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TO DECODING LAUNDRY SYMBOLS WASHING SYMBOLS Machine wash Wash cold Wash warm Wash hot On temperatures between 65 and 85F On temperatures at max. 105F On temperatures at max. 120F Normal cycle Hand wash Permanent press cycle Do not wash Delicate / gentle cycle Dry clean only Do not dry clea Title: Laundry-Symbols-US.jpg Author: Clorox Created Date: 4/23/2020 8:35:35 P Your Care Symbols MACHINE WASH TEMPERATURE Cool/ Cold Warm Hot CYCLE Normal Permanent Press Delicate/Gentle OTHER Do Not Wash Hand Wash A BLEACH A Any Bleach (when needed) Only Non-chlorine Bleach (when needed) Do Not Bleach o TUMBLE DRY HEAT SETTING o No Heat Low Medium Hig Any Heat CYCLE o Normal Permanent Pres LAUNDRY SYMBOLS GUIDE Author: amyhuntley Keywords: DADChIB6038,BABbPFZ1DgA Created Date: 2/19/2019 4:48:34 AM. (in symbols or words) Note: As a minimum, laundering instructions include, in order, four symbols: washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing; and, drycleaning instructions include one symbol. Additional symbols or words may be used to clarify the instructions. Actual water temperatures obtained in the home are dependent upon the washin

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  1. Laundry Symbols Guide. Shannon traded in her sensible NYC TV producer shoes (they were best for taking the subway), for a pair of Texas Cowboy boots when she married her best friend! He's at fault for making this Yankee a Texan! Shannon writes about all things that make a house a home. Her chief blogging inspiration is being the proud.
  2. g the printable or clipping it to a clipboard, so it is easily accessible near your washer and dryer
  3. The symbols have some variations in Europe, Asia, and the US. But, it's not a big deal, you can still understand it easily even though there are slight differences. Laundry Care Symbol Chart based on ISO uses five basic icons, for washing, drying, dry cleaning, ironing, and bleaching. Once you understand the basic icon shape, you'll easily.
  4. Laundry Care Symbols (Free Printable) Turns out those symbols on your clothes labels aren't ancient hieroglyphics after all. They actually mean things, and today you're going to finally be let in on the secret. Take a moment. It's fine. Now take a gander at this little printable I put together just for you
  5. Laundry Symbols Guide. 000 000 000 . Title: Laundry Symbols Guide Author: Alexandra Vasiliu Keywords: DABsghp5vFE Created Date: 3/7/2016 11:12:01 PM.
  6. Laundry Symbols for Bleaching. The symbol used for bleaching is a triangle. According to Textile Industry Affairs, about 98% of all washable fabrics are bleached safe in some form of bleach—usually, color safe or oxygen bleach.. If bleach is not mentioned or represented by the symbol, it may indicate that any type of bleach may be used

Free Printable: A Fabric / Laundry Care Symbols Chart. Back in 2009, I wrote a post about tableware symbols. I never thought until today to publish one on fabric care symbols. Tired of running to my computer or having to look at other clothes to figure out what a fabric care symbols means, I finally decided to print a laundry care symbols chart The chart on the reverse side of this publication illustrates care symbols accepted by the Federal Trade Commission as part of a conditional exemption to the FTC Care Labeling Rule (16 CFR 423). This chart is referenced from ASTM D5489-96c, Fig.1, Commercial and Home Laundering and Symbols. SP519-10M-7/98 E12-2015-00-063-9 All those clothing care symbols can get a little overwhelming, but not to worry - our comprehensive guide will help you become fluent in laundry care symbols in no time. Learn the meaning behind 37 washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning symbols and get ready to tackle laundry day - the right way First, be sure to get our free chart! This laundry symbols PDF can be downloaded for your personal use. You can also print it out and keep it in your laundry room (laminate or frame it if you want it to stay in good condition). Simply click on the international laundry symbols chart below or click here to claim your free copy

