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  1. [Movie still from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros.] Libraries are dangerous places. They are filled with adventure, with daring quests and magic spells, with fearsome beasts, killers, and vampires. They are packed to the brim with solo travel to far off places, with haunted houses and darkened alleyways. Some would even say that libraries are treacherous n
  2. Whether it's Marian, Giles, or Twilight Sparkle, there are several iconic librarians in pop-culture that inspire admiration. As has been explored in another post, there is sadly a lack of librarians in pop-culture, especially when it comes to librarians of color. But the few that we have are quite memorable
  3. Aug 27, 2016 - Explore P. F.'s board Librarians in Pop Culture, followed by 301 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about librarian, library humor, pop culture
  4. Hello, and welcome to Spectacles - How Pop Culture Views Librarians! I know everyone's been busy with Click-U courses, division board meetings, business meetings, round tables, and open houses - and let's not forget what we heard about the climate crisis
  5. The Top Ten Thieves in Pop Culture . by Glen Erik Hamilton. We love thieves. Not in real life, naturally; the commandment and laws against stealing exist for good reason. But on the page, short of a character seeking justice, there's hardly anything readers root for more than a protagonist who's trying to take what they oughtn't
  6. National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia: 1 million visitors per year. According to their website, in 2011, 966,000 people (I am rounding up) visited the reading rooms of the National Library of Russia, which has a collection of 35,718,000 items—though unlike some others on that list, that number was on a downward trajectory.It's not clear what has happened in the last few years.

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  1. For more information, contact Stefanie Hunker, instruction librarian for the School of Cultural & Critical Studies. The Browne Popular Culture Library (BPCL), founded in 1969, is the most comprehensive archive of its kind in the United States
  2. You can't talk about cars in popular culture without talking about the original Mini. The Mini wasn't just an incredibly well designed little car,it also became a fashion icon in the 1960s
  3. Popular culture also shapes and is shaped by ideology, including ideologies about sex, gender, and sexuality. Popular media, from its beginnings in the early twentieth century, have understood that sex sells, and depictions of sexual content and imagery abound in popular film, television, and advertising, among others
  4. Popular culture articles can be found in a wide variety of academic journals and databases. The dozen databases listed below are some of the most popular, and helpful, databases with significant popular culture content. Library Articles Search provides full-text access to electronic journal articles in a variety of subjects including history of.

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  1. The ultimate pop phenomenon, they appear everywhere in the '60s: on TV, movie screens, magazine covers, lunch boxes, dolls, dishes and more. Beatlemania influences hairstyles and clothing, but.
  2. Although there are a number of different ways to define popular culture, Moody 2010 notes that there are three characteristics that appear to be common to most definitions: popular culture is usually associated with mass media (and especially free media like radio or television); popular culture is consumer‐oriented in nature and frequently encourages consumers to become fans.
  3. Your next book was published in the early 1960s and looks at popular culture from a more conservative political perspective. Boorstin's political perspective is conservative, but as a media critic he introduced one of the most significant concepts for understanding, not only our media-saturated culture in general, but the abuses of right-wing television, such as FOX
  4. ority overriding the interests of a scattered majority. The prevalence of such sections demonstrates a broad interest in having such information on Wikipedia
  5. Pirates in Print - Pirates in Popular Culture. Samuel Johnson, author of the first English dictionary, once claimed a ship was worse than a jail because in a jail one had better air, better company, better conveniency of every kind; and a ship has the additional disadvantage of being in danger.. Indeed, the sea was and still remains a.

