric out that shape and stitching around the edge in.
  5. Step 01. First, make a pattern. Your yo-yo pattern needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo, plus about 1/2 for seam allowances. You can use a compass to draw out your pattern, or find a bowl or lid to trace. Chipboard works great for a pattern, as does the cardboard from a cereal box

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  1. If you do this make sure to fluff flower at the end and separate the petals they tend to get stuck together. Some people call these yo-yo clown dolls but yo-yo friends is a better name. I have seen dog , cat , elephant, clown , baby, mouse,... Yoyo Afghan Instructions / tutorial. The tutorial has been removed from here and a link added.
  2. Wallet with Yo-Yo Flowers. Yo-Yo Caterpillar. Bloom Quilt. Fabric Yo Yo Tutoral. Yo Yo Plush Dog. Tic Tac Toe Yo Yo Game Board. Yo Yo Advent Calendar. Yo Yo Bird Applique Shirt. Love Cushion. On The Fourth Day of Christmas Wreath. Fabric Scrap Rosette Ornament. You can also make really adorable pins with yo-yo's- I love making piles of these.
  3. Sewing yo-yos for making quilts is a wonderful means of spending a few creative hours, and you will end up with artistic and cozy coverlets. There are countless designs and patterns to fall in love with. So, those with a knack for sewing, stitching, and knitting can invest their time into making a yo-yo quilt following the below-mentioned.
  4. Lia Griffith for PaperPapers. Lia Griffith is the queen of paper flower design and here's a free paper flower tutorial for PaperPapers that creates a jumbo peony flower backdrop that invokes feelings of Spring.. There are both SVG and PDF downloads that include templates of different sizes of petals, leaves, and centers so you can make small, medium, and large papers with text-weight paper
  5. Welcome to OPC's The Better Half. My name is Jocie, and I love to craft and DIY my home into something wonderful. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make fabric flowers. It's been a popular article with over 220K pins and growing! If you enjoy this article, check out some other recent crafts and consider subscribing to The Better Half (email or RSS)
  6. Different sizes are available to make yo-yos from 20-88mm, plus templates for other shapes like hearts and flowers that I've not tried yet. You can find a variety here at Black Sheep Wools . Once you have the hang of it, experiment away, but to begin with, I'd suggest either the 45mm or 30mm template and a light cotton fabric that drapes.

20+ Fabric YoYo Projects. Over 20 fabric yoyo projects for you to hand or machine sew. Big variety of projects. Fabric yoyo's are simple to make and great for a travel project. Let's face it. Yo-yo's are a lot of fun to make..but they have a tendancy to sit around and not be used in anything. Fabric Yoyo projects are perfect for summer. Dec 7, 2017 - Explore Valarie Cephas's board yo yo flowers on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo yo quilt, yo-yos, fabric crafts 4. Sew yo-yo on top of the small felt circle *Yo-yo I used 3″ and 2″ circles to make yo-yo's. Smaller ones on the felt flowers are made with 1 1/4″ circles. If you need to see how to make yo-yo, you can go to my tutorial. {Assemble} In my opinion, this is the most fun part. Just lay down the cardigan and lay down the flowers and yo-yo. Watch your creativity come to life with these free knit flower patterns. Learn how to knit a flower and add a lovely embellishment to your knitting. Using the first row as an example, with 83 sts on need, knit 7, purl 3, work yo, k3tog tbl, yo, p3 over the next 66 sts, knit7 to finish the row. For clarity the yo, k3tog tbl, yo, p3 will be. The square yo-yos are entirely too cute! I can't remember where, a quilting catalog maybe, where I saw templates for making yo-yos that were flower shaped and heart shaped. I was really amazed and still can't quite wrap my head around how to do it! lol. I'm so behind on my sewing but yo-yos are up there on my list! Jana. Reply Delet

Yo-Yo Star Flowers. Designed by Marian Shenk. Make a beginner-level, quilted candle mat with this free quilting pattern. It features angled seams on a striped border and yo-yo star flowers. Finished candle mat size is 16 x 16. Skill Level: Beginner Flowers. These free crochet flower patterns are just what you need to create all the pins and embellishments you can imagine. You can also crochet flowers for an everlasting bouquet! Learn how to crochet a flower today with these stunning designs that feature unique and attractive flowers of every season Instructions: 1. Fold each square diagonally, point to point. Then fold in half to make a smaller triangle. I like to stick a pin in the center to hold it together so I make all my triangles at once. 2. Thread your needle with heavy duty thread, you'll want about 18 inches of thread. 3. Sandwich one triangle about 1/2 way inside another and.

