Which of the following is not a mixture

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Which of the following is NOT a mixture? O a cup of lemon tea O a jar filled with rocks and sand calcium chloride sea water ; Question: Which of the following is NOT a mixture? O a cup of lemon tea O a jar filled with rocks and sand calcium chloride sea water . This problem has been solved Answers: 1 on a question: which of the following is not a mixture?A. antibiotic B. evaporated milk C. brewed coffe D. hydrogen clorid This is not a true statement, so in this case, our answer is be because chemical bonds are not formed in a mixture. The mixture is just when to some two or more substances, our combined physically and they don't create a new substance like a chemical reaction would. So, in this case, be would be our answer. But first, let's go through the last.

Which of the following is NOT a mixture? O a cup of

  1. Which one of the following is NOT a mixture? ? Sugar ? Paint ? Crude oil ? Air Which one of the following substances is a mixture? ? Seawater ? Salt ? Water ? Copper Which one of the following techniques would best be used to separate soil and water? ? Filtration ? Decanting ?.
  2. 1}which one of the following is not a heterogenous mixture. a]air. b]brass. c]iodised table salt. d]stee
  3. Which of the following is a mixture? A. Sand B. Tap water C. Salad dressing D. All of the above. D. All of the above. What is a homogeneous mixture. In a homogeneous mixture the substances are so evenly distributed that it is difficult to distinguish one substance in the mixture from another
  4. An homogeneous Mixture ; the particles do not settle and cannot be separated out by ordinary filtering or centrifuging like those in a suspension. Distallation the action of separating mixtures based on condition differences; a liquid by a process of heating and cooling
  5. Which of the following relationships is known as Henry's law? The sum of the partial pressures of each component in a gas mixture equals the total pressure. The volume of a gas and its pressure are inversely proportional. The higher the pressure above the liquid, the more soluble the gas is in the liquid
  6. A mixture is described as looking homogeneous, not settling when left standing undisturbed and does show the tyndall effect. This mixture would be classified as a: A..solutio
  7. Which of the liquids in each of the following pairs has higher vapour pressure : (a) Alcohol, glycerine ; (b) Petrol kerosene; (c) Mercury, water asked Feb 10, 2020 in Chemistry by Pankaj01 ( 50.3k points

which of the following is not a mixture?A

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. Out of the above mixtures, seawater, air, and soda water are solutions. Which of the following would not be a reasonable value to except for the amount of the other salt required to cause precipitation? Medium Mixture in which you can see the different substances with unaided eyes. - is not a homogeneous mixture. Log in for more information. Added 3/11/2019 6:16:59 P 4. stir the gelatin mixture into the hot custard sauce until it is dissolved 5. cool the custard sauce in the fridge or over crushed ice, stirring occasionally to keep the mixture smooth. 6. whip the cream until it forms soft peaks. do not over whip. 7. when the custard is very thick but not yet set, fold in the whipped cream Which of the following statements is not correct when a mixture of N a C l and K 2 C r 2 O 7 is gently warmed with conc. H 2 S O 4? (a) A deep red vapour is evolved.

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1. Which of the following is true about mixtures? (1 point) Mixtures consist of two or more substances chemically combined. Mixtures cannot be separated by physical means. Mixtures consist of only one kind of atom. ***Mixtures have two or more substances mixed together, but are not chemically combined.*** 2. The substances in a(n) ________________ mixture are usually easily seen and separated. Which of the following statements about the bubble point is correct? i. The bubble point is the temperature at which the first bubble of vapor starts to form. ii. For a pure liquid, the boiling point and bubble point are the same. iii. For a miscible mixture, the boiling point of the mixture and the bubble points of each component are the same 43. State two reasons for supposing that brass is a mixture and not a compound. Solution: Brass is a mixture because. 1. It does not have a fixed composition. 2. It shows the properties of its constituents. 44. List five characteristics by which compounds can be distinguished from mixtures. Solution