She presents frequently about pop culture and niche library programming and coauthored the books A Year of Programs for Millennials and More (ALA Editions, 2015), 50+ Fandom Programs (ALA Editions, 2017), and Pop Culture-Inspired Programs for Tweens, Teens, and Adults (ALA Editions, 2018). A lifelong lover of all things pop culture and an avid. Bill Schurk began collecting postcards as a young boy while living in Cleveland, Ohio. He donated his collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library in 2017. Totaling over 11,000, the postcards are organized alphabetically by subject in the same order that Mr. Schurk arranged them Famous quiffs in pop culture. The quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. Initially worn by men in the 1950s, it regained popularity in the 1980s and has seen a number of. The Civil War in Popular Culture is an eclectic approach covering a variety of subjects, including Civil War myth and memory, films, novels, battlefield preservation and monuments, souvenirs, race and gender politics, the internet, war gaming, military medicine, and battle field reenactment Food is a big part of our popular culture. People might say that it might have even invaded our popular culture. There's advertisements, social media accounts, celebrity endorsements, and many other different formats that food has become part of our popular culture. In an article, The Complete Guide to How Food Has Invaded Pop Culture (At.

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  1. Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries. July 20, 20105:40 PM ET. Linda Holmes. Twitter. Steve Debenport/iStockphoto.com. I realize we're picking the bones from the Old.
  2. As we slowly emerge from the other side of Covid and restrictions are lifted, some of us find ourselves returning to the work tasks and duties of pre-pandemic days. For me, this means my library building is open, and I am no longer working from home. Instead, I've immediately reverted to the inflexible work schedules and services of the before-times while still offering virtual research and.
  3. The Evolution of Sexy Librarians in Pop Culture. There seems to be two sides to the stereotypical coin when it comes to portraying librarians. They're either shy, strict, shushing, and often.
  4. As we celebrate the 200 th anniversary of his birth here at the Library of Congress and across the United States, it is evident that his fame continues to take many forms in popular culture. The Library holds the most extensive array of Whitman collections in the world, including manuscripts, rare books, and more than 1,000 books about Whitman.
  5. In 1857 Charles Spurgeon, the celebrated Baptist preacher, addressed a congregation of 23,654. Popular amusements included ascents by the official Crystal Palace Astronaut in his gas-filled balloon. For £5, a considerable amount in those days, you too could look down on London from a mile high, or more
  6. Please join the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington and the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture for a roundtable discussion of race and slavery in history and popular culture, focused on The History Channel's recent retelling of Alex Haley's Roots

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Planning a Library Con or Pop Culture Festival. Elia Juarez, Teen Services Manager, Yuma County Library District (AZ) / 23 May 2019. Yuma LibraryCon VR Demo. Photo courtesy Elia Juarez. Originally published on Librarian Recommended, republished here with permission from the blogger, Elia Juarez. We hosted our library's sixth LibraryCon on May. Many feminists discovered and believed that while culture was a powerful arena, it perpetuated and created sexist ideas and representations. Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Feminist struggles with the sexist aspects of mass culture and popular culture (in a contemporary setting. The surge decades of the '60s (British Invasion pop and psychedelia) and '90s (rave culture and electronic music) gave way to the going-in-circles decades of the '70s and the. In honor of Pride Month 2021, TODAY Show is looking back on the top 50 LGBTQ pop culture moments from the last five decades. A timeline of pride How 50 defining LGBTQ pop culture Founding Documents in Pop Culture. The Temple of Founding History. Independence Artwork. The Founders' Reading List. Founders' Journals. The Magna Carta. The Inventions of the Founders. Early American Postal Service. Music of the Revolution