Yoyo motif is an easy and fun project for kids and sewing beginners to learn running stitch, and the applique is a instant flower embellishment for any garment. You'll have a hoot creating each one with the step-by-step instructions and diagrams. The owl is constructed of 26 yo-yos, and is made completely by hand 1 1.5 2 Fabric Yo-Yo Templates Print onto white cardstock and use a washable ink marker to trace onto the wrong side of scrap fabric pieces Finished size: As graphed, about 50 wide and 72 long, but is easily adjustable by adjusting number of flower rows. Number of yo-yo's used: 811 ( 371 assorted colors + 440 main color, worked as afghan is joined.) All Priscilla's free patterns can be viewed on her website How to applique your yo-yo's. Place yo-yo on the block and stitch along the outside edge. Just catch the edge so it doesn't show. This is what the back of the block will look like. See how you skip along on the backnot on the front. You will repeat this applique method 3 times- one time each for each posie yo-yo Place different-colored buttons in the center of your yo-yos to make them look like flowers. Sew them to your quilt along with green felt stems. It is unnecessary to iron the fabric during the process. Warning. If allowing children to sew, be sure they keep a consistent seam allowance and are old enough to properly take needle precautions..

North America, South America and Caribbean. Clover Needlecraft, Inc. 1441 S Carlos Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761 USA Tel: (800) 233-1703 | Fax: (909) 218-216 Only 13 yrs old! Elsa, what a great tutorial for joining up yo-yos! When I first started learning to read crochet patterns I saw a fun pattern for a yo-yo afghan but despite a couple of attempts I never managed to follow the instructions well enough to make anything of it

Instructions Yo-yo's are one round of double crochet that can be crocheted together in a hexagon based pattern to make lots of different items, including afghans. Step 7: This is the completed flower for the Flower Power afghan. Numbers indicate joining of first yo-yo on the 2nd round for the Yo-Yo Hexagon Baby afghan Easy Fabric Yo-Yo Tutorial with Free Printable Templates. This easy fabric yo-yo tutorial is a great way to use up fabric scraps. Templates to make three different fabric yo-yo sizes and full step-by-step instructions included! Flores de tecido yo-yo. Idéias e MC da Internet

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  1. Quick and easy Yo-Yo Maker templates! QUICK Yo-Yo Makers allow you to make evenly spaced stitches to create beautiful gathers. Fold the seam allowance, rounding off to make a nicely shaped yo-yo
  2. Joining method: Make 53 hexagon flowers using the net stitch joining method and a coordinating color yarn (not the main color) for joining. Then join the flowers as in the graph with yo-yo's crocheted in the main color, then edged and joined with the main color using the net stitch method. Edging: Using size J hook and main color, work 2 sc in each unjoined ch-3 sp around the outside of the.
  3. Cut two 2-1/2-inch circles from cardboard. Cut one circle in half. These will be your patterns. The half circle will be for the petals and the whole circle will be the flower center. Trace the petal pattern five times onto the wrong side of two layers of fabric. Trace the flower center pattern once onto the wrong side of a single layer of fabric
  4. With our pattern, create this YO YO pumpkin! This is a downloadable (non paper) pattern. For questions about yarn requirements, please contact us
  5. Lay out all your Yo Yo's and start gettin' creative as you make your button/yo yo combinations. Grab your bobby pin base and add a drop of hot glue. Place on the backside of a yo yo. Allow to cool. Flip over and apply a drop of glue to the center of the front of your yo yo. Then place your button on top. Allow to cool

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Z-Stix Tutorials. Z-Stix Flower Stick Beginner Trick Tutorial 104: Helicopter This Z-Stix series shows simple step by step instruction in slow motion and HD make it easy to learn each move to take your stick playing to the next level. Featuring demonstration by Nick Keil (That Stix Guy) and voice over by Sam Green. Nick is using Origami Flowers. Origami flowers can be really beautiful. They can also be really intricate. They make great gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. The kusudama flowers can be glued to make a flower ball and they can be used as decoration or ornament pieces during the holiday season YO, draw through all 3 loops on hook. TR Cluster (tutorial for this stitch HERE): *YO twice, insert hook in next hdc, YO and pull up a loop, (YO, draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Rep from * 2 times more, YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook. Htr (half triple crochet): YO twice, insert hook in indicated st and pull up loop How to Make a Yo-Yo Doll. Yo-yos are gathered, lightly stuffed circles of fabric that are used to make ornaments, clothing decoration and many other craft projects. This cute little doll is a great way to use up scrap sewing and quilting fabrics Nov 16, 2018 - Explore Carol Ray's board YoYo patterns on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yos, yoyo, christmas crafts