A homogeneous mixture is a solid, liquid or gaseous mixture that has the same proportions of its components throughout any given sample whereas it is not same with heterogeneous mixture.Uniform composition in homogeneous whereas Non-uniform composition for heterogeneous Transcribed Image Textfrom this Question. Which of the following is NOT a method to remove contaminant protein from sample solution Select one a. Shaking the solution gently with water- saturated phenol b. Washing with buffer containing EDTA c. Centrifugation d. Shaking the solution gently with phenol/chloroform mixture Question: Points) Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Heterogeneous Mixture?Question 1 Options:A) VodkaB) AirC) Sugar WaterD) BloodQuestion 2 (0.5 Points) Which Of The Following Is A Pure Substance?Question 2 Options:A) Maple SyrupB) Salt WaterC) SandD) GoldQuestion 3 (0.5 Points) Which Of The Following Represents A Homogeneous Mixture?Question 3 Options:A). A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture with a non-uniform composition. A. vinegar in water C. air B. oil and vinegar D. milk. Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture? (a) a salt solution (b) a salt-pepper mixture (c) air (d) a. Unlike homogeneous mixtures, heterogeneous mixtures do not have the same composition throughout

2. Which of the following property does not describe a compound? (a) It is composed of two or more elements. (b) It is a pure substance. (c) It cannot be separated into constituents by physical means. (d) It is mixed in any proportion by mass. (d) It is mixed in any proportion by mass. 3 Which of the following is not a safety precaution used in a nuclear power plant? a. Separate water tanks are used to prevent radiation leaking to the outside environment. b. A mixture of two types of uranium is used to prevent an explosion. c. Filters are used to lower the amount of pollutants released into the environment. d

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  1. Which of the following is a mixture? Answers: 2 Get. Other questions on the subject: Physics. Physics, 22.06.2019 01:30, LarryJoeseph. Question 7 [2 marks] in the circuit below, the electromotive force generated by the battery is e = 6.0 v, and the resistances are r1 = r4 = 1.0 q, r2 = r3 =2.0 q. r. the power delivered by the battery to the.
  2. Which of the following is an example of solid homogeneous mixture a copper B Zinc C brass D gold? Brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc and the proportions of copper and zinc can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.So it is a mixture
  3. A few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid were added to a mixture of 0·1 mol of methanol and 0·2 mol of ethanoic acid. Even after a considerable time, the reaction mixture was found to contain some of each reactant. Which one of the following is the best explanation for the incomplete reaction?
  4. The Ksp for the following dissociation is 1.6 × 10 -5. Which of the following choices is correct for a mixture of 300 mL 0.134 M Pb(NO 3) 2 and 100 mL 0.4 M NaCl ? (1) Q < K sp (2) Q > K sp (3) Q = K sp (4) Not enough data provide

1.1.1 Black Oil. A hydrocarbon mixture classified as black oil is liquid at reservoir conditions, which are, by definition, far from the critical region of the phase envelope. When taken to standard conditions, it shows relatively low initial gas-oil ratio (GOR), i.e., the volume of produced gas over volume of residual dead (gas-free. 52 Reaction of para-chloroaniline with acetic anhydride in pyridine gave a mixture of 94% of para-chloroacetanilide, contaminated with 6% unreacted amine. Which of the following treatments would be best used to purify the amide? A) react the unreacted amine with methyl iodide. B) wash an ether solution of the crude product with concentrated brine (aq. NaCl) Answer a. Pure Water is not a mixture - it is a compound. Seawater is a mixture of water and salts, air is a mixture of gases and brass is a mixture (an alloy) of copper and zinc metals

