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First, in Cricut Design Space, click download and find the image of the sewing machine that you previously downloaded from NeliDesign's library. Cut the sewing machine on a cardstock. This one will only serve as a template for the moment. Then select the shape you want under Shapes Open me!Have you ever wanted to make your own designs but were too overwhelmed or didn't want to pay for a third-party design program? With this tutorial, yo.. 2. Fold over the remaining pieces so that the 3 Mountain folds form the frame. 3. Make sure all lines are straight, then glue the bottom long piece to the outside of the main frame. See the diagram for details. 4. Make the next part of the frame but when folding over to the back, make sure the angle cut is on top of the other frame piece *Edit* Link Previously Broken, It was not working and had no clue - HERE is the new Code!https://she-makes-club-by-megan-elizabeth.mykajabi.com/pl/254378Here.. There are a few ways to create borders around an image or text in Cricut design space. First, start a new project and go to your canvas. Upload an image onto Cricut design space by pressing 'upload' or add an image from the Cricut library by pressing 'images'. Insert an image of your choice to the canvas by pressing 'insert'

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  1. Once the cut is complete, be sure to check and see if the mat is cut all the way through before removing from your machine. If it is not, you can either make another pass with your Cricut or finish off the cut with a craft knife.I had one edge that was barely hanging on when my cut finished so I just used my craft knife
  2. This is such a cool thing that I've come up with.If it works for you, I'd love for you to share it. cardcreationsbykim@gmail.co
  3. Open up Cricut Design Space, and begin a new project. Place a square on the mat, and click the unlock icon on the lower left corner of the square. Resize the square to the full size of the mat. For me, this is an 8×10

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Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Dawn Caruana's board cricut picture frames on Pinterest. See more ideas about cricut picture frames, crafts, cricut crafts Jul 6, 2013 - Explore Cutter List's board Cricut Picture Frames on Pinterest. See more ideas about cricut picture frames, cricut, picture frames Apr 18, 2016 - Explore Bridget Hanks's board Cricut Picture Frames, followed by 128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cricut picture frames, vinyl projects, picture frames

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How To Make A Glass Calendar With Your Cricut Have you ever wanted to create a reusable glass calendar, but weren't sure the best steps to take? This t.. Click on Shapes, choose Square, click the Unlock button on the Square, then resize and reposition the square so it is just touching the bottom of the dog and ALSO overlapping the sides and bottom edges of the frame. Once you do that, select everything for this layer (so the dog, the shape, and the frame) and click Weld Easy Custom DIY Spotify Frame with Cricut Design Space + Free Cut File & Template! 1 . 12 Aug, 2020 in Crafts / Cricut / Free SVGs tagged crafts / cricut / custom / design space / diy / how do / how ot / howto / make / signs / Spotify by Megan Elizabeth

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frame Download Open the file in Design Space, ungroup. Select all and then center the two layers vertically and horizontally. attach and then cut. Special thanks to Cricut for providing the Maker making this project possible Make an Ornate Frame Photo Card with Cricut Explore Air 2 Perfect for Mother's day! I used my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine to make this darling card! Will I be required to use cartridges with the Cricut? A long time ago, Cricut machines used cartridges. You had to get all the cartridges in order to get the shapes, fonts or designs you wanted Select the text tool and create a { . Here is what it will look like in Cricut Design Space: Resize it so it's big enough for us to work with

After cleaning my glass, I put it back in the frame so I could see exactly where the frame covered the glass. I used it as a guide to apply the vinyl. Once all the vinyl was placed I took the glass back out to make it easier to work with. Next I rubbed the transfer paper with my Cricut scraper, but you could use a credit card as well Carefully peel the largest piece (the bus, pencil, and apple) and place your photo behind the frame. Then place onto the bottom gray piece. Then add all of the decorative pieces. For the text, I am using my Cricut EasyPress, though an iron works as well. Carefully lay your weeded iron on vinyl onto your project Materials Needed for Cricut Music Plaque. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from Shareasale and Amazon.com. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links (purple text). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. old glass frame or acrylic stand; Cricut or other cutting machin Open up Cricut Design Space and click New Project to create a blank canvas. Click the Upload icon in the left column, then follow the on-screen instructions to load your mandala letter SVG. Be sure to upload the file which ends in .svg as that's the format that Cricut machines need to be have to able to cut out the design

