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  1. The re-inspection fee will be charged at the rate of $156 per hour calculated on the quarter hour or part thereof, per required inspector, and will be invoiced to the responsible company/party. This fee requirement is found in Section 901.6.3.1 of the Fire Prevention Code (as amended by Fairfax County)
  2. The Fire Marshal's Office conducts new construction and recurring code mandated fire inspections for all occupancies, except for single and two-family residential dwellings. Current Fire Code Enforced : 2018 edition of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code, which is the 2015 edition of the International Fire Code (IFC) with the NC amendments
  3. For centers operating in a school building, a copy of a previous approval from the Bureau of Fire Services, the State Fire Marshal or a statement from the school district superintendent using the Certification of School Building Compliance with Fire Safety Provisions (BCAL-5043) form is acceptable in lieu of a fire safety inspection
  4. Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist for Schools. Use this fire marshal inspection checklist to conduct internal checks of schools for fire risks. Inspect the exterior, fire protection equipment, exits, classrooms, special-use rooms, hallways and lobbies, assembly areas (gym, cafeteria, etc), custodial, boiler room, and other points of focus

We authorize licenses and permits, review plans, and run inspections to ensure Georgians' safety in commercial and residential spaces. Plan Review The Safety Fire Engineering team reviews, amends, and approves construction plans to ensure they adhere to all Georgia state adopted fire codes and standards The City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department's Fire Marshal have adopted Florida Statute Chapter 633, and the city has also enacted two local laws or ordinances which cover JFRD's right to enter businesses for fire inspection purposes (Jacksonville Ordinance Chapter Section 420.104) and the schedule of fees associated with these inspections (Jacksonville. Welcome to the City of Amarillo Fire Marshal's Office website. Our office is responsible for the prevention of fires within the corporate city limits of Amarillo. This is achieved through fire inspections and compliance, fire investigations, and by educating our citizens Inspections. Inspections are handled in two categories: new construction and existing buildings. Inspections in either category require a 72-hour notice for an inspector. New Construction. To schedule a fire inspection or for fire code questions, call the Fire Marshal's Office at (678) 455-8072 or contact via e-mail at fmorequest@forsythco.com

To Schedule a Fire Inspection please call: (951) 955-5282 or email FPPScheduling@fire.ca.gov To apply online for Fire Permits and make payments for Fire Permits visit www.rivcoplus.org Our Office Locations and Contact Information Riverside Offic To change the language of this website, click the drop-down list and select the desired language. The Fairfax County Web site is being translated through machine translation powered by Google Translate Fees for construction inspection services are separate and in addition to any SDCI fees. Construction Inspections. Fee. Fire Alarm Systems. $543 plus $5.43 per device > 6 devices. Fire Alarm Systems with more than 6 devices and no new control panel installation or major modification to the system. $273 plus $5.43 per device > 6 devices The fee is $250. In addition, a fee of $75.00 for each hour, or portion of an hour, per each inspection personnel required on site during the event. $250.00. +Standby. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission License Inspection. One inspection and one re-inspection in case of failure for one location

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A person working within the Fire Marshal's Office is no longer someone who just attempts to prevent fires. What was once made up of former firefighters who provided only fire prevention inspections in the city's business areas has now become a complex division, which provides many aspects of emergency and non-emergency services While insurance can help cover these costs, if you didn't get a fire inspection, you're not going to have that insurance to fall back on. Fire and smoke restoration costs an estimated $4.70 per square foot. A typical office in an office building is between 150-250 square feet. So let's do that math. That's between $705 and $1,175 per.

Inspections. This program is responsible for enforcing State adopted fire and building codes in specific occupancies that are newly constructed, as well as conducting annual inspections for compliance in several occupancy types. (A list is provided below.) Complaint investigation in all occupancies is also a major responsibility The State Fire Marshal News gives stakeholders a look inside the Division of State Fire Marshal. With regular columns from the Director of Commerce and the State Fire Marshal, updates from the individual Bureaus and insight into hot button issues for the fire service and first responders, our newsletter is a great way to stay informed To obtain a Fire Marshall Inspection approval, you will need to: Schedule a Fire Marshall Inspection with DC Fire/EMS, 1100 4th Street, SW, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20024, (202) 727-1614; Prepare $150.00 inspection fee payable to D.C. Treasurer; and. Pass inspection and present approval where applicable Fireworks display permit and plan review - 527CMR (Fire watch detail is required at owner's expense, cost per Collective Bargaining Agreement) $ 100.00. Cannon and mortar firing inspection. $ 75.00. Transportation of combustible liquids (2 year permit) - 527CMR. $ 100.00 Mission. The Queen Anne's County Fire Marshal's Division is committed to providing our community with a professional fire and life safety program through comprehensive fire protection plan reviews, informative occupancy inspections, effective fire and life safety code enforcement in order to reduce the loss of life and property of the citizens.