1 which one of the following is not a heterogenous mixture

4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mixture? (a) A mixture has fixed boiling and melting points. (b) The constituents of a mixture are not present in a definite ratio. (a) si (c) There is no chemical reaction taking place amongst the constituents of a mixture (d) The constituents of a mixture retain their original properties Select the one which is not mixture. (A) Air (b) Gasoline (c) LPG (d) Distilled Water.. Answer / binitatirkey. air. Is This Answer Correct ? 7 Yes : 13 No : Post New Answer. More SSC AllOther Interview Questions. Who is the woman boxer to win silver medal in London Olympics of 2012 5. Which of the following materials has NOT been properly classified? a) Apple juice is a homogeneous mixture. b) Antimony is an element. c) A snow cone is a heterogeneous mixture. d) Steel is a compound. e) Granite is a heterogeneous mixture. 6. The correct symbol for the element Tin is: a) Sn b) Ti c) Tn d) Sb e) W. 7

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  1. g on an iron nail. Sugar crystals dissolving in water
  2. Colloids and Solutions: Colloids and solutions are distinguished by the fact that colloid particles constitute a phase distinct from that of the medium, while a solution is said to be of one phase
  3. Tags: Question 18. SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. The separation technique that involves heating a solution until the liquid changes into a gaseous state, leaving behind a solid is known as. answer choices. evaporation. crystallization
  4. air is not a mixture because of scientists freezing it and finding different liquids, it is a mixture because the compounds that make up air e.g. oxygen (o2), Carbon dioxide (co2) and the most important Nitrogen which is an element and makes up 78.09% of air are not chemically bound in the way that compounds are because they can be separated easily and there has been no change in state to any.
  5. Mixtures are everywhere. The definition of a mixture is a combination of different things that are not chemically bonded. For example, when we bake a cake, it's a result of a mixture of eggs, flour, sugar, and other ingredients. Mixtures can also be much simpler than that. Any time two or more items are combined, a mixture is formed
  6. Which of the following is not a gas mixture? a.) air. b.) smelly farts c.) chimney fumes d.) Butane. 2. In which of the following gas mixture of N2 and He is the partial pressure of He the greatest? A. 2 moles N2, 3 moles He. B. 3 moles N2, 1 mole He. C. 4 moles N2, 2 moles He. D. 5 moles N2, 5 moles He

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  1. Which one of the following substances is not a mixture? ? Water ? Air ? Crude oil ? Petrol When iron filings and sulfur powder are mixed together at room temperature, which one of the following statements is correct? ? The iron may be separated from the mixture by using a magnet. ? The sulfur may be separated from the mixture by dissolving it.
  2. A suspension is a mixture of a liquid and tiny bits of an insoluble solid. Which one of the following is not a suspension? ? A cola drink ? Muddy water ? Milk ? Sand in water Fill in the blanks: A solution can be made more concentrated by adding more _____ or by removing some _____. ? solute, solvent ?.
  3. Which of the following is not a pure substance? element molecule compound mixture Which of the following is an element? salt iron nylon sand Wh t is the density of a sample of liquid that has a volume of 125 mL and a mass of 200 '2 2c)cB Helium is used in balloons because it is A chemical property of copper is its than air. s ease) nonflammability
  4. Which of the following is NOT a gas mixture? C. Air D. Chimney fumes B. Smelly farts D. Butane 3. In which of the following gas mixtures greatest? e. 2 moles N2, 3 moles He f. 3 moles N2, 1 moles He g. 4 moles N2, 2 moles He h. 5 moles N2, 5 moles He __4. Which of the following systems will have the greatest volume at STP? e
  5. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Which of the following will yield a mixture of 2 - chlorobutene and 3 - chlorobutene on treatment with HCl ? Join / Login. chemistry