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Materials: a piece of ½ thick plywood that's the desired size of your sign minus the frame. 1x2 lumber that's long enough to cover the perimeter of your sign. wood stain and/or paint. Cricut (I'm using my Explore Air 2) stencil vinyl. Mod Podge. small paint brushes. finishing nail gun & finishing nails Stain the wood frame in a color of your choice. Set aside the canvas, you will use this again later. Upload Image in Cricut Design Space. Upload your own art into Cricut Design Space, or search the images library for a variety of silhouettes. Click Insert Images Edit Image in Cricut Design Spac 5. With one picture frame side at a time, place double sided sticky tape (best) or adhesive onto the areas marked C & D (See Step 2.) :-. Match each straight corner to each 45 degree corner. Tuck your straight corner under the 45 degree corner. Stick firmly in place being sure that your angles are at 45 degrees DIY Framed Pegboard Tutorial. First, open your frame and remove the glass and any paper or cardboard behind it. Paint your frame, if you wish. I used spray paint and just painted the whole thing — super easy. Allow to dry. Now measure the interior width and height of the frame, and add about 1/4″ to both measurements

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  1. In order to use the Cricut to make myself a vinyl wall quote, I did need some additional supplies besides my machine. In fact, for any project you make with your Cricut, you need some additional accessories! Here are my favorite tools and accessories that I think every Cricut owner should have: Essential Tool Set ($49.99
  2. Jan 13, 2020 - Learn how to design a custom shadow box in Cricut Design Space! Last spring I made a garden-themed shadow box and shared it freely with everyone, and so many of you have made it! (Thank you!) Since then, I've seen many more variations on shadow box themes and folks keep asking for MORE. But here's...Read More
  3. Here's how made my DIY wood sign: Step 1- Gather your supplies. Wood (I used plywood that was 52 x 14.) Paint (I used Behr Marquee Cameo White, Martha Stewart Lagoon, and Martha Stewart Deep Sea Blue.). Paint Brushes. Cricut or Other Cutting Machine (I used the Cricut Explore Air 2.If you don't have a cutting machine, I give tips for creating this project without one at the end of the post.

3) Inspiring. If I am just looking for inspiration, my go-to thing is perusing the Make It Now Projects. The Cricut Design Team are master navigators for finding great images so I'll scan through there to see what has been designed. I find the BEST phrases, saying, and even images I like. I don't always make the project as I see it MATERIALS TO MAKE THE SPOTIFY ARTWORK ON YOUR CRICUT. HOW TO MAKE THE SPOTIFY GLASS ARTWORK ON YOUR CRICUT. STEP 1: Download the template and get the Spotify Code. STEP 2: Upload the Spotify Code into Cricut Design Space. STEP 3: Cut it out on your Cricut. STEP 4: Weed your design. STEP 5: Assemble the Spotify Music Plaque DIY Frame Mats and a Large Upcycled Frame: I used my Cricut to make a template for different photo sizes. This is a great way to upcycle an old frame I was otherwise going to donate. #upcycling #Cricut. DIYDanielle1. Creative Crafts with Paper & More! Cricut Vinyl. Cricut Fonts. Cricut Craft Room. Cricut Air Once you apply the wood glue, clamp it down for 24-hours to make sure it sets. If you're using pallet wood, clean off the wood with a wire brush. Other posts that can help you work wood into your projects: Learn how to make a wood frame from scratch. Tips on using Knife Blade with Cricut Maker. Using faux wood with your Cricut machine. Happy. How to Cut Projects Larger Than Your Cutting Mat in Cricut Design Space. 1- Log into Cricut Design Space. Click on a new project. 2- Go to the upload icon. 3- Click on upload image. 4- Click on browse. 5- Select your design. it will appear in the left window. I am using a PNG from the bird heart paper cut SVG at designbundles.net. Click save

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Instructions. Cut out the frame design with your Cricut Maker and the knife blade adding the score lines with the scoring wheel. Pick 4-ply mat board when cutting and follow all instructions on the screen. Once everything is cut, print some pictures to add to your frame ornaments. Trim the pictures to the size of the frame using scissors You could even make a bunch and keep them stacked up inside the frame and change them out when you want. I hope this gave you a new look at how to write with your Cricut. Using the Cricut pens with your machine gives a simple DIY just a little more character The Cricut will only cut straight up and down, so if you're making archival type photo mats, you might want to take this into account. Still, I think matboard is a great material to use with your Knife Blade for scrapbooking and other paper crafts where you want some sturdiness to your project If you enjoy thrift store crafts, you'll love this simple DIY upcycling project using the Cricut Joy! #ad Transform a thrifted photo frame into a beautiful and budget-friendly home decor idea. You can even make and sell this spring-inspired wall decor idea. Include step-by-step photo and video tutorials! #cricut #cricutmad