This free printable laundry care symbols chart is great to print out to store in your Home Management Notebook (click this link to find a whole slew of free printables for your home) or to hang on the wall in your laundry room (you could even pretty it up by framing it if you'd like, thereby making it part of the decor) Laundry symbols are there to guide you, so your clothes get the care they deserve. Make sure you use the right laundry detergent for the wash cycle you pick, like Tide Plus Coldwater Clean for cold washes, or use a detergent like Tide PODS® that's suitable for any temperature. Get the best out of your laundry, with a little help from Tide, and if you need more detailed information, visit. Free Laundry Symbols Printable for Your Laundry Room. The symbols found on the tags of your clothing may seem indecipherable, but once you understand what the elements mean they are incredibly useful when washing your clothes. Hang this printable chart in your laundry room to help you understand the best way to launder your family's clothes Laundry Care Symbols Explained: A guide to understanding the meaning of laundry symbols including washing, drying, bleaching, and ironing symbols and a pdf printable chart for quick reference. When I was growing up I was one of those lucky (aka: spoiled) kids who didn't do their own laundry Washing symbols- are the ones that have the sink and water symbols. Dry Cleaning instructions are indicated by the circular symbol. Bleaching is the triangular symbol with instruction on what you can and can't do. Drying is the square symbol and tumble drying instructions will have a circle in the square. and ironing is the iron symbol


What Do The Laundry Symbols Mean On Clothing? You might have bought a new shirt lately and it has some strange symbols on the tag.You have no idea what the symbols mean. Below we have Laundry Symbols Charts for you to understand what each laundry symbol means on your new shirt or clothing. See the laundry symbols charts below and a pdf file to show you what the symbols mean and water resistance tests. The care symbols used in this standard are based on the Ginetex labelling system, and the symbols are registered as international trademarks. GINETEX has 18 member countries, the national committees are given a mandate to represent GINETEX to ensure the correct use of the care symbols in their national territory

Laundry Care Symbols Chart. A handy, printable chart of the laundry care symbols on fabric tags and what they mean. Clothes washing symbols and their meanings. Ever wonder what those cryptic laundry care symbols on the tags of your washable goods mean? Those symbols are care instructions that follow an international standard that was brought. Browse 754 incredible Laundry Symbols vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy LAUNDRY SYMBOLS CHART. And now for the fun part! I created this chart so that I could quickly and easily have a reference for how to wash particular clothes in my laundry room. I also created the laundry symbols chart to share it with you! To grab a copy of the laundry symbols chart for your laundry room, simply click on the button below

Drycleaning symbols. Bleaching Care symbols for laundry. 1. This symbol indicates Drying. 2. This indicates that you should not use the washing machine for tumble drying the fabric. 3. Drip dry - this indicates that the garment should be hung without wringing, hand shaping or smoothing. 4 CLOROX MACHINE WASH TEMPERATURE Cool/Cold Warm Hot CYCLE Normal Permanent Press Delicate/Gentle OTHER Do Not Wash Do Not Wash BLEACH A Any Bleac Laundry Symbol Chart printable print | Etsy. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select

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  1. CLEAN MY SPAYCEICOM . Title: CMS-Laundry-Symbol-Chart Created Date: 2/9/2021 12:05:20 A
  2. Laundry Symbols Wash Wash Temperature Wash Cycle Cold Warm Hot Normal Permanent Press Delicate Other Hot Hot Hot Hand Wash No Wash Dots 30º C/86º F 40º C/104º F 50º C/122º F 60º C/140º F 70º C/158º F 95º C/203º F Bleach Any Bleach as Necessary Non-Chlorine Bleach as Necessary Do Not Bleach Dr
  3. If you have a laundry room, this laundry symbol printable is perfect to place on a clipboard or in a frame for whenever you need to look up a washing symbol. Note: this print is no longer available for free download. However, you may purchase it on my shop below: Laundry Symbols Art Print. $7.99
  4. A Guide to Laundry Symbols (Printable Cheat Sheet) by Amanda Kennedy - Wednesday, January 30, 2013. Laundry symbols can be a little confusing. Many clothes labels provide only pictograms and omit written instructions for important details to keep our garments looking their best. To save yourself time and money, print off this laundry symbols.
  5. Plan Symbols 2 A-4 Wall section No. 2 can be seen on drawing No. A-4. 3 L-5 Detail section No. 3 can be seen on drawing No. A-5. AA A-6 Building section A-A can be seen on drawing No. A-6. Laundry Trays Service Sinks Wash Fountains Hot Water Separators HW HWT WF WF Circular Semicircular Gas Oil Heater Tank G O Single basin Twin basi