Which of the following is not a reason why planting a mixture of grass and legume on a pasture is economical to the farmer? The A. mixture can harbour pests B. mixture helps in preventing soil erosion C. farmer will save on fertilizer D. mixture provides a balanced feed for livestock E. mixture increases the rate of production of livestoc A mixture is not always heterogeneous. D. Air is a heterogeneous mixture. Medium. Answer. Correct option is . D. Air is a heterogeneous mixture. In construction of a building, which of the following is used? Medium. View solution. Finding of heterogeneous mixtures- suspensions and colloids. Medium. View solution. View more We're being asked to identify the homogeneous mixture/s among the given. Recall that mixtures are combinations of two or more pure substances (elements or compounds). Mixtures are not chemically combined. Mixtures can either be: • Homogeneous: the components are evenly distributed and indistinguishable from each othe Thus, Dalton's law of partial pressure is not applicable at room temperature for a mixture of (A) hydrogen chloride and ammonia. Hence, the correct answer is option A . Answer verified by Topp Out of the given nine compounds, the following are pure substances. Ice, iron, hydrochloric acid, calcium oxide, mercury are pure substances as they have definite composition. Milk is a colloid and acts as a heterogeneous mixture; hence is not a pure substance

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Which is not characteristic of a solution? (a) a homogeneous mixture (b) a heterogeneous mixture (c) one that has two or more substances (d) one that has a variable composition (b) a heterogeneous mixture 32. A chemical formula is a combination of (a) symbols (b) atoms (c) elements (d) compounds (a) symbols 33 Which of the following is an example of a parameter? a.) 30 random adults are asked how much they spent on health insurance b.) Average number of all adults who smoke regularly c.) Summary value of a sample d.) 50 random students are asked how much they spent on supplies b.) Correct. Recall a parameter comes from the entire set of interest, the population Which one of the following is not a correct statement about vitamin C, shown below? In a typical procedure, a mixture of 1.00 g of propanone, 5.00 g of ethane-1,2-diol and 0.100 g of benzenesulphonic acid, C6H5SO3H, is heated under reflux in an inert solvent. Benzenesulphoni Gaussian Mixture Models are probabilistic models and use the soft clustering approach for distributing the points in different clusters. I'll take another example that will make it easier to understand. Here, we have three clusters that are denoted by three colors - Blue, Green, and Cyan 16. (4 points) You are given a container with a mixture of four common substances - sand, salt, small pieces of Styrofoam, and aluminum paper clips. Write a procedure (a numbered list of steps) to separate this mixture into the four components. For each of the four substances, make sure to include whether the substance is an element or a compound

D) pouring a mixture through a filter paper to separate the solid from the liquid. E) heating a mixture of two solids to fuse them together. Answer: D 16) Two or more substances in variable proportions, where the composition is variable throughout are A) a solution. B) a homogeneous mixture. C) a compound. D) an amorphous solid Which of the following is not a characteristic of a solution? a.it is a uniform mixture b.the solute and solvent cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. c.the solute particles cannot be separated by filtering. d.the solute can be separated by filtering a mixture or a pure substance. The properties of a heterogeneous mixture vary within the sample (oil and water). The properties of a homogeneous mixture are constant (salt solution). A pure substance may be either a compound (water) or an element (gold). Left to right: oil and water; NaCl solution; D. Mixture 2. Which of the following is NOT an example of element? A. Helium gas B. Hydrogen C. Ice D. Iron 3. Which of the following statements is true about elements and compounds? A. Homogenous in nature B. Simplest form of matter. C. Commonly and naturally occurring materials. D. Can be broken down into simpler substances

Which of the following is not a mixture? (a) Kerosene (b

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Mixture. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances, where these substances are not bonded (or joined) to each other and no chemical reaction occurs between the substances. In a mixture, the substances that make up the mixture: are not in a fixed rati Chemistry Questions & Answers : Which one of the following is not a mixture 35. Which of the following is not an interns combustion engine (a) 2-stroke petrol engine (b) 4-stroke petrol engine (c) diesel engine (d) gas turbine (e) steam turbine. Ans: e. 36. Pick up the false statement (a) Thermal efficiency of diesel engine i about 34% (b) Theoretically correct mixture of air am petrol is approximately 15 : Identify the following combinations as heterogeneous mixtures or homogenous mixtures. soda water (Carbon dioxide is dissolved in water.) a mixture of iron metal filings and sulfur powder (Both iron and sulfur are elements.) Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\): A mixture of iron filings and sulfur powder (Asoult, Fe-S mixture 03, CC BY 4.0) Solutio

