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Answered 2 years ago · Author has 301 answers and 53.6K answer views They come in many sizes, to fit the different sizes of gun (a bit like a 0.223 bullet Vs 0.308 Vs 50cal) Standard British cannonball sizes are anything from 4 pounds to a 42 pound The ball is made of iron with a density of 7,860 kg/m 3. This would make the mass of the cannon ball 5.5 kg. The ball is a smooth sphere with a drag coefficient of 0.47 Cannonballs have varying weights. Some are as light as 3 pounds while others weigh up to 110 pounds. Each round size is suited to a particular use and requires a gun of a certain bore size to fire it 2-5 pound

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How much does a piano weigh? The average vertical or upright piano can weigh anywhere from 200-1000 lbs (91-545 kg). The average baby grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500-600 lbs (227-272 kg). The average professional grand piano can weigh around 700 lbs (317 kg), and a concert grand piano can weigh up to 1200 lbs (544 kg) How much does a canoe weigh? A typical polyethylene (plastic) solo canoe weighs 50 pounds (23 kg). Fiberglass 2-person canoes weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. Aluminum canoes weigh a little more than that at 60 to 75 pounds. Kevlar and other light composite canoes weigh about 20% less than similarly designed and purposed fiberglass canoes

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The redefinition will have rippling implications; over 20 units in the metric system—including units of pressure, magnetism, and electrical charge—are based on the kilogram. So once the. How much does a tractor weigh? A tractor with Horse Power from 52 to 75 normally weighs 5,264 lbs (2,388 kg) on average. The HorsePower is directly proportional to the overall weight of a tractor, which means the greater horsepower, the heavier tractor. Have a look at the table below for the top farm factors along with their horsepower and weight How much does 40 kilograms weigh? How big is 40 kilograms? What is 40 kg in pounds, ounces, grams, stone, tons, etc? Convert g, lbs, ozs, kg, stone, tons. 40 kg to grams: 40 kg to lbs: 40 kg to oz: 40 kg to tons: 40 kg to stone: How much is 40 kilograms in ounces? 40 kg = 1410.95848 ounces. How many grams in 40 kilograms? 40 kg = 40000 grams. Does being heavier make you slower at karting? Is this a genuine excuse or just a myth? All is revealed as F1 test driver Jack Aitken puts the kart through i..

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As SUV classes do not have strict requirements, a wide array of 5-seat and 7-seat vehicles fall into the mid-size category, meaning that weights can vary drastically from one model to another. Mid-size SUVs can weigh anywhere from 3,500 to 6,000 pounds, but the average weight of a sizeable, off-road-ready SUV is roughly 5,000 pounds How Much Does a 9kg Gas Bottle Weigh When Full. A 9kg gas bottle weighs 16.3-19.0 kg* when full. The weight variation is in the empty 9kg gas bottle weight, do to manufacturing variances. 9kg refers to the weight of the contents only. Not all tare weights are equal, even if it is the same size gas bottle (e.g. 9kg or 20lb) How much does Serena Williams weigh? Serena Williams weighs 200 lbs (90 kg). What size shoe does Serena Williams wear? Serena Williams' shoe size is 10 US (41 EU). What is Serena Williams zodiac sign? Serena Williams' zodiac sign is Libra. When was Serena Williams born? Serena Williams' birthday is on September 26, 1981 That means our cloud is 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 cubic metres in size - and this makes 1 billion cubic metres. Our cloud had only a quarter of a gram of water per cubic metre, but that's going to.

On Earth a person weighs 181 lbs, a) How much does that person weigh on a dwarf planet of mass = 7.349x10 22 kg with radius = 1737km? b) Explain: Did the matter (mass) that constitutes that person change? c) or is the difference due to another factor? explain How much does 1 kg weigh ounces? 0 votes . asked Dec 22, 2020 by kilogram (1.5k points) How much does 1 kg weigh ounces? kilogram; than; ounce; 1 Answer. 0 votes . answered Dec 22, 2020 by smallest (260 points) 1 kilogram is a little more than 2 pounds. 28 grams is about the same as 1 ounce. Related questions 0.