Nineteenth-century institutions, especially the public library and the public museum, did more to blend popular culture and elite culture. The first public art museum opened in Vienna in 1781, and French revolutionaries converted the Louvre into a museum in 1793; the National Gallery in London opened in 1823 Popular culture is the set of practices, beliefs, and objects that embody the most broadly shared meanings of a social system. It includes media objects, entertainment and leisure, fashion and trends, and linguistic conventions, among other things. Popular culture is usually associated with either mass culture or folk culture, and. Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives defines Popular Culture as: Often contrasted with high or official culture, the cultural practices and creations of the people. Often used as a pejorative term to indi­cate the poor quality and low intelligence of such culture, in the contemporary world it has also become an important and vibrant form of culture, although. Popular culture representations of nature also tell us more than how we imagine nature and the environment. They articulate and naturalize ideas about race, gender, sexuality, and disability. They present certain kinds of identities as natural and normative and other kinds of identities as unnatural or out of place in nature Table of Contents. Introduction: Asian Popular Culture: The Global (Dis)continuity Anthony Y.H. Fung Part 1: The Dominance of Global Continuity: Cultural Localization and Adaptation 1.One Region, Two Modernities: Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong Micky Lee and Anthony Y.H. Fung 2. Comic Travels: Disney Publishing in the People's Republic of China Jennifer Altehenger 3

Top Picks: Coming-of-Age Movies for Summer. Jun 2, 2021. If You Liked The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Oct 20, 2020. Top Picks: Brutally Honest Essays by Chicago's Samantha Irby. Aug 7, 2019. Gen X: Defining Moments in Pop Culture. Jun 17, 2019. Top Picks: Music Biopics. Nov 22, 201 Homosexuality in Pop Culture. By late 1960s and early 1970s, international countercultural ideas held significant sway over Brazil's urban middle-class youth. Among the counterculture's many challenges to societal norms was the destabilization of sexual codes and gender norms. As traditional insistence of premarital virginity and normative. Immigration and American Popular Culture looks at the relationship between American immigrants and the popular culture industry in the twentieth century. Through a series of case studies, Rachel Rubin and Jeffrey Melnick uncover how specific trends in popular culture—such as portrayals of European immigrants as gangsters in 1930s cinema, the. Pornography and popular culture / John G. Cawelti and Mary C. Flannery; Wilderness : ambiguous symbol of the American past / Philip G. Terrie. The tamed wild : symbolic bears in American culture / Elizabeth A. Lawrence; Recreational architecture as popular culture : the symbolic design of the American theater / Gary Edgerto The Titanic in Popular Culture (Of course, this review is just the Tip of the Iceberg) Since the fateful night, it seems the world has been captivated with The White Star Liner. Through culture, she has moved from being a tragedy to being a phenomenon and a legend

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Essay About Popular Culture. 1281 Words6 Pages. In the contemporary living of the humankind in the 21st century, the popular culture plays a vital role in our own lives especially in youth. Hence, we future teachers and all adults must be more acquainted and involved in advancing our critical understanding to everything we read, watch and hear. Popular culture, by definition, requires that the masses—that's us, folks—be engaged in practicing and consuming it, thereby making it popular. Three early, significant popular-culture mileposts are, in chronological order, wedding ceremonies, music performed from written scores, and the establishment of fashion styles

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Askwith Media Library: A collection of over 25,000 titles, including feature films, documentaries, animated films, and instructional programs.. Clements Library: Popular culture, ephemera/realia, manuscripts on women's history and gender, and commercial photography covering North American history from Columbus through the 19th century,. Comic Books & Graphic Novels: Comic Books and Graphic. The Korean Popular Culture Reader. Over the past decade, Korean popular culture has become a global phenomenon. The Korean Wave of music, film, television, sports, and cuisine generates significant revenues and cultural pride in South Korea. The Korean Popular Culture Reader provides a timely and essential foundation for the study of K-pop. Witty and accessible, Popular Culture Genres is a fascinating study of genres and genre criticism. Author Arthur Asa Berger empowers readers to make their own analysis by providing the methods and examples of good criticism