Cricut: How to Create a Decorative Frame with Adhesive Vinyl for Your Kitchen. Difficulty Intermediate. Budget £10 - £30. Time 1 hr + On your marks, get set, bake! This baking conversion frame is ideal for having on display in your kitchen, ready and waiting for your next baking project. All you need to do is copy and paste the project link. Make sure to use a sealer on your projects so the wood doesn't procure any damage in an unexpected way. If you're applying vinyl or iron-on, make sure that you sand the wood to a flat surface. Since wood is a natural product, it isn't always flat. You might need to sad the surface down so all areas of the vinyl/iron-on stick Use sandpaper to get remove any roughness from the frame before priming, and between coats. 3. Create A Design Next, create a design (or download the free SVG at the end of this post!). I used this font from fontbundles.net to make my SVG. 4. Cut The Design I chose white Cricut Iron-On for this project, but you can choose any colors you wish

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How to make cutouts with Cricut Design Space. Continuing with out watercolor example, lets say I want to print and cut a watercolor unicorn. I simple upload my unicorn svg, then place it over the watercolor image, and then use the Slice tool in the bottom right corner of the Canvas How to Make a Circle Monogram. When creating monograms, you will want your last name initial to go in the middle, with your first initial first and your middle initial last.Now, let's open up Cricut Design Space and create a new project.. Create Your Text. Using lower case font, use the text tool to type your initials in this order: first initial, last initial and middle initial

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Press the design and transfer tape onto the cardstock, being careful to locate it in the right place to be in the centre of your frame, and use your Cricut Scraper Tool for a seamless bond. Carefully remove the transfer tape from your design, leaving the design on the cardstock. Place the art into your frame. Hang your gallery on the wall Tell us how people at home can make one. All you need is your Cricut, Anna's Fantastic Flips Card Making Cartridge, a scoring stylus and your personal printer to make these 3-D cards that actually flip. We patterned this digital cartridge off the success of Anna Griffin Fantastic Flips Card Making Kit with Cutting Dies set How to import an SVG file in Cricut Design Space. Open up Cricut design space and create a new project. Now on the left toolbar select upload > Click upload image. Select your SVG file and just like that it will import into your design space. It is as easy as that just resize to your canvas Hit make it button to cut out the vinyl. Choose vinyl from the settings. Apply vinyl to cutting mat. Load mat into machine. Once sized accordingly, adjust your machine's setting or material dial to vinyl. Load the oracle 651 (this is permanent vinyl) to your machine on the cutting grip mat and hit go September 24, 2020 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team. We have a shiny surprise to share with you! The Cricut Foil Transfer Tool is now available, and it's the easiest way to make your projects shine using foil. The foil tool works with the Cricut Explore ® family of machines and Cricut Maker ®.For the Cricut Joy™ Foil Transfer Tool, see more here. The detailed foil lines make the process.

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  1. How to Make a Reverse Canvas with HTV Video. Step 1: Remove the Canvas from the Frame. Step 2: Paint or Stain the Frame. Step 3: Cut the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Adjust the Hot Cocoa SVG to Fit Your Canvas. Load the Cut Mat. Step 4: Heat Press the Vinyl. Step 5: Attach the Canvas to the Frame. Trim the Extra Canvas
  2. For my next tip, to make paper flowers with cricut or any cutting machine let's chat about the paper. On the cut screen, you can select the paper size, and Cricut will layout the petals to fit your paper size. Additionally, if you are trying to maximize paper space by keeping petals close together, rotate the petals, then use the Attach tool.
  3. Center the image and use your EasyPress or iron to transfer the image to the canvas. First, preheat the canvas. Then, place the cut design on the canvas with the shiny liner side up. Apply heat for 20-30 seconds. Flip the canvas over and apply heat to the back of the design. Wait 15 seconds before removing liner

Attach your cardstock to the Cricut StandardGrip Mat. To load the mat into the machine, press the double arrows button. Do make sure that the mat is positioned under the mat guides. Hit the C button once it begins to flash and you are on your way to cutting out your card! Once the cut is complete, the double arrows will flash again 10: Gently turn the frame right side up and let the leaves fall where they may. That's it! Making this Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box was a great way to use different materials with my Cricut, but really you can think outside the shadow box with this craft. You could use little pumpkins made for vase fillers or even actual leaves, painted or not