Free Printable : Laundry Guide. Regardless of your method of doing laundry, it's never a bad idea to make your laundry area a little cuter, so I'm sharing a free printable Laundry Guide. Put it into a frame, on a clipboard, or a place where you'll see it in your laundry room. Not sure what the laundry symbol on your new shirt means Some laundry symbols are straight forward while others look like alien hieroglyphics so we put them all in one place to make life easy. For more details on the reason behind each of the care instructions - like why wool can't go in the dryer - check out our Guide to Clothing Care Labels how_to_do_laundry_chart 2/3 How To Do Laundry Chart [Books] How To Do Laundry Chart how to do laundry chart From how to do laundry, beginning with the basics such as sorting, dosing the right amount of detergent, and decoding laundry symbols,to getting sweat stains ou Bleaching Symbols. Bleaching symbols on a piece of clothing are easy to read.An empty triangle means you can use bleach, and a crossed-out triangle means you can't.. If there are two diagonal lines breaking the triangle into three sections, this means you can use a non-chlorine bleach - a gentler product that's less harmful to your skin, clothes, and the environment

Additional symbols may be used to clarify the instructions but symbols alone are not sufficient. As a minimum, laundering instructions include (in order) four symbols: washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing. Drycleaning instructions include one symbol. Professional Wet Cleanin If these laundry symbols seem like too much hard work, our on-demand laundry service is on hand to help. We can collect, clean and deliver your laundry back to you, freshly washed and smelling fabulous. In the meantime, you can download our complete care label guide and print it out for reference

The laundry symbols on clothing and linen labels provide important information on how to take care of your investment. The labels were developed as part of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Symbols, rather than words, were chosen to better convey information around the world. While there are variations in Europe and Asia. how_to_do_laundry_chart 2/4 How To Do Laundry Chart [MOBI] How To Do Laundry Chart Ship's Serviceman Laundry Handbook-United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel 1962 The Rhesus Chart-Charles Stross 2015-06-30 Bob Howard, a newly appointed junior manager of an organization tasked with defending England from supernatural threats, must stop an. Care Label Chart! (Printable) - Clean My Space. Laundry. Care Label Chart! (Printable) December 11, 2015. 19803. Last updated: October 22, 2016. Click here to DOWNLOAD the CARE LABEL CHART Read those labels with care! Lately, you may have noticed a series of hieroglyphics popping up on your laundry's care labels. Where once, sage words like, Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, informed your laundering decisions, now you're greeted with a cryptic symbol

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Individual textile care symbols with text, see sample picture, All individual symbols files in SVG, PNG, EPS, PDF, DXF zipped with transparent backgrounds, high quality, (English/French) each image is appr. 12 x13 cm or 4.5 x 5 inch, printable on A4 or 8 x 10. Printable textile guide as shown on sample picture. Scalable, high quality • Laundry Care Symbols • The Rules of Laundry • The Laundry Room • Laundry Guide (bottom right) Check Your Pockets • Definition of Laundry • As I Do More Laundry Nudists Seem Less Crazy. Dream Laundry Room. In this imaginary laundry room of mine, we would hang some of these printables The following examples are common symbol combinations you might see displayed on care-instruction tags. We interpret each group: Translation: Machine-wash in warm water on gentle cycle (note the 2 underlines beneath the wash basin; they indicate that the gentle cycle should be used); tumble dry low on gentle cycle (2 underlines again); non. It is generally depicted as a bucket filled with water (except for the 'Do not wring' symbol). If the garment is machine washable, then you'll either see dots or numbers inside the bucket symbol, representing the recommended maximum temperature: one dot means 30 °C (meaning that you have to wash your clothing in cold water), two dots 40 °C (warm water), and four dots 60 °C The Glamumous Guide to Laundry Care Symbols. 30- Very Gentle Wash at 30 degrees C. 40- Gentle Wash at 40 degrees C. 50- Wash at 50 degrees C. Hand Wash. Do not wash. Bleaching Allowed Do Not Bleach Professional Clean Only. Numbers without the washing symbol denote the maximum temperature. Lines beneath symbols denote a gentle wash or spine