Top Pop Culture Moments: New for 2020 is our curated top 10 Pop Culture Moments, which highlight the most fun, wild and lighter moments that brought a little bit of levity to a crazy year. These much-talked about moments generated some of the highest levels of interaction across our apps, and include the following Thinking critically about the ways popular culture shapes identity: Each week, course participants were asked to think critically and creatively about a few major themes in American popular culture and to interrogate the ways in which specific cultural artifacts affect the lives of individuals and communities.The class syllabus notes that popular culture is not monolithic, but that its various. Images, ideas, stereotypes and symbol systems of religion surround us in popular culture, whether in movies, television shows, sports, fashion, the internet, music or literature. From Disney to Harry Potter, The Simpsons to House, M.D., from rock and roll to hip-hop, the materials for this course will be drawn from a wide range of media Popular Music 21 (2002): 209-23. Newman , Michael Z. Indie Culture: In Pursuit of the Authentic Autonomous Alternative. Cinema Journal 48 ( 2009 ): 16 - 34 Popular Culture and World Politics: Theories, Methods, Pedagogies. E-International Relations. 63,021 Downloads. Free PDF. Amazon ( UK, US ) And all good book stores. This edited collection brings together cutting edge insights from a range of key thinkers working in the area of popular culture and world politics (PCWP)

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Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves The topic of ghosts is very popular with teens, tweens, and adults. This work is appropriate for high school, community college, and public libraries. I recommend it highly.--Librarian Dona J. Helmer, Reference & User Services Quarterly (print, Summer 2017 Feminism in Popular Culture explores these questions through a diverse range of texts and sites - from news coverage, 'The Vagina Monologues', the Scream trilogy, 'Ally McBeal' and 'Sex and the City', sex documentaries and TV cooks, to breakdancing, beauty salons and computer game-playing. Feminism in Popular Culture does not assume that. The Browne Popular Culture Library contains a unique assortment of materials from the 19th and 20th centuries. It includes fiction and nonfiction books, popularly written periodicals and other print and non-print materials such as games, photographs, post cards and advertising materials

The Jim Liversidge Collection was donated in 2008 by Jim Liversidge, curator of Popular Culture Collections in the Department of Special and Area Studies Collections. The Liversidge Collection represents over forty years of collecting (from JFK and Vietnam to George W. Bush and 9-11). This walk through Baby Boom pop culture history. Tired of boring, run-of-the-mill library instruction? Want to jazz up your information literacy program and connect with students? Many academic librarians struggle with making instruction sessions interesting and interactive while still incorporating all the information students need to know. This interactive webinar will provide a variety of approaches incorporating pop culture themes into. Historically, mass pop culture has been fostered by an active and tastemaking mass media that introduces and encourages the adoption of certain trends. Although they are similar in some ways to the widespread media gatekeepers discussed in Section 1.4.3 Gatekeepers, tastemakers differ in that they are most influential when the mass media.

Portrayal of women in popular culture magazines. Even as a descendant of the digital media age, I grew up between the pages of print. Teen Vogue and Seventeen were my introductions to journalism just as much as The New York Times. The difference to me, as a young journalism student but also a young woman, is that the Condé Nast publications. Like poetry, film also works with repetition, echoes, and allusions—of images, sounds, forms, colors, and gestures—to evoke particular responses, such as excitement, dread, anticipation, compassion, sadness, and joy. That is probably why film works well with poetry to convey an artist's vision. Rainer Maria Rilke, circa 1900

Here are a few times pop culture helped us understand mental health. 1. (often at the top of the music charts) to boost awareness about mental As School Library-Journal points out,. by BU Libraries Last Updated May 26, 2021 2124 views this year Create Bibliographies by JD Kotula Last Updated Jun 29, 2021 3432 views this yea Nickelodeon recently decided to start catering to adults. Noticing that its 1990s programming was popular enough to spur Facebook groups, blog posts, and YouTube clips devoted to shows like. Abstract. In 1989 the Stanford University Law School professor Lawrence Friedman offered a definition of popular legal culture. In an often-cited article, he wrote that, In the first place, legal culture acts as an intervening variable, a mechanism for transforming norms of popular culture into legal dress and shape Cultural theory and popular culture : a reader by [edited and introduced by] John Storey. Call Number: STROZIER LIBRARY General Collection 3rd Floor -- CB19.C83 2006. ISBN: 9780820328492. Cultural studies by edited, and with an introduction, by Lawrence Grossberg, Cary Nelson, Paula A. Treichler, with Linda Baughman and assistance from John.