Use your Cricut to make the most unique card for a great memory keeper! Learn to make a personalized QR Code card that anyone would love. When the recipient scans the card with a phone, the card will play whatever message you create. And best of all, you can make it at home with your printer. Making your own QR code that plays is super easy While your frame is drying, cut out your design using your Cricut or Silhouette. If you use Heat Transfer Vinyl, you'll want to make sure you cut your design as a mirror image so the design is facing the correct direction To make this project, you need a shadow box, which is a frame that is deep enough for you to put the flowers into without being squished. The one I am using is eleven by fourteen inches, and I'll put the link to it below this video. To make the paper flowers, you need 65lb. or 80lb. solid core cardstock in whatever colors you want. You'll also need a glue gun and glue sticks, and I also. To make a shadow box frame, cut out 4 pieces of wood to the dimensions you want your box to be, including the height, width, and depth. Nail the wood together, then use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. Cut a thin piece of wood, like plywood, for the backing on the shadow box and nail or glue it into place

Apply heat with a Cricut EasyPress Mini on the lowest setting in short 10 second presses. Remove the transfer sheet while still warm. 6. Use the acetate to trace the shape needed on the photo for a perfect fit in the keychain photo frame. 7. Use super glue to secure the acetate to the faux leather If you want to make your own, keep reading for full details on the supplies and process! Make a Reverse Canvas with Cricut Maker or Explore: Getting Started. Supplies: an art canvas (mine was 8×10) paint or stain for the frame; iron on vinyl (I used the red iron on foil from Cricut and I was swooning!) EasyPress or iro

Start with typing the first letter in your monogram using the circle monogram font. Be sure to use lower case letters. Next you are going to click on shapes over on the left side and select the square. Size the square large enough to cover the last two letters in the monogram font, leaving just the first letter Design Space will then connect to your Cricut machine. Once connected, you'll be prompted to load your mat. With a piece of vinyl cut 12x12 (or appropriate size for your project) and placed vinyl side up on the 12 long mat, load it into your machine, making sure to place the top edge of the mat under the guides on the machine so the top is touching the wheels This design is made to fit into an 11 x 14 frame. When you click Make It, you will be prompted to select a 12 x 24 mat. Select your material settings matching your vinyl. I used Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl so selected Premium Vinyl and selected More Pressure Frame; Cricut Design Space: The cut file for When Life Gets Blurry has been designed and is completely ready to go in Cricut Design Space. The print is sized as an 8″ x 10″ print. If this size works for you, click on Make It. If you would like to make adjustments, click on Customize

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  1. e 7.5 inches wide to fit inside my shadow box
  2. There are infinite variations and every time you make this DIY Cricut frame adorned with paper roses it will look completely unique! By just changing up the colors you use, this flower decorated frame craft can easily switch from a Valentine's Day theme, to a Christmas theme, to an Easter theme! Whatever the occasion, this makes the perfect gift
  3. g a half circle. If you need help making a rosette, see my article here. Then assemble the other embellishments

You could easily create the exact same art using Cricut Design Space by adding a rectangle slightly wider than your frame and then adding the text on top using your preferred font. The chores part is even easier to create in Design Space - you simply use the text tool, choose the font, and size For the wording, I cut out vinyl with my Cricut and then applied it to my wall. You can always order vinyl decals on etsy or amazon if you don't have a cutting machine. I made three rustic frames and since my daughter's pic was horizontal I made hers a little differently Drawing basic shapes in Cricut Design Space Draw Designs with Cricut and Basic Shapes. Whether you are just getting started using your Cricut machine, or want to practice some techniques, this tutorial will help you explore a few different features of Cricut Design Space and using your pens to draw and write.Basic shapes are available for free in Cricut Design Space and can be used to create.