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4. A flower corsage for decoration, click here for the tutorial. Yo-Yo Puff Size & Quantity: 1 1/2″ dia. each with 3.0mm hook. Click here for the tutorial. 43 of various colors, remember to leave a long end of about 8″ for sewing up. Finishing Size: Widest width 14″ Length 10″ Brim length 3 1/2″ To fit head circumference (21 1/2 in To crochet a tptr: Yo 4 times, insert hook into the ring, yo, draw loop through (6 loops on hook), *yo, draw through 2 loops* 5 times. A finished tptr as the 2nd st of this round. Crochet another 18 tptr to have 20 sts in the ring altogether. Sl st to the 8th chain of the first st to complete 1st round

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Joining this crochet flowers may seem difficult, but this tutorial will make it easy for you. Puff Flowers Crochet Pattern. Everyone knows that the flower crochet patten is the most beautiful and useful patten in the crochet world. These little puff flowers are the best example of it - they need much work but, at the end, they will look. Clover Quick Flower Shaped Yo-Yo Maker for Corsages Table Runners Bags. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Instructions included. See details. - Clover Quick Flower Shaped Yo-Yo Maker for Corsages Table Runners Bags. See all 5 brand new listings. Watch. Sold by colfin60 ( 139) 100.0% Positive feedback Contact seller Dec 14, 2015 - Explore Dianna Featherstone Driscoll's board yo yo's what to do with them, followed by 2464 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yos, yo yo quilt, fabric flowers

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Felt Flower Yo-Yo #2 With a pair of fabric scissors, cut your yo-yo where you see the yellow lines. Be careful not to cut where the stitching is. Sew a button in the center. Done. By changing the width and depth of the cuts you can get a large variety of flower shapes Curio Flower Directions Cut Back ground fabric 13 x 16 Applique Leaves and stems, centering design with stem coming out of bottom Make flower and applique to background. Make a yo-yo for center and applique. Trim to 12.5 x 15.5 Cut 22 3.5 x 3.5 square. Sew two sets of 4 squares each. Attach along the bottom of the applique

Fabric Yo Yo Flowers have an endless possibility of uses. They can be used as embellishment or sewn together to form blankets, pillows, or clothing. Not to mention the color and pattern combinations one can use. I think yo-yo flowers are fun. Easy Peasy and a great way to use up scrap fabric These fabric yo yo flowers make pretty hair accessories! Or how about using them to make flower accents for a wreath or other home decor projects? Petro from Easy Peasy Creative shows how you can make them. It's a great project for beginners and uses up your fabric scraps! Click below for her tutorial Some people call these yo-yo clown dolls but yo-yo friends is a better name. I have seen dog, cat, elephant, clown, baby, mouse, pig, bunny, giraffe,and bear ones, so it can be more than a clown. It is not hard to make a yo-yo friend; just a little prep work first. Please read through all instructions before starting your yo-yo friend.. The Learn to Yo Equipment and Foundation videos will answer most questions on how to use your yo and fix common set-up issues. If you still have questions after watching, contact our Customer Care team with an explanation of how the yo-yo is malfunctioning (it is possible there is an easy fix). Be sure to indicate the style and color of the yo. Ever wonder how grandma made those cool/interesting gathered circles? You can copy and improve upon that idea with the right materials and a little planning. Obtain fabric. Loose weave works easiest, but this can be done with nearly any..