Fire Code Permit Application. Building and Construction Fees (Effective 10/1/2020) Building Valuation Schedule (Use this chart to calculate the estimated cost of construction for the building permits. This will help you determine the permit fee). Inspection Fees (Effective 10/1/2020) Operational Permit Fees (Effective 10/1/2020 Benefits of a regular fire and life safety inspection program includes improved safety of first responders, employees and the general public, and potential cost savings in reduced insurance premiums

The Nashville Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office conducts all fire and life safety inspections in the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. In addition to inspections, the department investigates fires and explosions, completes plan reviews, inspects fire safety and fire protection systems and related emergency response. After-hours Inspection (upon request and Fire Marshal approval) $150.00 If the inspection fails there is a reinspection and if the reinspection fails, then there is a $150.00 reinspection fee, then after that, there will be a $200.00 reinspection fee, and the $200.00 reinspection fee is continued for each additional failed inspection afterward Fire safety inspections information. Fee-based inspections (PDF) Please read before submitting: The State Fire Marshal will cancel requests for inspections in areas served by local agencies with certified inspectors. You must contact your local fire inspection authority to conduct your inspection, if applicable A fee equal to, but not exceeding, the actual cost of the pre-inspection services may be charged for the pre-inspection of a facility. H & S Code § 13235. Fire Department Inspection • The fire department will receive the Forestry and Fire Protection State Form 850 inspection request from the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD). Th Please note: Not all Fire Marshal Inspections are currently able to be scheduled through the Automated System. Call the Fire Marshal's Office at 703-792-6360 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to schedule inspections for the following day. The Fire Marshal must be contacted regarding any permits associated with fire protection

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Inspection Requests. Schedule a request for an inspection by calling the Fire Marshal's Office, (405) 297-3584. Please make sure you are ready for inspection when you call as our goal is to complete inspections within two business days. Inspection requests should be made by the general contractor The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting fire and life safety inspection services for the City of Austin. There are a number of occupancies within the City of Austin that receive regular fire and life-safety inspections. General ocupancies, such as banks, business. The Fire Marshal and/or Inspector look at egress windows, smoke detector placement, fire blocking, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, occupant loads and most importantly electrical installations in buildings and docks. The Fire Marshal also assists the Camden County Health Department with fire safety inspections for lodging establishments Categories: Safety Tips and Uncategorized | Tags: fire alarm inspections, fire inspection, fire marshall, and inspections This entry was posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 at 8:17 pm. Both comments and pings are currently closed

Safety Corroded: Why Your Fire Sprinkler System May Be At Risk. Providing regular inspections and maintenance for sprinkler systems can cost roughly $1,000-5,000 a year depending on the size and needs of a building The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is the CAL FIRE program that protects life and property through the development and application of fire prevention, engineering, training and education, and enforcement. As part of this mission, OSFM establishes a fire-safe environment for the people of California, which serves as a foundation for. The Prevention Package is specifically designed for Fire Marshals and Inspectors and includes these features: Manage and record occupancy inspections by Type, Form, Zone/District, Scheduled, Assigned Inspector, Shift, and Station. Report code enforcement and life safety inspections with a database of owner/occupancy information, including permits

We are now able to schedule fire inspections online.To schedule an inspection click on the link or call our main line at (253) 798-7179. If you would like to schedule an inspection over the phone, please call our main line at 253-798-7179 and select option 1. You will need to provide 3 pieces of information: 1 Fire Rescue inspection fees ‐ effective as of 10/1/2015. Service fees are subject to indexing based on the annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI‐U, as developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor) In addition, subject to the approval of the Board of Housing and Community Development, the State Fire Marshal may charge a fee to recover the actual cost of administering and enforcing the Code in jurisdictions for which he serves as the enforcement authority. No fee may be charged for the inspection of any school Inspection and cleaning shall be conducted by a properly trained, qualified and certified company or person(s) acceptable and authorized by the owner and the state and or local fire marshal. Duct systems shall have access panels installednot more than 20 feet apart; at changes of direction, no mor Instituting a Cost Recovery Program for Fire & Life Safety Inspections. I don't know a fire marshal that wants to charge businesses for fire safety inspections as every time we enter a building.