I had seen people making these Spotify picture frames with their Cricut to play a special song. So, I decided to give it a try. I wanted the words and things to be white to go well with my maroon cardstock, but I was currently out of white vinyl. Plus, I was curious if it would work if I engraved it into acrylic After reading these you can get a good handle on some other Cricut Project Ideas. These Cricut Ideas will show you everything from cutting vinyl to how to navigate Cricut Design Space to how to create your own home decor. Things like working with Cricut iron-on, or as its also know heat transfer vinyl. To how to use other Cricut materials and. Laura uses her Cricut Explore, Cricut Holographic Vinyl, and butterflies from the Design Space library to complete this project. The weeding looks very tricky, but the result is super cool! 9. Floating Frame Wall Art Reverse Canvases Can Also Be Made With Vinyl This custom floating frame is another project I made with adhesive vinyl as a gift I thought I could make a project using some of my favorite materials AND answer all your questions by showing why I love the Cricut Maker so much! 5 Things I love about my Cricut Maker 1. It can cut 300+ materials! We all know that cutting machines are great for cutting paper, cardstock, Iron-on Vinyl and regular vinyl to make decals and stencils


Now let's make it a split monogram. 2. Create the Split in the Monogram. Create a square using the Shapes tool from the Design Panel on the left. Click on the little lock icon at the bottom left of the square. This allows you to change the dimensions of your square, instead of it maintaining its square shape There are over 100 Templates in Cricut Design Space, including clothing, home decor, & accessories that allow you to see the project on your canvas to place & size your design correctly before you cut it out. Let's look at how you can easily determine the best size to cut vinyl or HTV in Cricut Design Space. First open a new project 02.05.2021 by Emily // 4 Comments. This DIY pop-up card is magical, and perfect to give to your Valentine or Galentine! Learn how to cut it on a Cricut; the tutorial shows how it's assembled step-by-step. Six frames balance on each other and rise up when the card is opened. Fill the frames with photos of you together I think I'm going to find a frame to put mine in so it looks a little more finished. Either that or I will use one of the stands I have to place it on. I hope you will try making one (or several) of these DIY Spotify Artwork projects With your Cricut. Until next time. Kathy. P.S How to make layered text Cricut shadow boxes. Making inset Cricut shadow boxes with text instead of images follows a very similar process, with one key difference. With text, instead of adding a negative offset (a inset), make a positive offset instead that is larger than the original text layer

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Hello and welcome back! I am so excited to show you guys how I created this beautiful shadow box using my Cricut Maker! For the longest time, I have been wanting to do a shadow box project and fill it up with mini paper flowers from Cricut's Design Space and I finally got the chance to create this beautiful piece! I hope you guys give this a try and make your own shadow boxes using this tutorial The Cricut Explore is an amazing addition to your crafting and DIY projects. If you have been thinking of getting one but aren't sure what model to choose, check out this guide. Today we will be making a DIY painted wood sign using the Cricut Explore and Cricut stencil vinyl.. Fourth of July Wooden Sign with Cricut Explor

Directions. If your wood sign is unfinished, paint with a coat of white chalk paint and allow to dry overnight. Open the rainbow frame cut file and customize as needed. Measure and cut iron-on for each of the rainbow colors. With the shiny side up, place iron-on onto the basswood and secure the edges with heat resistant tape Step 11. Stain or paint the frame. I chose to stain it in Early American by Minwax stain. Let it dry before trying to add it to your beautiful sign. (Ask me how I know ) Step 12. Using a brad nailer and wood glue, attached the frame to the board. You could also try to use hot glue to attach the frame if you don't have a brad nailer The focal point layer should always come after the top frame layers. The background should be at the back of layers. You can design your custom SVG cricut shadowbox in several ways such as on illustrator, Inkscape, or Cricut Design Space. Published May 20th, 2021

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7. Now you are ready to add some vinyl and make yourself a reverse canvas sign! You could also use these reverse canvases to paint within the frame, add photos, or other embellishments, etc. 8. Once you are done making your reverse canvas sign you can add your hangers. Check out the info below on how to hang your reverse canvas sign These shadow box frames filled with beautiful paper flowers, with a last name and date, are fun to make and are a great gift for any occasion. Not just the holidays! Supplies Used to Make a Last Name with Date Shadow Frame . Some links may be on similar items when exact items couldn't be found online. Cricut Explore Air 2; Cricut Design Spac Adding separators and other finishing pieces using kraft board. To match the black window and front door frames, I cut the half-wall separators, the interior balcony door trim, and the miscellaneous trim pieces out of black kraft board.I was able to use the regular Cricut cutting blade for this, but I needed to switch to the light-grip mat.This was my first time cutting kraft board, and I was. Floral monogram SVG and Cricut project idea by Jen Goode Make a Floral Fancy Cut Monogram Canvas. In just minutes you can create your own monogram canvas with your Cricut and this Floral monogram border design. I've design this cut file to include a few different layers so you can mix and match papers and styles to create the look you want