See: 31154 * 2.2 = 68538.8. So 31154 kilogram is 2.2 pounds. Let's make another conversion using this version of a formula. Now convert something from everyday life, for example, 31154 kg to lbs weight of strawberries. So convert - 31154 kilogram of strawberries * 2.2 = 68538.8 pounds of strawberries. So 31154 kg to pound mass is equal 68538.8 25 Kilograms = 55.115566 Pounds. (rounded to 8 digits) Kilograms to Pounds Conversions. Is 25kg heavy? 20-25kg is considered heavy for most people

How much does 100 milliliters of salt weigh?Weight of 100 Milliliters of Salt. 100 Milliliters of Salt =. 4.29. Ounces. 0.27. Pounds. 0.12. Kilograms How much does a 50 gallon drum of water weigh? One US gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds at 62°F, consequently, to find the total weight, we only need to multiply the 55 gallons by the gallon weight. This simple calculation shows us that 55 gallons of water weighs 458.7 pounds, or 208.06 kilograms the size of the cannon ball depends on the size of the cannon. civil war cannons had cannon balls about the size of a child's head, aprox 30cm across How much does a trillion soccer balls weigh? 4. Etymology and terminology. Cannon is derived from the Old Italian word cannone, meaning large tube, which came from Latin canna, in turn originating from the Greek κάννα (kanna), reed, and then generalised to mean any hollow tube-like object; cognate with Akkadian qanu(m) and Hebrew qāneh, tube, reed. The word has been used to refer to a gun since 1326 in Italy, and 1418 in England

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Making sure the paint and other essential stuff for your job does not weigh too much for your van or pickup is very important. And as we know that a gallon of paint is equal to 5 kilograms, we can rest assured that 4 tins of the stuff is going to add up to 20 kilograms. 2.10 Bags of Suga Kerb Weight: 1556-2761 kg. Payload: 759-2724 kg. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): 2,900-3500 kg. *There are so many models of Ford Transit available it's next to impossible to list each definitively. Again, if you would like to know the GVW of your particular model, see your vehicles VIN plate

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  1. um engines laying around so we decided to weight them ourselves to see if what people on the internet say is correct
  2. It takes 2.2 pounds to equal 1 kg so figuring out the weight of a sewing machine is not that difficult. Just divide 11 pounds by 2.2 and you end up with 5 kgs. For the figures mentioned above, a 10-pound sewing machine would weigh about 4 1/2 kg and a 30-pound model would weigh about 13 to 14 kg, give or take a few grams
  3. There are a few factors that will decide how much it affects your looks, but I'll describe the top three. Where it comes off from - When you lose weight, it won't necessarily all come from the same place. You could lose five kilograms of fat from.
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  5. According to multiple websites, the average weight loss after colon cleansing was about 2.6 pounds (1.2 kilograms). One specific study compared different methods of colon cleansing and one of the most effective colon cleanses resulted in an immediate 6.6 pound (3 kilograms) weight loss. But please note that weight loss does not equal fat loss

6.02 x 10^23 molecules of N2 have a molar mass of approx. 28g. Therefore 1 molecule will have a mass of 28g/6.02 x 10^23 =4.65 x 10^-23g =4.65 x 10^-23/10^3 kg =4.65 x 10^-26 kg How Much Does Lizzo Weigh? Lizzo Height, Weight, Measurements. Those who have known Lizzo certainly are aware of her body type. Lizzo aka Melissa Jefferson is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 84 kgs. The body that she carries confidently is thick, yet she has no problem being comfortable in it How much does 1 pound weigh in kilograms? 1 lb to kg conversion. A pound is a unit of weight commonly used in the United States and the British commonwealths. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms. The kilogram, or kilogramme, is the base unit of weight in the Metric system. It is the approximate weight of a cube of water 10. How much does 22 pounds weigh in kilograms? 22 lb to kg conversion. A pound is a unit of weight commonly used in the United States and the British commonwealths. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms. The kilogram, or kilogramme, is the base unit of weight in the Metric system It's a really scary question sometime, but everyone can easily find their real weigh by measuring, but you probably will be interesting to know your psychological weight! Questions and Answers 1