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Permits & Inspections. Community Risk & Resilience Section issues permits and conducts inspections for open burning, blasting, tank removal and abandonments, fireworks, tents, hazardous materials, and places of assembly. Below is information about our most applied-for permits and inspections. Albemarle County Department of Fire Rescue's. Building Occupancy Inspections. Construction contractors must request Fire Department occupancy inspections via Accela Citizen Access. For questions or inquiries please email DFDCOInspections@denvergov.org. For Fire Department business license inspection requests and general questions please call 720-913-3409 The Fire Safety Inspection Unit comprises one deputy chief inspector, two regional chief inspectors, 17 fire inspectors assigned throughout the state, and a senior office support assistant. To locate a fire inspector in your area, contact the Division of Fire Safety central office at (573) 751-2930 or The cost of any fee for amusement rides shall be $20.00 per year, not to exceed a total of $100.00. (1 6 Del. C. §6403) Blaster's License. The cost of a Blaster's License shall be $10.00 per year. (1 6 Del. C. §7107(b )) . Certificate Of Inspection For Fire Alarm Signaling Systems Fees. The cost of an Annua State Fire Marshal's Office. Training. Fire Service Certification. Fire Sprinklers. Data Collection, Publications, & Fire Prevention. Fire Inspections & Plan Review. Fireworks. All Risk Mobilization. Fire Safe Cigarettes

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  1. Form 3654, Fire Marshal Inspection Report. Fillable forms cannot be viewed on mobile or tablet devices. Follow the steps below to download and view the form on a desktop PC or Mac. Right Click for PC or Ctrl + Click for Mac on the PDF link and click Save link as from the menu
  2. HB 1951 amends Government Code§417.008 and §417.0081 to modify the fire safety inspection duties of the State Fire Marshal and to address the fee for an inspection performed by the State Fire Marshal that may be charged to a property owner or occupant who requests the inspection. Additional proposed amendments includ
  3. A. The local fire official should be contacted first, as they are the authority having jurisdiction. If the local fire official chooses not to conduct the inspection, the State Fire Marshal's Code Enforcement Bureau will conduct the inspection. Code Enforcement has instituted an electronic scheduling system, known as CLICK
  4. Scheduling inspections is the responsibility of the contractor making the installation. Inspections may be scheduled one of three ways: calling 919-857-4412 (Automated system) calling 919-996-2500 (Development Services Customer Service Center) online. All inspection requests must be received by 4 p.m. prior to the day of the requested inspection

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Welcome to the Office of the Fire Marshal. The primary duty of the Bexar County Fire Marshal's Office (BCFMO) is to develop, foster and promote methods of protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Bexar County from fires, both natural and man-made hazards, and other significant events through the direct coordination and action with other public safety, private, and business communities fire alarm system with early detection shall be required. Smoke Detectors: Connected to Fire See Fire Alarm Hardwired 110 Volt Alarm System Requirements Single-Station Number of Exits: 2 Remote from 2 Remote exits from 2 Remote from each floor. each floor. One, an each floor. Second outside door directly permitted to be a window. out. Second. Submitting to the satisfaction of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (State Fire Marshal or the local fire department) a video recording of the device(s) in question being tested; or Submitting evidence of an escrow account established by the seller in an amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) payable to the buyer in the event of a.