29 Which of the following reactions would not be useful for converting 4,4-diethylcyclohexanone into 1,1-diethylcyclohexane? A) Wolff-Kishner reduction (N 2 H 4, strong base & heat) II is a mixture of cyclohexanone and 2-methylpropene 35 A C 5 H 12 O compound is optically active,. A. Where the mixture itself has not been tested to determine its acute toxicity, but there are sufficient data on both the individual ingredients and similar tested mixtures to adequately characterize the hazards of the mixture, these data will be used in accordance with the following bridging principles as found in paragraph A.0.5 of. For each of the following substances state whether it is a pure substance or a mixture. If it is a mixture, is it homogeneous or heterogeneous? If it is a pure substance is it an element or a compound? Blood (which is made up from plasma and cells) Argon. Silicon dioxide (\(\text{SiO}_{2}\)) Sand and stone

Identify the solutions among the following mixtures

Which of the following is not a homogeneous mixture? A

  1. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances in any proportions. The substances in a mixture do not combine chemically, so they retain their physical properties. A homogeneous mixture has the same composition throughout. A heterogeneous mixture varies in its composition
  2. In chemistry, a mixture is a material made up of two or more different substances which are not chemically combined. A mixture is the physical combination of two or more substances in which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of solutions, suspensions and colloids.. Mixtures are one product of mechanically blending or mixing chemical substances such as elements and compounds.
  3. Which of the following is not normally a good leaving group on carbon? A) Br B) OCH3 C) Cl D) OSO2R Page 14 . E) I 34. To which side (if any) would the following equilibrium lie? A) to the left B) to the right C) equally to the right and left D) there is no way to tel
  4. Give one example each of a mixture which shows the following characteristics. A mixture of two volatile component. A mixture of two volatile components with a boiling point difference less than 25 K. A mixture of a volatile and a non-volatile component. (CBSE 2015) Answer: Iodine and camphor; Acetone (b.p. = 319 K) and ethyl alcohol (b.p. = 341 K
  5. Select a heterogeneous mixture out of the following: air. solution. emulsion. alloy. C. emulsion. 150 Views. Answer . Which one of the following is a physical change: burning of magnesium. exposure of iron to air and moisture. dissolution of sugar in water. formation of a compound. C. dissolution of sugar in water
  6. What is the percent ee of a mixture that has 70% of one enantiomer and 30% of the other? A) 70 B) 85 C) 40 D) 30 67. If a mixture has an ee of 90%, what is the percentage of each enantiomer? A) 65% : 35% B) 55% : 45% C) 80% : 20% D) 95% : 5% 68. A reaction mixture is three parts of one enantiomer and one part of the other
  7. A mixture contains three different substances X, Y and Z. They are of the same size, cubical in shape and yellow in colour. X particles are very heavy, insoluble, non-magnetic and contribute 50% of the mixture. Y particles are very light, insoluble, non-magnetic and contribute 40% of the mixture. And Z particles are iron pieces

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(d) A mixture of carbon disulphide and ferrous sulphide. Question 27: Select a pure substance (a) ice-cream (b) milk (c) sugar solution (d) carbon dioxide gas. Question 28: Which amongst the following is not a mixture? (a) dry ice (b) air (c) sugar syrup (d) copper sulphate solution. Question 29: Which amongst the following is not a compound. Salt and pepper form a heterogeneous mixture. Chocolate chip cookies are a heterogeneous mixture. If you take a bite from a cookie, you may not get the same number of chips as you get in another bite. Soda is considered a heterogeneous mixture. It contains water, sugar, and carbon dioxide, which forms bubbles b. 10. All of the following statements regarding pH are true EXCEPT: a. pH measurement scale ranges from 0 to 14 b. a solution is acidic if it has more negative hydroxide ions c. solutions with equal hydrogen and hydroxide ions are neutral. b. a solution is acidic if it has more negative hydroxide ions