They weigh about 120 to 150lbs. You can remove about 25 to 30 lbs off that weight by removing the inner impact bars. The impact bars are about 54 in length and weigh about 12 to 15lbs each. The inner door panels weigh about 20 to 23 lbs How much does 100 pounds weigh in kilograms? 100 lb to kg conversion. A pound is a unit of weight commonly used in the United States and the British commonwealths. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms. The kilogram, or kilogramme, is the base unit of weight in the Metric system How does weight impact on initial maintenance? A traditional green roof with soil substrates are usually designed with plugs, cuttings or seeds which consequently require much care and attention in first years to reach good green coverage and diverse vegetation. This increases dramatically the cost in comparison to prevegetated green roofs. Naturally if building owners introduce plants, grass. To solve the problem - how much to walk to lose weight chart - you need a comprehensive approach. First, watch what you eat . Food should be low-calorie. In your diet should be a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not overeat - stop eating when hungry. Second, move more The average weight of an upright piano: 527 lbs or 239.043 kg. You will notice that a lot of people claim that upright pianos weigh around 300 lbs. This just isn't true. There are some that do. However, most come in closer to 400 and 500 lbs. If you are attempting to move a piano, the easiest way is to have two people and to use a 4 caster dolly

So, How much does a gallon of water weigh? A gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds (3.787 kg). Usually measured by its volume, water is a heavy substance. This is especially if it's stored in a container or when it puts pressure on physical objects or anything that gets in its way The physical weight of the subspecies of the Mountain Gorilla Silverbacks (Gorilla berinzi berini) weighs 195 kg (430 lbs). To straighten the record, gorillas cannot weigh close to 800 pounds. 300-400 pounds is the weithgt of a healthy, mature male Silverback. The lowland gorillas are 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) tall and weigh 150 to 400. This means the more you weigh, the heavier your poop will be. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the average man in the U.S. weighs 195.7 pounds, and the average woman weighs 168.5 pounds. This means a man of average weight produces about 1 pound of poop and a woman of average weight produces about 14 ounces of poop per day. The Savanna Elephant calf weighs on average about 110 kg (240 pounds). Weight data ranges from 90 kg to 120 kg (around 200 - 270 pounds) (Macdonald 2010, NatGeo b). Similar to the Asian elephant, the calves grow quickly, gaining an average of 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of weight every day in their first year (Macdonald 2010) How much does a pony keg weigh? 22 pounds Empty 87 pounds Full. Dimensions: 13⅞ x 16⅛ How many beers are in a pony keg? 62 - 16oz Beers 82 - 12oz. Beers. How many gallons does a pony keg hold? 7.75 gallons. The pony keg is a 1/4 barrel but super inconvenient because of its size. This is just a stubby version of the 1/2 barrel

Hereof, how much do fans weigh? A typical ceiling fan weighs between 8 and 50 pounds when fully assembled. While many junction boxes can support that weight while the fan is hanging still, a fan in operation exerts many additional stresses—notably torsion—on the object from which it is hung; this can cause an improper junction box to fail He found that the lion weighs 90 kg more than the leopard, and the tiger weighs 50 kg less than the lion. Altogether the three animals weigh 310 kg. How much does the lion . math. an adult whale weighs 120 tons. a baby blue whale weighs 1/40 of the weight of the adult blue whale. how many pounds does the baby blue whle weigh? mat The dollar is an abstract term, it doesn't weigh anything in the physical sense. If you get a blank check, weigh it, then make it out and weigh it again, the weight will be the same whether it's for $1 or $1M. A million $1 bills will weigh 100 tim..