Pop culture essays should cover the aspects which are associated with such culture. The length of your pop culture essay is a decisive factor in the number of aspects to cover. Clothes, music, style, figures, etc, cannot be covered in depth in a short pop culture essay Essay on Globalization and Popular Culture! The popular culture is the culture of masses manifested through their cultural practices. It is a pattern of human activities and their symbolic expressions, which are popular and widespread among people. Historically, the difference existed between the culture of elite and the culture of masses Trejo has become ubiquitous in contemporary pop culture due to his role as Isador Machete Cortez in Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids movies and the eponymous Machete. Trejo has starred in over 250 film and TV roles, is an accomplished chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author, and has even been spotted coming to the rescue of his fellow Angelenos Mass culture has one more important dignity from the perspective of globalization - covering all areas of life and all segments of the population, erasing national, geographic, ethnic, and social boundaries, it promotes a sense of unity of people in the world, enabling them to communicate in one language, be it pop music, pop literature, pop TV or anything else 14588 West Park Street P.O. Box 427 Burton, OH 44021 440-834-4466 440-834-0128 (fax) 440-834-0707 (Dial-A-Story

This list of 2021 pop culture trends highlights some of the ways in which popular culture can influence and direct consumer desires, giving thought leaders and business owners a better idea of what to look for in the years to come. 2020 has been an incredibly unpredictable year, and the trends that have come out of it are equally unique Lightsabers, the score, The Empire, Darth Vader, Obi Wan, droids, The Force, Han and Chewie, Leia's hair, the scrolling text, I got a bad feeling about this, and the Millenium Falcon. Every thing about this movie is iconic. 2. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) PG | 124 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy. 8.7 Top pop culture moments of 2011 But in the bubble that is our popular culture, a world in which fame is measured not by power, influence or substance but by Twitter followers, YouTube hits and.

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Kids naturally mix pop culture and school stuff to create a mish-mash genre. Thomas Newkirk, in his article Popular Culture and Writing Development, cites Anne Dyson for naming this trend hybridization. Most teachers allow this to happen. However, allowing and encouraging are totally two different animals Shakespeare in Pop Culture. Shakespeare is heralded as a foundational figure in Psychology, sociology, political theory, business, medicine, and law. He's one of the largest enablers of modern culture For his 37 plays: 10 Tragedies 10 Histories 17 Comedies. 154 Sonnets. 884,647 words and 118,406 line Popular culture is invariably a vehicle for the dominant ideas of its age. Never was this more true than in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when it reflected the nationalist and imperialist ideologies current throughout Europe. When they were being entertained or educated the British basked in their imperial glory and developed a powerful notion of their own superiority

Popular culture is today an intrinsic element of social and political life in many societies, particularly those that have reached advanced stages of industrialisation and development. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are exposed in one way or another to elements of popular culture. The development and advancement of communication networks. Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, an annual interdisciplinary journal, publishes articles, review essays, and interviews on diverse aspects of popular culture in Latin America.Articles are written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese Last researched on Apr 28, 2021, the Pop Culture research topic includes our full archive for the last few years, including 712 Pop Culture insights and 4,748 examples of pop culture market research, including: popular culture, celebrity trends, celebrity gossip, viral videos, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, celebrity news, media and pop culture.

Science in Popular Culture. : A. Bowdoin Van Riper. Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 - Science - 314 pages. 1 Review. Spaceships travel through time at lightspeed, piloted by human clones and talking animals. Serious injuries are healed with the wave of a medical gizmo. The media makes it all look easy Leading Lady Justice — The Law in Pop Culture. Over the years, Lady Justice has proven to be a very popular muse for writers and directors. She has inspired some of the greatest works of fiction.