The substances need not necessarily mix in a definite ratio to form a mixture. Some examples of mixtures include mixtures of sand and water, mixtures of sugar and salt, and mixtures of lime juice and water. There are two primary types of mixtures, namely homogeneous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures 37 A C 8 H 14 hydrocarbon (X) is reduced by sodium in liquid ammonia to a single C 8 H 16 product (Y). Both of these compounds undergo hydrogenation (Pt catalyst) to give 2,5-dimethylhexane. Ozonolysis of Y with an oxidative workup produces a single C 4 H 8 O 2 carboxylic acid. Reaction of Y with perbenzoic acid (C 6 H 5 CO 3 H) gives a chiral C 8 H 14 O product, but reaction with bromine. Following the basic description for a hazardous material in a Specification MC 330 or MC 331 cargo tank, there must be entered for - (1) Anhydrous ammonia. (i) The words 0.2 PERCENT WATER to indicate the suitability for shipping anhydrous ammonia in a cargo tank made of quenched and tempered steel as authorized by § 173.315(a) , Note 14. A mixture of ethanol (C 2 H 6 O) and butanol (C 4 H 10 O) is approximately 90% ethanol and 10% butanol. The mixture is passed through a gas liquid chromatogram. So, the Submit Answers for Grading button below will not work. The following Submit Answers for Grading button is provided in its place and will clear your answers To supply the correct amount of air-fuel mixture at the correct strength under all conditions of load and speed of the engine. Advantages of the carburetor: Carburetor parts are not as expensive as that of fuel injectors. With the use of a carburetor, you get more air and fuel mixture. In terms of a road test, carburetors have more power and.

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MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science: Ch 1 Matter in our Surroundings. 1. A form of matter has no fixed shape but it has a fixed volume. An example of this form of matter is. 2. Find the incorrect statement. (a) Low boiling liquids evaporate faster than high boiling liquids. 3 4. The major product of the following reaction would be: CH20H E) An equimolar mixture of I and Il. 5. A true statement about the transition state(s) of an SN2 reaction is 7. To which side (if any) would the following equilibrium lie? A) to the left B) to the right C) equally to the right and left D) there is no way to tell E) only SN2, SN1 and E2 reactions are possible 8. Which of the following is not normally a good leaving group on carbon? A) Br B) OCH3 C) Cl D) OSO2R E) I Page Which of the following is NOT a physical change?A. grating cheeseB. melting cheeseC. fermenting of cheeseD. mixing two cheeses in a bowl Q. When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, they form:A) an unstable compoundB) a stable mixtureC) an unstable mixtureD) an extremely stable compo..

Air is a mixture and not a compound as discussed below: (i) The properties of a mixture are in between those of its constituents. The two major components of air are oxygen (20.9% by volume) and nitrogen (78.1% by volume). In oxygen, any fuel bums brightly but in nitrogen it gets extinguished. In contrast, in air the fuel bums slowly Sök jobb relaterade till Which of the following mixture shows non ideal behaviour eller anlita på världens största frilansmarknad med fler än 20 milj. jobb. Det är gratis att anmäla sig och lägga bud på jobb

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A Mixture contains two or more constituents which can be easily separated by physical methods. Examples include Air, Soil, Palm oil, Sea water, Blood, Crude oil, etc. There is an explanation video available below It does not decolourise bromine, which shows that compound does not contain double bond . Compounds is oxidised by chromic anhydride in aqueous H 2 SO 4 i.e. compound does not contain ether group. As the oxidation is very fast, the compound (alcohol) may be a primary alcohol 22. Which of the following takes place in the combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine? A. Gases are cooled to a desired temperature. B. Fuel oil is mixed with a proper portion of compressed air. C. A mixture of fuel oil and compressed air is ignited. D. Fuel oil is stored with sufficient pressure

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