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This tutorial shows you how to make a reusable stencil with your Cricut using a stencil blank—cut once, and use as many times as you want! This post is sponsored by JOANN. When it comes to specific craft tutorials, I get SO many requests for making home decor signs using the Cricut Cricut transfer tape; Tutorial Select Your Designs. Open my Christmas Ornaments Cricut Design Space File. When you open it you will see the option to Customize or the option to Make It. Click Customize. Then delete any of the images that you do not want to use. You can also make this project using any image or text that you want Instructions. Open a new canvas in Cricut Design Space. Click on images and search for giant paper flowers under cartridges. Select the flower and add it into the canvas. To make 1 flower, leave the pieces as is on the canvas and click Make it. To make more than one flower, duplicate all the pieces before making it With the machine set to Cricut Maker, select Make It in Design Space. Set material type to Cardstock, choosing the appropriate weight based on your paper. Follow prompts for loading cardstock paper into Cricut Maker and cutting. Remove the cut pieces from the cutting mat. Repeat for the remaining images and papers Step 2: Load vinyl and cut the FREE Fall SVG file with your Cricut. Once you've got the SVG sized to match your cutting board, select make in Design Space. Adjust the settings to vinyl, and load the Oracle 651 (permanent vinyl) to your machine on the blue light grip mat. Then, just hit Go and let your Cricut cut the cute Fall SVG

The first step to making a reverse canvas project is to remove the canvas material from the canvas frame. You have two options: pull out each of the staples on the back, or trim the canvas off using the Cricut TrueControl Knife. I obviously went for the easier and faster method of cutting it off with the TrueControl Knife Place the frame backing in the frame and secure it in place however your frame works. Mine had the metal swivel tabs. Adding the Vinyl Decal: I created the vinyl decal in Cricut Design Space, but of course, you can use whatever design software you use with your cutting machine. The fonts I used are Alex Brush and Lucida Grande Tools Needed to Make a Faux Bone Inlay Cabinet with Your Cricut: Cricut Maker. StandardGrip Machine Mats, 12″ x 24″. Hook Weeding Tool. Scraper. Cricut EasyPress. Clover Mini Iron (this shape is important to get under the door pulls) Cricut EasyPress Mini or a Household Iron. Teflon Sheet The first thing I did was give the canvas 2 coats of latex paint, letting it dry between coats. Next I used my awesome Cricut Explore One to cut a stencil as explained in this tutorial using Show-Offs Stencil Blanks . The cut file I designed is in being made available in my Resource Library. I used a stencil brush, the stencil, and some latex.

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Then I looked up a few tutorials on how to make paper flowers using a Cricut (My favorite was this one from my friend Jenny on her blog Everyday Jenny.)I followed her instructions and made this Cricut Design Space Canvas with the 3 types of Flowers I wanted in my wreath (as well as some embossed leaves Put your yellow cardstock (or whatever you chose for the petals) on your mat and press firmly everywhere along the paper. This will make sure that you get a nice clean cut and that the paper won't come up while cutting. Next turn on your Cricut machine and click Make it in Design Space. Now you want to check two things

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How to Make a Circle Monogram on the Cricut. Making a circle monogram in Cricut Design Space requires a circle monogram font like Monogramos by Woodcutter. If you are interested in keeping the positive space monogram you can slice off the frame with another circle shape. How to Add a Monogram Frame This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. Make a personalized student planner for back to school with a Cricut Air Express and free printable and monthly planner sheets. It's 2020 and for almost everyone in the country, the school day looks a little different this fall than normal DIY Last Day of School Countdown Sign with Cricut Explore Air 2. I had already set up my Explore Air 2 in Cricut Design Space upon receiving my machine so was ready to make it. I started by assembling the vinyl I'd need for my project. I measured the sign and cut the dry erase vinyl using the Portable Trimmer that came with my Essential Tool Set Today I thought we would tackle Cricut wood burning and use it to make a cute Father's Day gift basket. I am going to use the Cricut Joy to customize this project and show the versatility of this machine and Smart Vinyl. You can, however, use any Cricut machine for this project idea

DIY Round Wooden Door Hanger Spring Home DecorCricut Vinyl Floral Wall Art - DOMESTIC HEIGHTSDIY Printer Stand and Storage for My Cricut Machines! in