The Planck constant, which derives from quantum physics, can be used along with a Kibble balance, an exquisitely accurate weighing machine, to calculate the mass of an object using a. Concrete weighs around 3900 pounds per cubic yard but can drop to 3500 pounds per cubic yard after the concrete dries. Different types of concrete all have different weights. This can include cement, gravel, Portland limestone, Portland, reinforced, and even lightweight. Actual concrete weight can be different based on how the concrete is being. The Approximate Weight of the Golf Bag. The good news is that modern golf bags weight much less when compared to models toted around the course in the past. Experts estimate that the average bag weighs somewhere between 1.4 and 2.3 kilograms (roughly between three and five pounds).Having said this, there can be other factors that may add weight to the bag How Much Does A Uterus Weigh With Fibroids? Fibroid tumors, which can be the size of an orange or larger, can become quite heavy and create severe discomfort, as well. It's not uncommon for a uterus to weigh upwards of 40 to 50 pounds (18 to 20 kg) with a fibroid tumor It depends not only on the weight, but the rate (speed) at which you want to lift that weight. Horsepower (hp) is the rate at which work is done (in watts, joules/sec, newton-meters/sec, foot-pounds/sec, etc.). One horsepower is equal to 746 W = 7..

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How Much Does 7 Million Dollars Weigh? What is the weight of 7,000,000 U.S. dollars? This will show you the weight in kilograms or pounds of $7,000,000 in various bills and coins. How much does $7,000,000 weigh? in $100 bills in $20 bills in $10 bills. By greatly cutting down on the weight of their cars, Tesla cars are the most efficient. How much does a Tesla weigh? (Model S, Model 3 & Model X) Tesla model S weighs about 4,647 lbs (2,107 kgs). while models 3 and X weigh 3,552 lbs (1,611 kgs) and 5,421 lbs (2,458 kgs) respectively

EZ Bar. EZ bars, which have a W-like shape in the middle, usually weigh 20 to 40 pounds and are much shorter than a standard barbell. They are typically used for biceps curls, triceps exercises (like skull-crushers) and rowing movements—and allow you to vary your grip, according to Wickham. Switching up your grip means you can focus on. How Much Does a Train Weigh? Short Answer: A train weight can range anywhere between 4,000 tons (8,818,490 lbs) and 20,000 tons (44,092,452 lbs) or even more under some particular instances. I am sure you have noticed the extremes of the above mentioned range, of how heavy a train is, that's mainly attributed to how many cars the locomotive is pulling The kilogram doesn't weigh a kilogram any more. This sad news was announced during a seminar at CERN on Thursday, 26 October by Professor Klaus von Klitzing, who was awarded the 1985 Nobel Prize. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that the average weight of a car in 2018 was 4,094 pounds. That aggregate number can be broken down into much more detail. For compact cars it's 2,919 pounds, and large cars tip the scales at 3,882 pounds. SUVs range from 3,590 pounds for compacts, all the way up to 5,603 pounds for large SUVs How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh . Normally an adult polar bear weigh from 750 to 1450 lbs i.e. 340 to 658 kg. The average polar bear weight ranges from 849 to 904 lbs i.e. 385 to 410 kg.; Polar bears living around Beaufort Sea has an average weight of around 992 lb i.e. 450 kg.; Polar Bears feed on a high caloric diet, mostly on the seals' fat which is the primary reason of their heavy weight

Much like t-shirt sizes, you can expect sizes ranging from small to large. Unlike clothing sizes, however, you will also see sizes like family and giant as well. That said there is no consistency among cereal manufactures in regards to weight. For example, a family-size box from one manufacturer may weigh 18 oz and 22 oz for another. This is in. How much does a liter of water weigh? People who use the metric system of measurement will know that one liter of water weighs one kilogram because one liter is the equivalent of one kilogram. Using these calculations we discover that one milliliter of water is determined to weigh about 1 gram The standard gold bar that's held and traded internationally by central banks and bullion dealers is known as the 'Good Delivery' bar. It typically weighs in at 400 troy ounces (27.5 pounds), and measures 7 inches x 3 and 5/8 inches x 1 and 3/4 inches, however dimensions and weights can vary between different institutions and uses