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  1. g functions 42 §1565. Account of money; audit 42 §1566. Investigation of fires; reports; records of fires 43 §1566.1. Fire.
  2. ation fee and certification costs are all included in your course fees
  3. Overtime Costs. I am the financially responsible party and I am requesting an inspection conducted by the Seattle Fire Department on an overtime basis, which has an additional cost. I understand that I am also able to receive an inspection conducted on straight time; however I have opted to request an overtime inspection to meet my project needs
  4. In prescribing the fee, the commissioner shall consider the overall cost to the state fire marshal to perform the inspections, including the approximate amount of time the staff of the state fire marshal needs to perform an inspection, travel costs, and other expenses. Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 147, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987
  5. Permits & Inspections. Fire Prevention is probably the most effective means for reducing loss of life and property due to fire. Portland Fire & Rescue's (PF&R) Prevention Division works closely with design professionals, contractors, building owners and managers, and event promoters to ensure compliance with all fire codes and standards

If the citizen believes that, there may be a fire and/or medical emergency related to the use of fireworks, he/she should dial 9-1-1 and request the local Fire Department. You can also contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 281-238-1500 if there are any questions or concerns during business hours, 8am to 5pm Montgomery County Fire Marshal. 501 N Thompson, Suite 102, Conroe, Texas 77301 Phone: 936-538-8288 Fax: 936-538-8277 fire.codes@mctx.org Hours of Operation: Monday-Frida A: The Harris County Fire Marshal will perform a final inspection when your project is ready for occupancy. Instructions for requesting this inspection are found on the Fire Code website under Request for Final Inspection. Q: How do I determine if my project requires Fire Code Review or if it qualifies for Express Review Creating opportunity through more effective, more efficient, and customer focused State Government. The Fire Marshal's office was organized on April 3, 1909 by a legislative act known as the Fire Commission Law. A. U. Johnson was appointed as the first State Fire Marshal Installers must purchase a permit from the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office for each new or pre-owned manufactured home installed in Georgia. The cost of each permit is $60.00 and can now be purchased online through the OCI Citizenserve Portal. Follow these Instructions to Order Permits on the Portal . See permit requirements

Bill Text. The people of the State of California do enact as follows: SECTION 1. Section 13146.3 of the Health and Safety Code is amended to read: 13146.3. (a) The chief of any a city or county fire department or district providing fire protection services and his or her the chief's authorized representatives shall inspect every building used. Existing commercial occupancies require routine fire code compliance inspections. Inspection fees are based on the square footage of the structure. Additional fees for inspection of required life safety equipment are shown below The State Fire Marshal Agency accepts online payments.There is a $1.75 convenience fee for e-checks and a 2.49% fee for credit cards.To make an online payment for a non-firework related transaction, click here . One of the main responsibilities of the State Fire Marshal's office is to conduct fire safety inspections on most properties open to.

The fire marshal shall establish procedures for inspections, issuance of permits and other functions necessary for administration of this requirement, and applications for permits shall be made on forms prescribed by the fire marshal. (Ord. No. 05-03, § 1, 4-27-05; Ord. No. 09-20, § 1, 2-24-10) Cost of an Operational Fire Code Permit. Sec. 9-26 The Office of the Fire Marshal will continue to re-inspect the property every 30+ days until all of the violations are resolved. A second re-inspection carries a fee of $150. After the second re-inspection, all subsequent re-inspection fees, are $250 each. These fees can add up Fire Marshal/Fire Inspections. The Office of Fire Prevention services the fire and life safety needs of Escambia County. We conduct the plans review, permitting and inspections of fire protection systems, tents for special events, operational and fireworks exhibitions FIRE CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY This information is derived from the Gwinnett County Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance, FPP-2012 Sections 42 - 36, 37, 39, and 40 Obtaining Fire Permits and a HOW TO SCHEDULE A FIRE INSPECTION Certificate of Occupancy inspections can only be scheduled if the appropriate permit has been is-sued by Fire Plan.

The Fire Marshal oversees the management of the Department's Fire Inspection program as well as the origin and cause investigations of fires in the City. The City of Kalamazoo has over 3000 businesses, multi-residential housing, and other commercial properties, which are inspected or have pre-incident surveys conducted on an annual basis Clean your property as required prior to May 15th this year so that you pass the first fire department inspection thus avoiding a time consuming second inspection and a costly $516 non-compliance fee. There is no need to call for an inspection at any time. Our computer system keeps track of all properties that are due for inspection Fire Marshal Inspections. Several of the more complex occupancies in the city are inspected directly by the fire marshal. These occupancies include Nippon Paper, and Olympic Medical Center. In addition, many other specialized inspections are conducted by the fire marshal, including: You can schedule a Hot Work or Underground fuel Tank Inspection Section 352.016, as amended, the commissioners' court of a county may authorize the county fire marshal to charge a reasonable fee to the owner or occupant of a single-family residence for a plan review or fire and safety hazard inspection to cover the cost of the plan review or inspection in cases where the plan review or inspection was.