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From how to do laundry, beginning with the basics such as sorting, dosing the right amount of detergent, and decoding laundry symbols,to getting sweat stains out of clothes, let Tide help you with our laundry guide that includes 7 easy tips, whether you're a novice or a pro Washing symbols, or Laundry symbols as they are also known, are pictograms found on tags attached to almost every item made of fabric. Clothing, curtains, cushion covers and bedding all have these labels. Even leather items like jackets and trousers carry these laundry symbols. Possible exceptions would be things like bags or shoes

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  1. Browse 4,327 incredible Washing Symbols vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy
  2. The washing care symbol is a bucket with water. The number inside the bucket is recommended temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit (depending on the country where it is available). Dots also represent the temperature. One dot is 30 * c; each additional dot represents the temperature of +10 degrees Celsius
  3. How to Do Laundry: Follow the instructions on your laundry detergent. Use it safely and in the recommended amounts. More isn't necessarily better. Follow the fabric care labels on your clothes. Those symbols contain a lot of useful information. Sort your laundry by like colors and soil levels for best results
  4. Washing tub symbol: Depicted as a stylised wash tub filled with water, this means your garment can be washed in the machine machine. It usually also means the clothing can be spun and rinsed normally (or using the synthetic cycle). Washing tub symbol with one line underneath: A single bar beneath the standard wash symbol indicates that the garment is a permanent press one, which means.
  5. Stain-Removing Solvents. Water - Hot, cold, free, fresh and plentiful. Water will be your first line of defense. Rinse, blot, dab and repeat; water by itself can't do much damage. Vinegar - Vinegar is a natural and effective stain remover. When using it on wool or synthetics, use sparingly, and consider spot-testing in an inconspicuous.
  6. 8. Free Printable Circle Laundry Labels. These simple circular laundry room labels are perfect to add to dollar store organizing bins for a super budget-friendly organization solution for your laundry room cabinets. ( via Better Homes & Gardens) 9. Printable Laundry Stain Cheat Sheet Cards. Stop guessing when it comes to stain removal and print.

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Org Chart. Instructional Services (800) 866-5852 Org Chart . Public Information (801) 585-7271 Logo and Guidelines . Technical Services (800) 863-3496 Org Chart. Facebook; Instagram; Laundry Log (pdf) Laundry Appliance Options (pdf) Transparencies. Fabric Care (pdf) The Laundry Song (pdf) How Shall I Sort the Laundry for Washing? (pdf) Ways. Free Laundry Tips Printable download (Download Tags 1 thru 3. Download Tag 4.) If your laundry instructions and tips are different than mine, you can use PicMonkey to create your own custom tags. Here's a tag template to use. Just fill it in with your own How to Do Laundry Tips Here are the basic symbols: A bucket with water means wash, and with a hand means Hand Wash. A square with a circle represents a dryer, if it has one dot inside it means low heat, two dots means Normal Heat and three dots means high heat. The triangle is a symbol for bleach and the X obviously means No Bleach

Laundry Symbols (White) Lantern Press. 12 x 16 in other sizes. $18. Add to Cart. Fresh Laundry II Deborah Velasquez. 16 x 16 in other sizes. $15. Add to Cart. Room Signs I Pela Design. 24 x 8 in other sizes. $15. Add to Cart. Wash Dry Tina Lavoie. Premium Giclee Print. 12 x 16 in other sizes. $25. Add to Cart. Laundry Schedule - Blac Get these four simple printables with either a chalkboard or colorblock background. (via The Shabby Creek Cottage ) Single sock. Here's a cute printable to help lone socks reunite with their other half (via Marielle Marie ) Laundry symbol cheat sheet. The hieroglyphics on your clothes tags actually mean something Laundry symbols, also referred to as 'care symbols', are graphic symbols in the form of pictures, which represent a particular concept related to the maintenance of clothes. These symbols are printed on labels attached to the clothes, known as the 'care labels'. Basically, they indicate the best way of cleaning clothes without harming.