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How much does a size 10 woman weigh? 0 votes . asked Nov 28, 2019 by average (360 points) How much does a size 10 woman weigh? women; weigh; average; 1 Answer. 0 votes . answered Nov 28, 2019 by thermopile (320 points) American women aged 20. You can expect an average passenger car tire weight to be about 27 pounds (12 kg), and about 30 pounds (14 kg) for the rim, or about 50 to 60 lbs in total. How much does a tire weigh? It depends on what type of tire you're looking at, and it's overall size. Keep in Average Tire Weight (With 10 Examples) Read More Pounds to Kilograms Common Values. 2 lbs = 0.9071848 kg. 5 lbs = 2.267962 kg. 180 lbs = 81.646632 kg. 6 lbs = 2.7215544 kg. 140 lbs = 63.502936 kg

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Most freight trains will weigh between 100 and 250 tons (90,718 to 226,796 kg). The weight of a train depends on the number of axles its locomotive has, as well as the number of carriages attached to it. Each axle of a train weighs in the region of 35 tons (31,751 kg). This means a locomotive with 4 axles can weigh as much as 125 tons (113,398 kg) How much does 5 kilograms weigh? How big is 5 kilograms? What is 5 kg in pounds, ounces, grams, stone, tons, etc? Convert g, lbs, ozs, kg, stone, tons. 5 kg to grams: 5 kg to lbs: 5 kg to oz: 5 kg to tons: 5 kg to stone: How much is 5 kilograms in ounces? 5 kg = 176.36981 ounces A 1-kg iron ball and a 10-kg iron ball are dropped from rest from the top of a one-story building. When hitting the ground below, compared with the 1-kg ball, the 10-kg ball has a. less momentum and KE. b. the same momentum and KE. c. 10 times as much momentum and 10 times as much KE. d. 10 times as much momentum and 100 times as much KE

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Tweet. #5. 07-12-2011, 10:42 AM. Re: weight to length with copper wire. Originally posted by vrmatroja View Post. 240 sq. mm copper cable 1 mtr length weight to be find. There is 100mm² in 1cm², and there is 100cm in 1m. copper has a density of about 8.92g/cc, so 2.4cm² x 100cm x 8.92 = 2141g, or 2.14kg per meter. Comment So, now we can say a kilogram is 1000 cubic centimeters of water at the melting point of ice. That's almost dead on accurate, but that's not how much a kilogram weighs. The real answer is that a kilogram is defined by the weight of one single object in the entire universe: Le Grand K, or the Big K There are a variety of standard I-Beam sizes and thus weights. Luckily there are I-beam tables all over the internet for standard beam sizes and weights but if you want to know the weight of a I-beam on the fly just look at it name. For example: A.. How Much Does a Full Suitcase Weigh? and How Much will it costs if it is overweight? Short-haul flights: £13 or €17 per kilogram. Mid-haul flights: £15 or €19 per kilogram. Note: Oversized or overweight baggage may be classified as cargo and subject to further fees if exceeding airline max weight restrictions

how much does a vr6 engine weigh. Discussion in 'VR5, VR6 & Wx' started by karl1980, Apr 6, 2009. KARL1980. 140 kg lifted from google search - sounds about right evidence . keith_lemon, Apr 6, 2009 #2. If you do an extensive search through VW forums and take into account everyone's opinions, the concluded weight = 7 tons.. How much do skis weigh? On average, a pair of skis weigh around 14 to 15 pounds (6 to 7 kg). What do ski boots weigh? Children's ski boots weigh roughly 8 pounds (3.629 kg). Women's ski boots generally weigh 11 pounds (4.99 kg). Men's ski boots weigh approximately 13 pounds (5.90 kg) Weight. Imperial: 4 lbs., 15 oz. Metric: 2.24 kg. ( 2240 grams ) Back to the Complete List of Weight Tests >. Weight of these items was actually tested. Weight will vary, but these are the actual measurements