(c) The commissioners court by order may authorize the county fire marshal to charge a fee to the owner of a business, a multi-family dwelling, or commercial property for a plan review or inspection conducted under this section in a reasonable amount determined by the commissioners court to cover the cost of the plan review or inspection Fire Marshal's Office 50 South Main Street, Room 204 West Hartford, CT 06107. Checks should be made payable to the Town of West Hartford. For any questions regarding plan reviews or to reach the Fire Marshal, please call 860-561-8308 or 860-561-8318 Fire Commission Resolution Supporting Residential Fire Sprinklers. Office of the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal. 2401 NW 23rd, Suite 4• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107. 405-522-5005 • Fax: 405-522-5028 • TDD/TTY:1-800-722-0353. Send comments or recommendations to Webmaster The same section allows the local agency to charge fees to recover the cost of the inspections October 3, 1994, a memorandum was sent from the Eureka Fire Department Fire Marshal to the Mayor and City Council outlining an R-1 program structure and the application of the new laws FIRE ExtINGuIShER MAINtENANCE City and State law requires that extinguishers receive maintenance by a licensed technician on an annual basis. See our website for complete details of the maintenance required in Illinois. Any parts needed during maintenance will be charged at the rates listed below. There are no additional labor fees

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  1. The office shall perform its duties by conducting inspections and fire investigations, by providing public education, and by adopting fire prevention codes. As part of the fiscal year 2017 budget, the Office of the State Fire Marshal has been consolidated into the Department of Forestry and Fire Management
  2. Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office Schedule of Fees as of 02/01/2016 (PDF) If you still have questions about fees, contact us at 516-573-9900. Requirements of Local Laws. The Nassau County Fire Marshals Office is required by local law to collect fees for certain services offered to the public. These fees are associated with the
  3. 2. At a hearing by the Fire Safety Commission on an Order to pay costs, the Fire Marshal, Fire Chief or Assistant to the Fire Marshal may, on reasonable notice to all parties, ask the Commission to amend the Order by adding new items of cost or by increasing the amounts set out in the Order. 3
  4. Signature - Fire Chief-Fire Marshal/Inspector City or County. Texas Health and Human Services Commission Regulatory Services Division (Mail Code E-342) P. O. Box 149030 Austin, Texas 78714-9030 512-438-2630 Fax 512-438-2727. Title: Form 3654, Fire Marshal Inspection Report Author: Web & Handbook
  5. If you're building or renovating commercial property in Virginia, passing a fire safety inspection from your local or state fire marshal is a requirement. Navigating the complicated waters of Virginia fire safety regulations and fire codes isn't straightforward or easy. Failing to pass an inspection leads to delays and added costs
  6. The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting fire and life safety inspection services for the City of Hayward. This critical work is every bit as important as emergency response, because the best fire to fight is one that never starts. Find out more about fire safety inspections

fire safety regulations which shall be enforced in order to obtain fire clearance approval. A fee equal to, but not exceeding, the actual cost of the pre-inspection services may be charged for the pre-inspection of a facility with a capacity to serve 25 or fewer persons. A fee equal to, but not exceeding, the actual cost of the pre-inspection Copy of Fire Investigation report - $25.00 Thumb drive of digital photographs pertaining to fire investigation report (cost of thumb drive) The Chief/Fire Marshal, Thomas Scalera, can be reached FOR ANY QUESTIONS at (908) 725-6300 ext. 5555 or by email at tscalera@bridgewaternj.go 3. Costs to provide fire inspections exceed current revenues due, in part, to the Fire Department's failure to collect all approved fees. Additional fees should be considered in order to cover the cost of the fire inspection services as well as to provide enhanced enforcement of fire codes