It seemed that laundry printables went hand-in-hand with bathroom ones, and there was no shortage of cute ones of those, either. In case your bathroom or laundry room is in need of a quick, easy, (and free!) change-up, here are 40 fabulously free bathroom & laundry room printables for you to enjoy Information about your Miele products. Here you can find an overview of our publications. We provide brochures, guides, and cookbooks, all of which can be downloaded. Kitchen Laundry care Vacuum Cleaning Cookbooks Chart Symbols. This table contains some of the common symbols you might see on the detailed charts. Other features common to most charts include depth contour lines, intertidal zones, spot soundings (as depicted on the original paper chart), navigational aids and symbols, obstructions, and cable areas

Find Out How To Clean Your Laundry With Clorox® Liquid Bleach laundry. Although the latest in washers, dryers and laundry products make cleaning easier, for good results, follow New symbols are now appearing on garment labels. An explanation of these The water temperatures listed in the chart are provided as a guideline. Actual water temperatures in th

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each symbol, always in Centigrade. PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Dry Clean Do Not Dry Clean Any Solvent PCE* Only HCS† Only Professional Wet Clean *PCE: Perchloroethylene (perc) also known as Tetrachloroethylene or tetrachloroethene. † HCS: Hydrocarbon petroleum-based solvents which are less aggressive than perc. DRYING Tumble Dry Do Not Tumble Dry. Biological hazards must display the appropriate symbol and colors (red or burnt orange, and black) and use red plastic bags (for bio-contaminated waste) or yellow plastic bags (for bio-contaminated laundry) as a waste symbol. These symbols and colors are recognized globally. BIOHAZARD SYMBOL . EN

The dots in the iron symbol show the temperature you should iron the garment on, so one dot = cool, two dots = medium, three dots = hot. The cross through the iron means - you guessed it - do not iron. So now you know! And to make laundry day even easier, try new Ariel+ collection - there's one to suit every laundry need Laundry Symbols - Free. Now, this is the mega-list of laundry instruction symbols. It includes almost 100 different icons and the text meanings for each icon. Each and every symbol can be adjusted and is extremely easy to modify. If you're making washing instruction posters or laundry manuals, you'll want to keep this entire set on hand.

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Symbol Signs - American Institute of Graphic Arts All those clothing care symbols can get a little overwhelming, but not to worry - our comprehensive guide will help you become fluent in laundry care symbols in no time. Learn the meaning behind 37 washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning symbols and get ready to tackle laundry day - the. Free Printable Laundry Room Signs. Ready to download these free printables and add them to your laundry room. Just sign up for our newsletter using the box below. You should see a box with a picture of the printables. Sign up there then you will get an email with a zip file containing all four of the printable files Laundry must be kept free of dust and inspected daily. All line traps are to be emptied frequently. Kitchen rags require special handling. PROCEDURE: 1. A complete laundry clean-up and blow down must be conducted each day. The Director of Services must inspect the laundry for cleanliness each day. 2 plumbing symbols & abbreviations note: not all symbols are used on this project bas building automation system bfp backflow prevention device bj between joists bop bottom of pipe btuh british thermal units per hour cond condensate cp condensate pump cv control valve dn down fpc fire protection subcontractor annotation abbreviations fs floor. W1 Washing Machine WWH 860 WCS TDos&IntenseWash&WiFiConn@ct, WWH 660 WCS TDos&WiFiConn@ct, WWF 060 WCS WiFiConn@ct WWB 020 WCS 8mieleusa.com Specification Sheets TRS 1016201

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Page 8 Appendix 1 Indicators level change down (subscript) 5 3.23 level change up (superscript) 9 3.23 line continuation 6.10 line continuation with space 6.10 line mode, horizontal 3 16.2 numeric # 6 script passage @7 9 script symbol @2 9 script terminator @' 9 script word @1 9 subscript (level change down) 5 3.23 superscript (level change up) 9 3.2 4.1 This guide provides symbols and a system for their use by which care instructions for textile products can be conveyed in a simple, space-saving, and easily understood pictorial format that is not language dependent. See also ADJD5489-E-PDF. Currently, the FTC Care Labeling Rule recognizes Guide D5489-96c Title: How To Do Laundry Without A Washer | online.kwc.edu Author: Lingsheng Yao - 2010 - online.kwc.edu Subject: Download How To Do Laundry Without A Washer - THE LAUNDRY LIST (14 TRAITS OF AN ADULT CHILD) 1 We became isolated and afraid of people and authority figures 2 We became approval seekers and lost our identity in the process 3 We are frightened by angry people and any ♥ It is. Pop Chart (formerly Pop Chart Lab) is an infographic poster design shop in New York City that specializes in turning nerdily encyclopedic pop-cultural knowledge into gorgeous, richly detailed infographics. UsefulCharts is the storefront for infographic posters created by the great Canadian designer Matt Baker