15W-40 engine oil weight vs. volume conversion. Convert 15W-40 engine oil for use in various automotive industries or technical individuals for cars, motorbikes, other fuel engines, petrol or diesel. Online web tool for 15W-40 engine oil mass weight vs liquid volume conversions. 15W-40 engine oil measuring information for automotive industries, mechanics, engineering and technical and. 14 grams to kilograms. 14 grams to ounces. 14 grams to pounds. 14 grams to stone. 14 grams to tons. How big is 14 grams? Converting from 14 grams to ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms, and a variety of units. How much is 14 grams IronRange Mesabi Women's Cerakote 15 kg Olympic Bars. gopherperformance.com. $299.00. SHOP NOW. This one is also known as a 15kg barbell and typically weighs, you guessed it, 15kg, or about 33. In 2019, the minimum weight was 740 kgs, which was increased to 746 kgs for the 2020 season. However, the current minimum weight of a Formula 1 car based on the 2021 regulations is 752 kgs Use the above calculator to calculate weight. How much does 50 kilograms weigh? How big is 50 kilograms? What is 50 kg in pounds, ounces, grams, stone, tons, etc? Convert g, lbs, ozs, kg, stone, tons. 50 kg to grams: 50 kg to lbs: 50 kg to oz: 50 kg to tons: 50 kg to stone

Betelgeuse is one of the brightest and most easily recognisable stars in the night sky. It sits in the constellation of Orion and is visibly red. That's because Betelgeuse is a luminous, red. 3. John has an object suspended in the air. It has a mass of 50.0 kilograms and is 50.0 meters above the ground. How much work would the object do if it was dropped? 4. There is a bell at the top of a tower that is 45 m high. The bell weighs 190 N. Calculate the PE. 5. Galileo drops a 5.0 kg cannonball from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a height.

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How Much Does the Rolex Submariner Weigh? The weight of a watch can play a big role in how a watch wears on the wrist. A heavy watch will sit more robust and have a greater presence on the wrist whilst lighter watches can feel smaller. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic [ Question 56994: Keith weighs 20 kg more than Beth, while Henry weighs 30 kg less than twice as much as Beth. If Keith and Henry weigh the same, how much does Beth weigh (in kg)? Answer by ankor@dixie-net.com(22440) (Show Source) The weight of a bus very much depends on its size and capacity. A standard Greyhound MCI 102DL3 or D4500 typically weighs 35,100 pounds (15,921 kg). With passengers and luggage, that number jumps to approximately 44,400 to 48,000 pounds (20,139 to 21,772 kg). This type of bus measures over 45 feet in length and is capable of carrying up to 60. Science. Physics. Physics questions and answers. 4.2 (a) How much does a 70.0 kg person weigh on the Earth? (b) How much would she weigh on the Moon (gmoon = 0.166g)? (c) Howmuch would she weigh on a neutron star wheregstar = 1.43×1011g?show your work (a) N (b) N (c) N. Question: 4.2 (a) How much does a 70.0 kg person weigh on the Earth With the brain, teeth, eyes, muscle and skull, the adult head weighs in at 8 to 12 pounds (3.62 to 5.44 kg). On average, it's 10 to 11 pounds (4.5 to 5 kg). That's much heavier than most people imagine. It requires a good deal of muscle to keep your head straight. Think for a moment of holding a 10-pound bowling ball in your hand

How much does an e-bike weigh? Electric bikes are 40-50% heavier than traditional bicycles but are considerably lighter than motorcycles. An average electric bicycle weighs around 45-50 pounds (18-22 kg). A typical traditional non-electric bike may weigh around 30-35 pounds (12-13 kg) It weighs a kilogram. And how much is that? A thousand grams. And how much does a gram weigh? Originally, exactly as much as a volume of water equal to the cube of the hundredth part of the metre. A person has a mass of 45 kg how much does she weigh. This preview shows page 9 - 11 out of 12 pages. 58) A person has a mass of 45 kg. How much does she weigh? A) 4.6 N B) 20 N C) 99 N D) 440 N Answer: D Diff: 1 Page Ref: Sec. 5-6 59) A person has a mass of 45 kg How much do Bromptons weight? Depending on the model of bike and configuration, the weight of the bike can range from 9KG to 13KG (20lbs to 28lbs). Here are the weighs to our key model types: M3L - 11.5 kg M3L-X - 10.5 kg. S2L - 10.7 kg S2L-X - 9.8 kg. P6R - 12.4 kg P6R-X - 11.5 kg. Combien pèsent les vélos Brompton