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So here's some simple, step-by-step instructions to sew your own yo yo's. I've used gorgeous Liberty tana lawn for mine, but you can really use any fabric. Experiment with different prints and fabrics or even lace. You can get some beautiful results! And once you've stitched one yo yo, I promise you won't be able to stop Thank you for the explanation of the name. I too am addicted to making these lovely fabric yo yos ( I like the American name for them). I am very new to crafting and had never heard of these and my daughter and I needed a simple fabric flower so we made this up lol without ever realising it existed See how the yo-yo's are patterned onto the quilt. Notice romantic other details so as this ruffle all around the quilt. The fresh green & white background of the quilt makes the colorful flowers pop. Yo-yo Close-Up. Each yo-yo is made and attached in a way that it looks like a flower. What is lovely about yo-yo making, i Make your own yo-yos in three simple steps. Step 1: On underside of fabric, trace a circular object twice the size of your intended yo-yo, adding 1/2 inch for seam allowance. Step 2: Cut out fabric circle; fold edge under 1/4 inch. Using a running stitch, sew along the edge of the circle, leaving a tail of thread

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It is uncertain of when and where the technique for making yo-yo quilts originated. The earliest known examples date to the 1920s but the technique and pattern became prominent in the next decade. By the 1930s patterns were appearing in the women's pages of weekly publications. In Merikay Waldvogel's book 'Soft Covers for Hard Times Hi Stephanie those are lovely little flower shaped yo yo coasters. What a cute idea. I always wondered if it my cup would sit flat and if I would spill my drink if I made coasters from yo-yo's. You let me know? I am just a klutz. I made a yo-yo dresser scarf, can I say how sweet it is, it looks so victorian. LOVE How to Stitch a Yo-Yo. Fold under 1/4 of fabric. Thread a hand-sewing needle with sturdy, 100% cotton thread and knot the end of it. Take small, evenly spaced running stitches near the folded edge all the way around the circle. Use a running stitch around the edge of the yo-yo -- bigger stitches are better than smaller ones because they allow.

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2. Cut out your circle. Cut multiple layers of fabric together to save time. 3. Thread a needle and knot a double strand of strong thread. 4. Fold over 1/8″ of the edge of your circle and begin to sew around the edge. The tighter your stitches, the larger the opening of the whole will be on the finished yo yo Flower Power Yo-Yo Afghan This is a little different from the usual yo-yo afghan. The scrap yarn flowers are joined individually in a coordinat-ing color first, then the flowers are joined with a main color yo-yo. Materials: Yarn: Worsted weight acrylic Joining yarn: About 32-40 ounces black, white or off white worsted weight acrylic Hook.

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Stitch through three of the gathers and knot to close the yo yo. Cut the thread. Attach a button or two to the center of the yo yo to create a flower. The button should cover the open portion of the yo yo. You can layer a smaller yo yo on top or layer a few buttons or even add a button and then a rhinestone to create unique looks You can make Yo-Yo's in any size that you like, just keep in mind, that whatever you use for a beginning template will be twice the size of your finished Yo-Yo! I suggest using a CD for a template to cut your circles, which will give you a 2 Yo-Yo...but you could also use can bottoms, butter lids, etc Heat in microwave in 30 second increments. Check until the flower looks dry. Depending on the density of the flower, this should take two to three minutes. Step 4: Check flower and then leave in sand for 24 hours. Once the flower's petals appear dry, re-bury it and leave for 24 hours. This will ensure that the flower is completely dry Free Patterns. In this area on the website, you will find a selection of FREE pdf tutorials, projects and chic vintage projects. Print and use these tutorials for your personal use. However, please do not post them on your website, blog or Facebook page without prior consent. If you are interested in sharing our free projects & videos on your.

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It's just that simple! You have a Yo-Yo flower! Now to only make eight more for the pillow case! Use your yo yo for a pillow embellishment like this, or you can add a button in the middle and a clip to the back to make a hair bow! Now for the second part of this pillow, the actual pillow! I think the yo-yo step is harder. No joke Source: Circular Yo-Yo Quilt (3.bp.blogspot.com) This is the simple way to give a distinct appearance, So arrange Yo-Yo's circularly to get this beautiful pattern. Directions To Make a Modern Yo-Yo Quilt. Read the instructions carefully and follow the given steps to get the desired results It was a quick way to make a flower. I started with five cream fabric yo-yo pinwheels. To make the fabric yo-yo's cut out some fabric circles, use the gathering stitch around the edges and then flatten the circle with the stitching in the center. After making the yo-yo's position them on a piece of felt and then hot glue them into place Magnetic Interchangeable Flower. Felt Circles Flower. Korker Bow with Krinkle Ribbon. Flag Hair Bow. Double Ruffle Firecracker Bow. Make a Bow Using the Glue Glider Pro. Yo-Yo Hair Clip. Spikey Pom Pom Hair Clip. Burnt Ribbon Flower