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All Permits - $50.00 Re-inspections - $50.00 Initial Inspections - No cost. All permits approved by the Fire Marshal's Office will be issued after a $50.00 fee is received. Please make checks or money orders payable to County of Henry and mail to Henry County Fire Marshal's Office, 1024 DuPont Road, Martinsville, Virginia 24112 The State Fire Marshal may destroy any such report after three years from its date. HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 37-82.6; 1963 (53) 557. SECTION 23-9-120. Enforcement of chapter. The State Fire Marshal shall see that the provisions of this chapter and regulations promulgated thereunder are faithfully executed Inspections for each service can range from $200 to $500, plus cost of materials. The inspection for the fire marshal can range from $200 to $400 per visit. Return visits are usually much less, from $25 to $100. Not directly related, but usually with shared resources, are your elevator services

Nicholas Anderson, Acting Fire Chief. 401-658-0544. nanderson@cumberlandfire.org. The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for the operation of the Fire Prevention Office of the Cumberland Fire Department including but not limited to: Fire code inspections. Fire code plan reviews The Fire Marshal's office supports the City by providing plan review services as well as new construction and permit inspections. Annual fire and life safety inspections for businesses and operations permit inspections are performed by fire department inspectors under the supervision of the Fire Marshal

A local fire code inspector or the state fire marshal may recover the cost of these inspections through a fee of no more than $50 per inspection charged to the applicant or the license holder. The charging of a fee is at the discretion of the inspecting agency Call the local fire department to schedule your inspection as soon as you have a closing date. The department will issue a certificate of compliance if your alarms pass the inspection. Follow these steps to make sure you home will pass the inspection: Using the date your home was built and the date the last building permit was issued, figure. See the Fire Marshal's Office Guide for Construction 2019-2020 Edition: The goal of the office of the Fire Marshal is to assist customers in understanding our submittal, plan review, and inspection process and policies, as they pertain to new construction and finish outs

The City of Greer Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for fire code enforcement, investigating fires for origin and cause, and conducting regular inspections to ensure that new and existing structures meet fire code standards. The goal of the office is to protect the community and its residents from devastating and potentially fatal fires through educational programs and active code. Inspections are required to ensure that code, laws, rules or regulations are being enforced to keep the public safe. All inspection requests must have an MDC Permit, Fire Application, or Fire Municipal number. Required information must be entered in order to schedule an inspection. MDC Permit # Ex: 2007000019; Fire Application # Ex: 07336000000200

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To help ensure the safety of the citizens of Missouri, the Division of Fire Safety issues approximately 20,000 certificates of inspection each year for boilers and pressure vessels in service throughout the state. An estimated 2,000 of these units are found to be in dangerous condition each year. Division inspectors conduct inspections on. Details of what the Fire Marshal's Office does. Construction Gude 2019-2020 Edition The goal of the Fire Marshal's office is to assist customers in understanding the City's submittal, plan review and inspection process and policies, as they pertain to new construction and finish outs

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Cobb County Fire Marshal's Office operations will continue on an as-needed basis including plan review and new construction inspections. If you have questions about your project, please contact our office at 770-528-8310 Fire Marshal Plan Review fee (including site inspections) is $55 for the first $10,000 of construction cost and $5 for each $1000 of construction costs thereafter. Fire Marshal Plan Review and associated fees are integrated in the relevant Building Permit application. Before applying for a building permit, make sure you have (if needed) Underground fire mains require three separate inspections that may be made in one trip by the inspector. The three inspections are 1) flushing inspection, 2) pressure test and 3) visual. The underground fire main is required to be hydrostatically tested to min 200 psi for two hours (b) A public or private school shall submit a copy of the record of maintenance, inspection, and testing of fire alarm systems required pursuant to Part 9 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, as found in Chapter 9 of Part III of the California Fire Code, to the chief of any city or county fire department or district providing fire protection services and the chief's authorized.

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The Harnett County Fire Marshal's Division is committed to providing our community with a professional fire and life safety program through comprehensive fire protection plan reviews, informative occupancy inspections, effective fire and life safety code enforcement, and definitive fire origin and cause investigations in order to reduce the. 245A.151 FIRE MARSHAL INSPECTION. When licensure under this chapter or certification under chapter 245H requires an inspection by a fire marshal to determine compliance with the State Fire Code under section 299F.011, a local fire code inspector approved by the state fire marshal may conduct the inspection.If a community does not have a local fire code inspector or if the local fire code.

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