Popular culture has always been its ill-mannered twin. Public spaces that still seem to stand for a shared culture - public libraries, museums and parks - were established to provide 'rational. J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium of Middle-earth has had a profound and wide-ranging impact on popular culture. This is especially true for The Lord of the Rings, ever since its publication in the 1950s, but especially throughout the 1960s and 1970s, where young people embraced it as a countercultural saga, and its influence has been vastly extended in the present day, thanks to the live-action.

This article examines the windigo monster of Algonquian Indian traditions through the lens of popular culture. The cannibalistic entity remains a consistent antagonist in comic books, cartoons, movies, and television series. Each medium portrays components of the windigo and related phenomena with varying degrees of accuracy Unconscious Gods and the Return of Belief in Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence. Peter Melville. 33 (1), pp. 16-28. First published online: March 15, 2021 A moving book set in Baileyville, Kentucky, in 1937, the Depression-era work tells of the Pack Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky. One Goodreads reviewer summed it up: This story is a love letter to every person who understands the importance of literacy, of reading for both knowledge and entertainment, and the need for libraries Militarizing Sri Lanka: Popular Culture, Memory and Narrative in the Armed Conflict. Author: Neloufer de Mel. Publisher: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd. Publication year: 2007. Online pub date: December 20, 2013. Discipline: Politics & International Relations. Subject: Cultural Studies (general), South East Asian Studies, Peace Studies.

Popular Culture Studies Program. The popular culture movement was founded on the principle that the perspectives and experiences of common folk offer compelling insights into the social world. The fabric of human social life is not merely the art deemed worthy to hang in museums, the books that have won literary prizes or been named classics. Video games as a form of popular culture has become an important part of today's advancing society. Fiske explains that video games replicate the structures of the social system and by playing. Domestic abuse and sexual assault in popular culture / Laura L. Finley. Format Book Published Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2016] Description lii, 188 pages ; 25 cm. Uniform series Crime in popular culture. Notes Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents. 1 Popular culture has a significant influence over people's behaviors and decision-making processes, including when it comes to alcohol. According to Social Learning Theory, people learn from personal experiences and are influenced by behavior that they witness or are exposed to in other formats, such as movies, television, music, social media.

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Volume 51 (2021): Issue 1-2 (May 2021): Special Issue: European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture, edited by Matthew Grenby, Elisa Marazzi and Jeroen Salman published on 07 May 2021 by Brill Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture: A Selection. This book is a carefully annotated selection of eighteenth-century writings about popular culture. During the eighteenth century, popular culture assumed a peculiar importance. In the early part of the century, high and low cultures often collided. Later in the century, politeness more and more. Digital History ID 3452. The popular culture of the 1930s was fraught with contradictions. It was, simultaneously, a decade of traditionalism and of modernist experimentation; of sentimentality and hard-boiled toughness; of longings for a simpler past and fantastic dreams of the future. It was a decade in which many Americans grew. The South Austin Popular Culture Center (SouthPop) collects, conserves, and exhibits vintage posters and live music ephemera from the 1960s through today to educate future generations on the rich and unique culture that makes Austin the Live Music Capital of the World

Pop culture essay topics are commonly perceived by individuals from the general public as the themes on briefs, practices, customs, and items that are dominant in a specific community for a given point in time. Additionally, popular culture topics incorporate exercises and emotions caused when interactions wit In a lively investigation into the boundaries between popular culture and early-modern science, Sara Schechner presents a case study that challenges the view that rationalism was at odds with popular belief in the development of scientific theories. Schechner Genuth delineates the evolution of people's understanding of comets, showing that. (The book is part of a series on popular culture from McFarland, an academic publisher that does not usually publish mathematics.) The table of contents shows that the book has a broad range, so that few people will be familiar with all of the descriptions of popular cultural material in which mathematics has been used. For example, there is a.

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