Not only do you have to know what the words on laundry tag mean (and when you can and cannot ignore them), but you must also now interpret drawn laundry symbols that have replaced the words.. The FTC originally created a resource for consumers to use, but since then the PDF has been taken down. Instead, I have now found another chart of laundry symbols and what they mean Smart Plastics Guide Plastic products are typically labeled with a number surrounded by the recycling symbol. These numbers and labels identify both the type of resin used to make the plastic and the products recyclability Download this Free Vector about Clothes care symbols, and discover more than 15 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepi The square is the symbol of the drying process. The circle in the square is a reference to tumble drying. The dots in the dryer drum indicate the severity of the to temperature of the tumble drying process. In the absence of a tumble dry symbol, the symbols for washing and ironing give indications as to drying Washing symbols explained If you've ever shrunk your favourite cashmere jumper because you misread the label, you're not alone. Here's the GH definitive guide to laundry and washing labels..

1 Introduction Welcome to the Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List!This document strives to be your primary source of LATEX symbol information: font samples, LATEX commands, packages, usage details, caveats—everything needed to put thousands of different symbols at your disposal (supplied with laundry center) 1 drain hose 1 silver, double-1 yellow, single-wire wire hose clamp hose clamp (top of (bottom of drain drain hose) hose) F. CONNECT INLET HOSES TO LAUNDRY CENTER (pgs. 30-31) Tools Needed: 7 Su Pliers that open.j---'_ \ \,_ to 19/%inches Flashlight (optional depending on installation) Parts Needed: (supplied. Laundry symbols. From December 2016, Japanese laundry symbols have changed to the new JIS standard and it will be almost the same as the ISO (International Standard) symbol that is commonly used in the world, and Japanese will not be written in the symbols any longer. Here are some examples of the old Japanese laundry symbols and ISO laundry. Zaner-bloser Handwriting Chart Printable. Sign Language Numbers 1-100 Chart Printables. Printable Laundry Care Symbol Chart. Kindergarten Alphabet Chart Printable. Printable Frozen Behavior Charts Boys. Frozen Printable Potty Charts. Printable Letter Formation Chart. Black and White Alphabet Chart Printable. Printable Alphabet Letter Chart

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Universal care symbols are being used to reduce language on yarn and clothing labels. These symbols indicate how best to care for an item that will be made from the yarn. When giving a hand knitted or crocheted item as a gift, it's so helpful to include a label from a ball or skein of yarn used for the project so that the recipient will know. All you need to access your washer or dryer's literature is your machine's model number. Click below to search for manuals and downloads, or select your model from the dropdown. Find & download documents for all Speed Queen Residential Products. Should you need to access any documents for our commercial machines, please click the link below Laundry Equipment, Services, Support & Equipment designed to make you successful. Girbau North America (GNA) delivers the total laundry solution to vended, on-premise commercial, multi-housing and industrial laundries throughout North America. As the provider of highly efficient batch tunnel washers, washer-extractors, drying tumblers, feeders.

1. Scope. 1.1 Purpose— The purpose of this practice is to identify and define sustainable laundry Best Management Practices (BMPs) that are used in commercial laundry facilities to reduce their impact on the environment. 1.2 It is recommended that users rely on professional judgment informed by both environmental expertise and specific. Rosa does the laundry for a number of wealthy townspeople, including the Mayor. Download this Chart (PDF) symbols, characters, and more. Line-by-line modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. Definitions and examples of 136 literary terms and devices. Instant PDF downloads

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Modern Day Homekeeping : Laundry Guide - FREE PrintableA Guide to Laundry Symbols (Printable Cheat SheetLaundry Symbols Poster - print - Guide To Procedures8 Best Images of Printable Love Symbols - Native AmericanLaundry Label Guide - Laundry Symbols Cheat Sheet | CraveIcon Set Of Laundry Symbols Stock Photo - Image: 34551640